Added Benefit of Visitors

It’s good to have company come over. Yes, the obvious reason is for some good fellowship. But there is another good reason in my house. ;) It makes me clean a little bit better, a little bit deeper. :)

Our long-time friends are coming next week for a good visit. We are sooo excited because it has been a couple of year since we’ve been together. It’s always fun just being with each other. We may not do much with things the way they are right now, but we will have some good times.

However this also means that the room they’ll be staying in must be cleaned up. It’s become a catch-all for everything. We started moving bookshelves around MONTHS ago and have not completed the process and thus there are stacks of books and empty boxes and who know what else cluttering up that space. It will be soooo nice to have it back in some semblance of order again. :)

Even when company doesn’t stay overnight, we tend to tidy up a little bit more when someone different comes to the house for a visit. Yes, I wish I were the type of person that would just keep things immaculate but I’m just not that person. ;) So it is an added benefit to having someone over–a cleaner house.

Hmmmm, maybe I should pretend we’re having company every week. ;) :D

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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