Audio Zentangle #2

It has been since the end of March when I first found Holly’s Audio Zentangle Meditations and did the first one. You can see my results to it here, but don’t go look until you’ve had a chance to do it yourself or it will take away some of the fun. ;) I had the second one in my queue of tangling ever since. I finally took the time to sit down and do it in early August.

I know there are no mistakes when tangling but I felt I had made a mistake when I did this one and so I did it again. :) As it turns out, I didn’t do either of them as ‘intended’ but I like my variations all the same. ;)

Here’s the first attempt of the 2nd audio:

AM#2 1st try ~

I was finished with all my nipa lines and I heard her say to turn my tile 90º. I wondered what this would look like, so I did it again. ;) Here is the result. Of course, I missed the point to point directions on the lines to begin with or it would have turned out even more different. ;)


I have never done black pearls before so this was a great introduction to how to make them. Of course, it looks like I made mine upside down because of how I ended up signing my tile but I assure you, I did follow the directions on this one. ;)

It was a lot of fun and I hope that if you are reading this, you have already tried your hand at it as well.

If you want to see more of my tangling experiences click on the Wonder Wednesday tab above.

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5 thoughts on “Audio Zentangle #2

  1. Michele!

    I love BOTH of these tiles! Your black pearls turned out fabulously! I am so happy that you enjoyed the audio meditation. I so appreciate your participation!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. The “turn the tile 90 degrees” instruction threw me, too. But I guessed what she meant correctly. Good work.

  3. I got ahead of the audio in this one and started to listen to the background music and when I snapped myself out of it, I heard turn the tile 90 degrees.. It was fun! I really like both of your tiles!

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