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Periodic Table

Periodic Table ~ Lifeofjoy.meI came across this interesting link for the periodic table recently and thought to share it with you. It is interactive in that you can click on any of the elements and it will show a larger picture with descriptions. I went to its home page and found that it has several different versions that you can print out. It also has some flashcards.

From there I wondered why you even need to study the periodic table, since I never did. I learned that it is most helpful in chemistry, which I never took in school. One post I read shared a link to a BBC show, broken up into six different videos. I watched the first ten minute video and found it a bit interesting, so your older student might as well. However, do so with caution, as I have not watched all of them.

If your child needs to memorize the elements, there are several ways to do so. There are the flashcards linked above. Then there is this song but I glanced over some of the other topics they have videos on and know that I would not want any young children going to their channel but the song is cool. There’s even a version with lyrics. :)

Then I watched this cool memory technique video for the first ten elements. Let’s see if I remember them (spelling does not count against me) Hydrogen, Hellium, Lithium, Beryillium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon! Whoo hoo! Here’s the link to watch the video. Of course, after watching the video for the first ten elements, he wants you to register (free) to get the video of the next ten and then ultimate wants to sell you the rest, which might be worth it if your children NEED to memorize them. :)

I hope this is useful to you.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

Geography Helps

US Map ~ Lifeofjoy.meI remember when the kids were young, I found a small game download that was really good and simple for geography, especially United States geography. I cannot even begin to tell you what program that was now.

First I want to share a neat old book that you can use to help teach your child about the states. Be forewarned though, it is from 1896, so the statistics will be out of date but it still has some valuable information.

Rhymes of the States

I did a quick search recently and want to share what I found. I bet you can find some app for your electronic device be it phone, tablet, or laptop. Here are the websites I found.

  • Owl & Mouse –I think this might be the creators of the maps games that I was able to download for the children when they were young. It is a HUGE resource, especially for early learning, as well as maps and things.
  • Sheppard Software–This one has a variety of levels to learn geography and landforms around the world. There seems to be something for each state on the left sidebar but my internet is lagging right now, so I cannot fully check it out.
  • World Geography Games — This one has mountains, oceans, and other landforms as well as the US geography.
  • Seterra Geography Games — This has LOTS of world geography as well as US geography, which is also broken down into sections so your child doesn’t get worn out doing all 50 states at once.

All of the above are very simply games without a bunch of extras. They are about learning the geography and practicing it. Some of them also have trivia quizzes, I think. The are all on-line play.

I found one other website that had some old games. The one that caught my eye was Amazon Trail. I believe these are available to download. Might be worth checking out. ;)

And finally, I thought this article I wrote a couple of years ago about how we handled the summer and it has a link to how to use cards for some math practice.

Well, I’ll wrap it up for today. I hope you have a great day with your children.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

History, Geography, and Biographies

Stacks ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany and I had a library day last week because we needed to use some faster internet than what we have at home to do some updates and downloads on our laptops. Then we also wanted to browse the stacks.

I had seen a kids non-fiction book series that I wanted to check out. I’ll share some of that next week after I’ve had a chance to read some of them. But while I was looking for these books I had an idea that I wished I would have had when my kids were young.

Here is the idea . . . take your children to the children’s non-fiction section. Point out the 900’s section and have your children each pick out one book for them to read and later tell you about over the next week or two. Our library has a really interesting selection of books in this section. There are books about people, places, and historical events.

If you are prone to only spend time in the library once every couple of months or so, then have them plan accordingly with maybe a couple alternatives in case they just cannot read one of the books they brought home.

Of course, be sure to have them write down the title, author, and date they read it on a log to keep track of it all. But I recommend keeping it as a reminder of all the books they’ve read and things they’ve learned rather than one of those logs that makes you write down your times and/or how long your read. There is some research that the latter type of log can actually be a deterrent to reading.

They can keep this log on any piece of paper. You can dress it up with stickers or you can print out one of these available online free of charge. (Remember to stay clear of the ones with times, unless it is something your child desires.)

I hope these ideas and resources are helpful to you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


Help for Fidgety Kids

Help for Fidgety Kids ~ Lifeofjoy.meI sure wish some of these ideas and products had been available and I had known about them when my children were young. My kids all seemed to need to tap, pat, swing, or make noise or some combination of all these most of the time. I cannot tell you the number of times I had to tell them to stop that. :D Even today, in their twenties, I occasionally tell one of them that I need him to stop making noise. LOL

Well, I read that some schools are banning these fidget spinners. I can understand why but yet it is sad for those that can really benefit from using them. At any rate, this article has some really good links to some homemade fidget toys.

Here’s a link to a recipe to make your own Calming Glitter Slime. It looks really interesting. I think I’d like to have some. ;)

Then there are these Lego Calming Stress Balls. I think I’d like one or more of these as well. Years ago, there was this one kind of small ball that when I squeezed it, it felt really good. It was a different sensation but I really liked it. I wonder if these are anything like it.

Here is a post with links to some homemade spinners, like the ones that are all the rage right now. If your child is old enough, you could look at this page with him or her, let him/her make their own fidget spinner.Help Fidgety Kids ~ Lifeofjoy.me

I got this fidget cube for Sean and Tiffany recently, very inexpensively. They really like them.

This is a good post on why children fidget. What I took away from it is that children fidget because they don’t get enough movement.

They even say that heavy chores are helpful for those who feel the need to fidget. Hey! This is a win-win. This post even links to a list of appropriate chores.

