A Crazy Week

sick emoji ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, it’s been a tough week here at Casa de Coates. :p Tiffany and Sean managed to get over the horrible nasty head cold thing only for Michael to be attacked by it Monday. Ugh! Working inside the home of people means that it is not a good idea to go and power through the running eyes and dripping nose, so he’s been home for several days. He should be fine by this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest, considering how the others fared.

And I really hope he is fine by Saturday morning so that Brian, Lauren, and Liam can come up! My birthday is the week before Mother’s Day and they won’t be able to make it either week, so they are planning to come up this weekend. :) Yay!!! Liam and Lauren have been fighting illness as well but seem to be doing better.

Lauren told me that Liam is liking kites right now, so I saw some at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago and bought three. Then I saw a minion one this week and couldn’t resist getting it. So I hope it is nice this weekend and we can fly them while they are here. :)

Kites ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe third one is How to Train a Dragon. :) Again, I couldn’t resist. I thought the colors were very pretty on the rainbow geometric one and I love emojis too, so that is how I ended up with four kites. Besides, there will be seven of us, so four is about the right number of kites to have. ;)

I’m impressed. The package I ordered from Honoring Intimates arrived in just three business days. It came in a plain white box with H.I. for the return address. It was nicely packaged too. :) I hope you took advantage of the sale and discount code too.

Just a warning for anyone needing to get a driver’s license in Oklahoma, especially the Tulsa area: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE!!! Oh! and make it in advance because they are booked just shy of a month out. Seriously!!! Ugh!

In the past we have been able to get there by 9:00 am and get the test at some point that day, generally before 3:00. Well not anymore people! We got there at 8:20 (they open at 8:00), the place was packed. I was prepared to sit down and enjoy the book I’d brought. However upon looking for the number to take found they had upgraded to an electronic kiosk and beside the kiosk was a sign that said they schedule was already full for driving tests. We promptly left.

Upon reaching the car we looked online to book an appointment to not have to go through this again, and found the first available appointment was MAY 21! Yep nearly a month away. Ugh! locco_smiley-7 I’m sorry but that is just nuts! Sounds like they need to hire more personnel to handle the need.

Well, that’s enough ranting for today. I hope you have a good weekend and I hope I do too. ;)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


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