A Really Basic Zentangle Tile

This week I followed the prompt over on Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Basic facebook group (#TTKICPrompt061719) to use the ‘z’ string and one or more of these four tangles: Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Printemps, and Florz.

I generally love hollibaugh and crescent moon but didn’t feel a place for crescent moon this time. Printemps and I are not very good friends yet but I gave it a whirl anyway. I made my z string into my hollibaugh, even though I don’t think it would “technically” be called hollibaugh the way I’ve used it today but it doesn’t matter; I like it. ;) Then I put Florz behind everything and called it good.

Here is the scanned tile before shading.

Here is a picture taken in natural light before shading.

I don’t do “sparkle” very well yet either. I could use any tips you have for me on both how to draw printemps and adding sparkle.

Here is the scan image after shading.

Here is the picture taken in natural light after shading.

I was going for a flipped ribbon effect with my hollibaugh printemps ribbon. The first printemps I drew on this tile was the one in the middle on the upper left corner and I felt like I drew it too small/lines too close together. So I adjusted on the rest of them. I sure could use some advice. In the meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to do a practice page of Printemps. ;)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great week!

Michele ºÜº

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