A Fun Mother’s Day

It is amazing me how quickly the year is passing. I’m struggling trying to find a new rhythm to my days since Tiffany is graduated. We’ve rewarded ourselves with a break this last month but are really trying to get it together. See, in our year-round schooling schedule, Tiffany would have most of the month of April off and then we’d start back up at the end of April with the OCHEC Homeschool Convention and keep rolling. The convention is a great boost. Before we started homeschooling year-round, I wondered why the convention was in late April/early May because I’d go and get all pumped and then our school year would be over within the next couple of weeks. By the time we started back up again I did not have the same excitement as I had after the convention. All that changed with the year-round schedule.

Mothers Day ~ LifeofJoy.meFor Mother’s Day, Sean took Mike, Tiffany, and I out to dinner at the restaurant of my choosing. I wish I’d have remembered to get a picture but alas, I did not. I chose Santa Fe, since I hadn’t been there in a year, they are on the side of town where we attend church and my parents live, and their cheese sticks are wonderful. While we waited the few minutes for a table to come available, one of the workers there gave me and the other mothers waiting, a $10 coupon good on our next visit. Very nice! Once we were seated we were informed that mothers receive a free dessert too.

We had the cheese sticks for an appetizer and they were as good as I remembered them to be. I had a delicious Chicken Santa Fe which had mushrooms and onions (which I had them caramelize because I don’t like crunchy cooked veggies), bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese with french fries and a side salad. The chicken was scrumptious! The salad decent and the fries great. Mike got the catfish and was too full to finish it off, so I brought home the rest with a couple of the rolls for a fish sandwich the next day – Yummo! Sean and Tiffany split a club sandwich and fries because he is never very hungry after church. When I questioned him about this phenomenon, because I’m always starving after church, he said he thinks it is because he drinks too much coffee, since he frequently finishes Tiffany’s.

We went to my parents’ home then and enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship with my extended family. My mom, who has always been such a giving person, has gotten something little for my sisters and I ever since we became mothers. This year was no exception. Brian and Lauren gave me a very comfortable pair of flip flops that she got a great deal on. I have not worn flip flops so comfortable in ages! I absolutely love them.

From Mike and Sean, I got some Zendala tiles, plastic sleeves for Zentangle tiles, and some chalkboard placemats and place cards. I cannot remember if I received “Move Over Darling” starring Doris Day for my birthday or Mother’s Day, as they were just 5 days apart this year. It’s a fun movie.

Well, that’s my week. I hope you have a good weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

2 thoughts on “A Fun Mother’s Day

  1. And of course a lil gift card to one of your frequented stores from your baby sis :p
    I had to do it ;) <3

    1. Indeed! How could I not mention the sweet, considerate gift you and your family gave me for a store I visit several times a month!?! How dare I not mention it. :D

      Love you bunches!

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