A Busy Weekend

A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.meYesterday Tiffany and I got to go and visit her lifelong friend. :) You see, we moved into our home in Oklahoma nearly nineteen years ago, on the same day that a family moved into the home right next door. Tiffany was only three months old and their youngest was two years old.

The matron of the home, Joyce, and I eventually became great friends, as did our children. As we were coming home yesterday from our luncheon visit, I realized that Tiffany and Meaghan have been friends ALL of Tiffany’s life. That is an amazing accomplishment. Don’t misunderstand though, it wasn’t like they were bestest buds or that they did everything together. They have been friends that can pick up and enjoy each others fellowship very easily, as if no time has passed since they were last together.

Joyce and I are the same way. We always enjoy being together. We share each others ups and downs. I found out yesterday that she is going to be a grandmother this year too. :) We are both looking forward to the new season in our lives.

A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen we get together, we pool our resources for lunch. This time I brought tortilla chips, avocados, and apple crumble pie, while they provided the lettuce, tomato, celery, carrots, meat, beans, and cheese for the taco salad.

See! It was a very yummy lunch!!! With wonderful fellowship!!!

I showed up with the Apple Crumble Pie and they were thrilled that they get to eat it and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving or Christmas. :) I shared the recipe with her years ago and they make it most every year now and thus, it has become their recipe now too.

I caught Joyce off guard but Meaghan saw me coming. ;) My sweet friends! Hi!!!!IMG_1834Sorry about that Joyce! I love you!

On a totally different note, this weekend is my middle son’s birthday!

A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.me
Sean (picture taken while on our cruise last October)

A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.me






I’m am sooo proud to be your Mom! Love you dearly!



A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.me

It is also my nephew’s birthday, this weekend. Happy Birthday Justin!

A Busy Weekend ~ Lifeofjoy.meOn top of all that, it is Easter! A time to celebrate that Jesus was beaten and crucified, buried and rose from the dead! I’m so thankful that He chose to do that for me! (Okay, He did it for you too, if you choose to accept it. :) )

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know I will. We will be spending it at my parents’ with family, celebrating Sean’s birthday. (Justin lives in another state and so they will be celebrating there.)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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