A Delicious Crossover and Flowers

Last Friday after the conference we went back to Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili because it was very good, it was easy, and because sweet potato waffle fries were haunting Tiffany. :D And again, I wish we’d have taken a picture but we were soooo hungry that we just dove right in.

Frequently at restaurants, there is not much of a difference between their regular and large portion sizes on fries and onion rings. So, since we were all very hungry, we each ordered a large size of the sweet potato fries–loaded! Well, these were huge plates! We brought home a whole large order.

They were also very accommodating for our low carb and preference desires. Okay, now I know you are probably wondering why we were even considering low carb with those sweet potato fries. So here’s our logic . . . we were ready to have a healthy crossover with those yummy sweet potatoes but did not want to go extreme by adding on a bun. These burgers were big, so the buns would have been big as well. We were good without them. :)

You see, we had to eat lunch out because we had to go grab groceries before heading home. Tiffany and I usually run errands mid-week and since we had morning and afternoon services all week long, did not get to do this. Consequently, we needed to get some things before heading back home for the weekend.

I have marveled at how pretty my brown mums are this week. We’ve had a bit of rain and so they are thriving, well because of that and the cooler temperatures. I went out to take some pictures to show you and was hit with how overgrown with weeds my poor garden is this year.

Brown Mum's ~ Lifeofjoy.me(Appropriate close-up so that you cannot see all the weeds. :D)

I started with two small pots of these and look how they’ve multiplied!

Patch of brown mums ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd this was after I pulled a bunch of weeds! Ugh! Let me explain why they were in this sorry state; you see, at the beginning of the summer I was outside and I was dutifully pulling weeds. I’d done a considerable amount of pulling. That evening I noticed that my wrist was a bit sore. And the next day, and the next . . . so much so that my family told me not to be doing that again. Fast forward to now, I have found that the soreness wasn’t from weeding at all and I have learned how to do many things that had been giving me pain, without said pain. So yesterday I decided I was going to see if this was another of those activities that I could do without issue. I was successful until I got a bit overzealous near the end and winded up getting burrs in my fingers and sores from pulling the weeds without gloves (remember, I wasn’t planning to do this weeding–just take pictures).

Tiffany got some really good pictures of them earlier this week when they were still wet from the rain.

Mums after rain ~ Lifeofjoy.meMore brown mums after the rain ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe also got some pictures of another tall daisy-like flowering plant that I think is white asters.

asters? buds and blooms ~ Lifeofjoy.medaisy-like flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere you can see how tall they are. These planted themselves thus I don’t know what they are. ;)

Asters? ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, I’ve rambled enough for today. Have a great weekend; I know I will. Tiffany is giving me another day off today and I plan to do some crocheting/knitting and book reading.

Until next time God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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