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Being Friends ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt has long been my opinion that one should marry their best friend of the opposite sex. Marriage is hard enough without being friends with your spouse. There is a point when those butterfly feelings of being in love flutter away; it is at this point when it is important to have friendship as your foundation.

I will add here that I believe you can work at your marriage to keep these butterfly feelings alive with date nights, small remembrances, sweet notes, and the such but over all, those feelings turn into a solid love that is dependable. {Notice I said I believe that it can happen? I have no proof. ;)} But I digress!

I believe that it is important to be friends with your spouse. He is the one that you want to share all your happy news with. He is the one you want to share your sorrows with. He is the one you want to spend all your days with, the happy ones, the sad ones, the boring ones, the crazy ones and every one in between.

Are you unsure about who you should marry? Well, let me ask you a couple of questions. When something wonderful happens to you, who do you want to tell first? When something bad happens to you, who do you want to share it with? Who is it that you cannot imagine never seeing again? How would you feel if someone else got close to that person? If this is a person of the opposite sex, then odds are high, this is the person you should marry. :)

By having God and friendship with this person as the base of your relationship, you have something solid a life can be built upon.

Have you and your spouse drifted apart? Take an interest in him and what he does. Show him you care about the things that concern him. Actually listen to him when he talks, show him you hear him and are trying to understand the things he’s talking about, even if it is outside of your knowledge bank.

I recently saw these other articles on being friends with your spouse. The first is an article on how to be close friends with the person you married. The second is from MarriageToday, The Secret of Being Best Friends.

The first step is to be friendly. It can be difficult to remember when we have so many things that need to be done but it is vital because it is hard to be friendly with someone that only tells you things that need to be done or are wrong with you or something that is your responsibility to fix. The first step in being a friend is to be friendly or kind. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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