Another Week, Another Zentangle

Once again I want to thank those who left comments last week. You truly make a difference! Thank you!!!

This week the Square One focus is Diva Dance, the WZTV tangle is Yincut, and the Diva Challenge is to use labyrinth. Since I have a very busy week this week, I tried to figure out how combine all through and just couldn’t work all three together.

I did manage to work labyrinth and diva dance: waltz together. It seems rather nautical to me. I’m not sure which view I prefer though. I signed it one way and then later thought I might like it better upside down. What do you think?

DC215+□1 ~
DC215+□1 ~
Right-side up

I showed it to my family and they said the first one looked like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage or headphones and when it is right-side up it looks like a frog head. :D Now I can’t UNsee the frog.  What did you see?


Well apparently I misunderstood the Diva Challenge this week. I missed the important part of the directions which said to use labyrinth as my string! Well, now I will have to try to find time to try it again. I hope I can find the time! If not, I enjoyed using labyrinth as a tangle. :)

Well, if I get some time to tangle, to settle myself down in this busy week, I’ll update this post.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

2 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Zentangle

  1. Your labyrinth is wonderfully done and I think I like it right side one up the best. This challenge was most definitely a challenge to get it done right. You did a good job.

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