Teaching Modesty

Modesty ~ Lifeofjoy.meMany people don’t realize that they teach their children about godliness, holiness, and modesty from their earliest ages. I know some of those outfits can be cute, especially on little girls but if it isn’t an outfit you’d want them to wear as a teen, then you should reassess if you really want them wearing it now.

When a child is young, the parents choose what the child wears. If you choose to put clothes on her that expose more skin than you would like her to expose as a young lady, then that is the standard you are setting and it is possible that she will be used to that much exposure and think there’s nothing wrong with it, after all, you thought it was cute when she was little.

I walk passed the children’s clothing department in stores and wonder why clothes for little girls need to look so grown up. Skin tight clothes, off the shoulder tops, and bikinis, to name a few. It has been hard to find appropriate clothes for Tiffany throughout the years, but even more so as she has matured into a woman.

Thankfully it is easier for boys to dress modestly, but they can be challenged once they begin maturing as well. I remember a year or so ago when Sean was looking for some new clothes. He tried on some and I had to inform him that even guys can dress immodestly and that the shirt he had just tried on was pushing that line. ;) He agreed with me and chose not to purchase that particular shirt, as he was too muscular to wear it modestly. :)

So remember that you teach your child about modesty right from the start. Pictures will be a reminder of what you allowed when they were young and if you decide to change what you will allow, you’ll probably have some explaining to do. If you put your precious little baby in a bikini, at what age do you disallow the bikini and require a one-piece swimsuit? If you allow a short short skirt when she’s little, when and how do you enforce a change?

Just some more things to think about. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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