Art Tidbit: Do it Your Way

Beginning Jan.4th, while I am working on updating this website, I’ll only be posting tidbits each day (with maybe a bit more on Fridays) until the update is completed.

I use a bullet journal as a place to keep my many lists and notes. It is the place that I write my list of things to do and sometimes I even put sticky notes on the pages. I use stickers and washi tape and keep it very simple. Some would agree with me and others would look at it and see it as too much for them to do. Bullet journals are meant to be useful, first and foremost. If it isn’t pretty, I won’t use it. ;) So I do what I feel comfortable doing to make it something I enjoy using.

Here are some of the pages I set up so far; the two new ones are goals and self-care. The others are pages I loved in last year’s bujo.

I had a marker drop some odd dry-ish ink on my page after I’d finished it. But I choose not to dwell on that. ;)Do I love everything about these pages? No, but they will work just fine. And if I find that any of them bother me later, I can fix them then. :D

I hope you take some time to do something artsy/crafty this week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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