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Iciness, the Van, and Blog Updates

It rained last Friday and Saturday but Friday night the temperatures dropped and the rain froze. I guess, since the trees look like this . . .

Iced Branches ~ Lifeofjoy.meit must have been freezing rain. At least we didn’t get a whole lot of it and it is quite pretty. Don’t you think?

Some are Icy and Some are not ~ Lifeofjoy.me

The poor cedar trees! At least they aren’t bent way over like they have been in past years.

I love how some of the ‘grasses’ are iced over a lot and some are not. The whiteness of the branches, in the background,  with ice on them is so pretty. I’m just glad it wasn’t any more than it was, so we didn’t lose any branches.

Here’s a close-up of those ‘grasses’.

Pretty Iciness ~ Lifeofjoy.meI think it’s pretty cool. :)

Iciness Beauty ~ Lifeofjoy.me

By the way, see the Cedar trees on the right side of the above picture? Michael transplanted those trees up there when we moved out here, twelve years ago. I’m amazed how tall they are because they were under a foot tall when he moved them.

So, Michael went out to go to work Monday morning, after really feeling like he should stay home; it wasn’t a feeling he could pinpoint so he ignored it. He went out to start his work van and it wouldn’t start. He tried multiple times and nothing!

There was nothing to do but have it towed to the mechanic. We live in the country and take our vehicles to a country mechanic, not some city shop. ;) Problem is, his is the only name on the AAA card, so he had to be here until the tow truck left. Well, by that time it was  late enough that he decided to just stay home.

Unfortunately the mechanic couldn’t look at the van until Wednesday afternoon. Larry said it started right up! Seriously! There was nothing wrong with it. So, Sean drove Michael over to pick it up yesterday morning and he said it had just a slight hesitation but fired right up. Totally crazy! Needless to say, we are very thankful that we didn’t have to pay to get it fixed after all.

I un-Christmased the blog this week. I was looking for something Valentine’sey and settled on the Bleeding Hearts and a pink background. Of course, that made some of the items hard to read so I had to change those as well. It’s never just as simple as changing up one thing for me. ;)

I hope to have a few more changes next week, as well as fixing one of the changes I made this week. :D When you hover over a link it does this cool highlight text thing but unfortunately, it is not so cool on my banner up top. Thus, I need to find how to keep that one from following that command or just eliminate it all together. AND, I also have to change the favicon. That’s the one bad thing about having my son do things for me, when I need to update it, I’m at his mercy. ;)

Well, I guess I’ve rambled enough for today. We are getting to spend some time with Liam this evening! Whoo hoo! I bet I’ll have some pictures next week. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº