What to Cook When I Don’t Want to Cook

I love having a menu. It helps me make dinners we enjoy without getting flustered at dinner time. ;) But some nights I don’t feel like making the scheduled meal. In which case, I check any other meals we have yet to make on the menu and see if I feel like making any of those. Sometimes I just don’t feel like fixing those either.

I keep pasta, rice, and veggies on hand. I also keep frozen burgers and other meats on hand as well. Ground meats cook from frozen in a covered skillet over medium-high heat easily and rather quickly.

The key is to use a lid and scrape off the meat that thaws to allow the inner part to cook more quickly. Also be sure to flip the frozen meat over and scrape the thawed/cooked meat off that side as well.

Yes, this takes a little bit of work but sometimes the meal (think tacos or spaghetti) is one of our favorites and worth it. :) But seriously, it is an easy process that I have done many times and don’t mind doing.

However some nights I don’t even feel like doing that, so I pull out some burgers and add a salad. :D We eat the burgers either plain with or in the salad (a.k.a. lettuce) or in a low carb tortilla.

One of our frequent I-Don’t-Feel-Like-Cooking meals is a pasta meal. I’ve posted some of them on here (simply do a search for pasta in the search bar above). However it is quite simple:

  • Cook the pasta
  • Cook some veggies
  • Heat the chosen meat (it can be as simple as lunch meat ;) )
  • Add seasonings
  • Add any broth, nut milk, and such desired
  • If I use a good bit of broth or nut milk, I thicken it slightly with either glucomannan or xanthan gum

I also keep canned meat (either tuna, chicken, or salmon) on hand for even quicker meals. ;) Rice or zoodles can be substituted for the pasta.

It puts a dinner on the table that I want to eat without much fuss.

I hope this helps you get dinner on your table when you don’t feel like it.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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