Thirty Years Together, Plants, Pizza, and Water Woes

This week was Michael and my 30th wedding anniversary. :) That is so hard to believe but alas, it is true. We celebrated casually, as is our style. Since he worked out in the heat and it is so hot here in Oklahoma, I decided to just make a nice dinner at home. I made Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. (I’ll be posting this recipe eventually. Not sure if it will be Tuesday or if I wait until next time to try something a little different.

Michael bought me a beautiful card. He walked in the door with a gorgeous plant. Unfortunately it is ORCHIDS! Now there are a few people that already know my track record with this beauty but suffice it to say, it ain’t good. ;)

30th Anniversary ~ Lifeofjoy.meOrchids ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey are quite beautiful and my pictures are NOT doing them justice.

I read the care tag on them and they said to give it 3 ice cubes once a week and set it in indirect light. This beauty is in a very small pot though, so we definitely need to replant it soon. I truly hope I can keep this one alive. :D

He bought us some greenery last year for our anniversary and he has saved it from death a few times but I fear it is on its way out.

29th Anniversary Plant ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, I don’t even think it has a leg left. :(

In other happenings, the water went out a few days ago! Yep! I had run the dishwasher before going to bed, like I do nearly every night and when Michael got up, they were still dirty. So, it stopped flowing between 10:00 and whenever the wash cycle finishes. Bummer!!!

They kept promising the water would be back on soon. We are at the tail end of the line, so I figured it’d take a little while to get to us. But three and a half hours after it was supposedly back on, we still had not a drip.

Of course, going without running water for a day or two really makes you appreciate it and respect what they did in years past. Man, just getting dishes cleaned was an ordeal. We had frozen pizza, yep it was keto!, for dinner the first night with a salad. Of course we were out of forks. Some of us used spoons and some of us used the utensils at the bottom of our arms. ;) I should be able to get the mound of dishes cleaned up today. When everything is dirty, it takes a while.

Sorry about the blurry picture. This is small. The box is maybe a 4″ square. I took a picture with my hand in it to show size but those pictures were even worse than this one. :( You get the idea with this shot though.

The pizza was a bit pricey at $5.39 per personal pizza that was a little more than the size of a single slice but it was only 4 carbs!!! Yep! 4 carbs! and that wasn’t even net carbs. We are talking total carbs here folks! That’s huge. I paired it with such a small salad of lettuce, meat, and cheese that there was maybe 1 to 2 carbs in it. Just used bacon fat for dressing.

There are only two stores in the Tulsa area that carry it and one of those didn’t even have it when Michael stopped and looked for it this week. He was such a trooper; he went to the other store too. Thankfully both are on the way home and he hit them in order, so no backtracking was necessary. It was okay but not worth the price in my opinion, unless you are crazy tired and just need something easy . . . then yes, thank you for having it available. I’ll stick to my fathead pizza, unless absolutely necessary.

Well, I’ll run for now. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



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