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I’m saddened that I haven’t gotten the second of the BBB challenge done yet because as of Sunday the next BBB challenge is up. Oh well, I’ll get them done. I think I have Exodus all planned out now; I just need to draw it. {Update: Finished Exodus here.}

Not too long ago, when visiting Diva Challenge participants’ sites, I read that one participant had also participated in what the author, Holly, called an audio meditation. I naturally followed links to find out more and when I had time, I put my headphones on and created this bijou tile (2″x2″;). Check it out for yourself here.

Audio Med Zentangle #1 ~

iamthedivacztThe Diva’s son had a tough weekend and ended up in the hospital, so she had decided not to have a challenge this week and then she saw the Zentangle newsletter had stepouts for Flux done two ways in it. So she made that the challenge for the week.

DC#211 and 3/27 Focus ~

I’m not sure I like it very much. I think my shading is just off. My squid got away from me and I barely had any room to add the second version of flux. I really prefer Rick’s version of flux to Maria’s.

This also goes towards the Square One: Purely Zentangle  focus for the week.

I’ll update this if I get the BBB, String Thing, or any other art done this week. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

15 thoughts on “Art This Week

    1. Thanks Diana! I think it needed more shading though; it just seems to be lacking something to make it pop. ;)

  1. Michele, thank you so much for trying out my audio meditation and linking back to my post! Your tile is beautiful! I hope you’ll visit again and try the second one… (I’ll be creating the third one soon.)

    Your challenge tile is lovely. I like how you used both versions of flux and had squid flow between them. Nice shading also!

    1. Thank you Holly, I intend to go and try the second one very soon. Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. I am liking seeing both flux tangles in the same tile…I went the safe route and just did Rick’s because that was my comfort zone. I need to try Maria’s as well. …Perhaps soon! Thanks for the links too…interesting concept.

    1. I like Rick’s version better because I think Maria’s looks more like some kind of critter when I draw it. :D

      The audio was fun to do. I hope you give it a try Lynell. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    1. Thanks Antonine, I didn’t see the satin ribbon look until you pointed it out. That makes me like it better. ;)

      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I like both your meditation tangle and your Flux card. It is always interesting to see how your can overlap designs. It looks so planned, and i am not good at that.

    1. Gloria, I tend to plan mine more than strict zentangle would like, I think. The thing I didn’t plan was drawing squid so big that I didn’t have much space to draw Rick’s version of flux but I made it work. ;)

      Thanks for your kind comments.

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