Be the Best You, You Can Be

You can only change you ~ Lifeofjoy.meSo many times in marriage, we are focused on our spouse and what he or she could or should do differently. But there is nothing you can do about that. You can only change you.

Stop and think about your attitudes and actions of late. Is there room for improvement? Or can you praise God for helping you make some positive changes?

I want to be the best me that I can be. That means that I need some refining. ;) It also means that I need to ask help when I get overwrought.

Long Errand Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meLast Saturday was pizza day. I try to make pizza, in some form, once a week. Since we’re doing keto again, after a break for the holidays, Sean had been looking forward to it and had mentioned that he would like the kind that the crust is made out of tapioca starch. Well, that pizza, when purchased from the store, runs about $12! Yes, you read that right. $12 for a frozen pizza. You might recall that we tasted this back when it was on sale for half price. He was fine with us saving money and attempting to make it from scratch, at home.

When Saturday evening dinner time rolled around, something happened to me. Even now, I am unsure what happened but it appears that I became overwhelmed and emotionally compromised. You see, that pizza when made from scratch, still has more carbs than I should eat in one item, so I needed to make a different crust for myself. The trouble is that meant TWO new recipes at a time when I was already beginning to feel hungry.

I finally realized what was happening to me and told my family how I was feeling and my children offered to help. They made the one crust and I made the other. Neither was too difficult but doing both alone would have been more than I could handle that day.

Theanine ~ Lifeofjoy.meSOOOOOO . . . all that to say, it is important to make your needs made known . . . ask for what you need. And sometimes that means taking a moment to assess what it is that you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and what you need to fix the situation. I also took some sepia and l-theanine to help stabilize my mood. Before dinner was ready, I was okay again.

Sometimes there are thoughts that are causing us trouble. In church yesterday, our preacher said that it is our job to take every thought captive, based on 2 Cor. 10:5. So, if there is a thought that is causing you to be out of sorts, take it captive-don’t let it keep running around freely in your brain, causing you trouble-and think about something else. Yes, on purpose, find something else to think about. If you are having a hard time, sing some song. Any song, a silly song will do. Just put your mind on something else. That is taking the thought captive.

I hope you are encouraged to fine tune your attitude and be the best you, you can be.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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