April 2020 Bullet Journal Pages

I was reading a good book/series this week and didn’t spend any time tangling. :p This week’s Zen-Untangled is comprised of tangles I’m familiar with. It includes the Diva Dance tangles along with Drawings and a few others I cannot recall at the moment. I only had 2 tangles to do the step-outs for and so I procrastinated–not surprising to me. :D

Well yesterday when I was supposed to be doing art, I was finishing up the fifth book in the Invisible Library series. Then I decided I didn’t feel like drawing/tangling, so I decided to share my bullet journal pages I prepped for this month.

I started by pulling out my washi tape . . . all of them. :)

I looked through them and tried to see what sparked joy. I realized that Easter was very soon and wanted to use some of my Easterish/spring tapes. From there I added some whimsical ones and then ones that fit with the colors of the tapes already chosen.

Here is the page I set up for the meeting Tiffany and I have at the beginning of the month and where I right down goals or things to focus on.

This page has a completely different approach than most of my monthly goal pages because I usually use some glitter washi tape. But I just wasn’t feeling that this time. I like how it turned out–it’s light and whimsical.

Then I picked some more tapes that I like and felt matched the feel of this page and just ran a strip down the middle of the page. Here you can see how I use it.

I right the list either at night before I go to bed or in the morning before I get busy. Then I add stickers or whatever, if I want to add a bit to extra space on the page when I’m done with it. Sometimes I journal a bit, sometimes I log what I eat, and sometimes I’m way to ambitious with what I write down to do. :D

Here are the pages I have set up for the rest of the month. I find that if I don’t pre-run the tape, I’m not as motivated to use the pages and then I’m not as motivated to accomplish things. ;) Writing it down means I’m more likely to do it. Otherwise I do only those things that are essential and spend the rest of my day indulging in other things.

Some of these are wide and some are more narrow. Most of these have a combination of several tapes of varying thicknesses. Some work out nicely and others just okay. :D

I hope this has inspired you to keep a bullet journal and that it doesn’t have to be a work of art. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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