Birthdays and a Little This and That

It has been a good week!  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to show for it. I really am trying to get better at remembering to take them but until then, I hope you’ll bear with me. :\

Sunday after church,  we celebrated my mother’s 70th birthday.  Pictured below is my nieces, my mom, and my dad (I swiped this and the next picture from my mom. :D )

Mom Birthday ~

Here’s a picture of Mom with Tiffany on her birthday celebration the week before.

Mom and Tiffany ~

Earlier this week I ended up doing a LOT of surfing and found lots of interesting things.

  •  First was an article on bibliotherapy. I had never heard of this before and was quite interested. The title asked if books could make you happy. It went on to explain how after WWI traumatized soldiers were prescribed certain books to read. Did I mention all these books are fiction? Of course, I’d still be careful about what I read but it is a very interesting concept. Click here to read the article.
  • Then there was this article about a man in Australia that has a rare antibody in his blood who has made blood donations every week for 60 years. Turns out I may owe this man a big thank you. I am Rh- and the antibodies he has is used to help people like me that carry a child that is Rh+, so that the next child will not be attacked by my immune system. Read about him here.
  • I also read several articles that will be used in posts over the next several weeks on Mondays and Thursdays, so I won’t talk about those now.
  • I saw a neat short video that shows some new creatures discovered in the deep deep ocean. Click here to view.
  • This one is a little tyke that can really play the drums! It looks like he is playing with a full orchestra. Amazing!
  • The last one I’ll share with you is a walrus doing exercises! Too cute! It’s only one and a half minutes but good for a laugh. :)

I hope you will take the time to visit the links I’ve shared today, they are really good.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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