A Tile Named Lattice

This week I decided to use the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle, Hexonu. I really dislike the name of the tangle but understand because it is in the form of a hexagon. It is a decent tangle but I certainly did not do it justice at all. Mine turned out reminding me more of a bee hive than hexagons. ;)

Then I added the Pattern-Collections daily tangle for Tuesday, In-N-Out-Well. I just keep seeing eyes and birds and stuff but I shaded it like a flower instead since I had no idea how else to shade it.

I also added today’s daily tangle, Merryweather, by Sandy Hunter. This one basically takes Bales and adds another couple elements to it. I just don’t think I did justice to any of these tangles. I know you all would say I’m being too hard on myself but . . . maybe I am.

Here is the tile before I shaded it. Well, actually I’d started shading it when I realized that I hadn’t scanned it yet, so this is as close to before shading as possible. ;)

#hexonu #merryweather #innoutwell ~ Lifeofjoy.meI didn’t really like the lines on Merryweather, so I ended up blackening that part in. I did all of them in the same direction too. The In-N-Out-Well look like clasps here. I can just imagine what Nicole Dreyer from Pattern Collections would do with that one. She draws some of the cutest critters. I believe those circled dots would be changed to Caviar in hers. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Here is my tile after shading.

Shaded #merryweather #innoutwell #hexonu ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd now because they always look better smaller . . .

#hexonu #merryweather #innoutwell ~ Lifeofjoy.meShaded #merryweather #innoutwell #hexonu ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd since I got this done early enough to still have sunlight, I took a picture of it in natural light.

Better Picture of Lattice ~ Lifeofjoy.meThanks for stopping by!

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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