And this page has LOTS of fidgety ideas.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Just pick one or two to check out. Most of these links came from the page on the first link. There are many links on most of that site’s pages.

I hope these can be helpful to you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Great Resource

I checked out My Joy-Filled Life last week, to see if the monthly scripture handwriting was available. While I was there a few things caught my eye.


First there was this post with lots of links for games to make grammar fun. There are some really great ideas here!!! Check it out!


Then there was this one for cardboard box adventures. :) It even has a book suggestion to go along with this idea.



This also caught my eye. Apparently she has activities/links to activities to do based on a book month (like Five in a Row). So cool! This is the one that I saw and as I looked it over and got to the bottom, I saw she has lots of stories done and/or planned. What a great resource for mommies with little ones.


This is a great resource. I hope you’ll find something there you can use.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


Listening Pages/Sermon Notes

Listening Pages ~ lifeofjoy.me{First I want to beg you to please excuse the formatting on this page. I have messed with it and messed with it to no avail! I wish it were nicely formatted and neatly aligned but alas, it is not. Now on to the mess post. ;) }

I wish I had heard about these when my kids were young. It is a neat idea for children in churches where the they stay in the service with the adults. It is so tempting to allow them to occupy themselves with electronics or books or some such activity. But, although they may pick up a few things here and there, they will not be gleaning the information they could if they were actively engaged.

Well, these pages help do just that. There are even versions for young ones before they learn to read. I’m including a lot of links for you to find the version you and your children prefer. And for any of you that go to my church or one of its sister churches, and are interested in me creating one with words frequently spoken in our church, let me know (comment on this post) and I’ll be glad to give it a try.

Without further ado, here are the links for you to download and print. There are a couple different styles for children who can read.
Pre-Readers Listening Pages:
Easter Themed
Christmas Themed

Part of this one can be used with either age child.

Fluent-Readers Listening Pages:
This one has links to five different anytime pages and then links to Christmas and Easter (Resurrection Sunday) pages.
This one has a nice format.
Another anytime page
One more anytime page

With these you have to sign up for their newsletter but the sheets look really good. You can always unsubscribe right away:

From Blessed Beyond a Doubt

From Path Through the Narrow Gate

This last one has a lot of links for you to surf through:

A Link of Links

I hope these are helpful to you!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Music Study: Handel

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy daughter Tiffany’s Christmas book has been published! It is a murder mystery surrounded by the fun and festivities of the Christmas holiday and a budding romance. Get it on Amazon

Music Study: Handel ~ Lifeofjoy.meSeveral weeks ago I saw a picture of a stack of children’s books that Crystal Paine, the Money Saving Mom, had gotten from the library for the holiday season. One book that caught my eye was Hallelujah Handel by Douglas Cowling. I didn’t know anything about this book but have enjoyed Handel’s Messiah composition since my days in high school when we sang The Hallelujah Chorus.

I decided to look into this book because I figured it might be a good springboard into a composer study on George Frideric Handel. I also thought it might be good to study during the holidays since it is prevalent at this time.

It was interesting to learn about his views on orphans and what he did to help them. Our library system even has a copy of this book and the audio cd as well. I’m not sure, but it looks like the story is told with Handle’s music in the background. It seems like a really neat book and complementary cd.

Some Links
  • If you choose to check out this book and/or the audio, you might want to do a little composer study as well. I found this nice unit study by Cindy Downes with informational links and links to printables.
  • There is an interesting book available from HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay entitled, Music Talks with Children which talks about Handel some in chapter XX. I found it by googling the website and the title of the book (just in case it disappears) but click on the title and it should open up the book pdf.

Speaking of HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay, they have some really good looking free audios available now. One such freebie is Old School ebook and audios!  Another is The Story of the First Christmas Tree audios and ebook. Oh! and one more while you are there, “All Is Bright: The True Story of Silent Night.” Don’t forget to click on “Older Posts” to see what else may still be available and to your liking. :)

  • Over on YearRoundHomeschooling, there is a small free unit on Handel with some free printables and about 4 book suggestions.
  • EnrichmentStudies has some good links too. There are some podcasts, videos, and printables among other things. They have a listening map for the Hallelujah Chorus. I’ve never heard of that before . . . interesting!
  • HomeschoolGiveaways has some good links too! There’s also a link to a free kindle book, near the bottom of the page.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you have a fun study on Handel!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World ~ lifeofjoy.me Since I no longer have anyone to homeschool, I ask my sister Tracie, from time to time, if she needs any help researching anything. She said she was interested in Christmas around the world. Thankful for the idea, I did a quick search and was thrilled with what I found.

  • First there is this pdf. Now I generally don’t like linking directly to the pdf but it is what came up in my search. It has a couple of links for the information for nine different countries and then activities and recipes too. There are even a few notebooking pages your children can use. It is a very nice, simple unit study.
  • There is also this simple pdf with a paragraph or two for each of nine countries (some different from the above but some duplicates too) and links for activities and recipes for each. This one has flags of 29 different countries. It is the first link on this page. At the bottom of that page, there are many links that I may pursue in the future.
  • This website has a one-page six-day study. It has one paragraph about how each of six countries celebrate Christmas and then a link or two to activities or recipes for each. At the end, there is a list of countries that don’t celebrate Christmas at all. So if you are looking for something very short and sweet, this may be your resource.
  • Although I cannot recommend the free ebook on this next site for a Christmas study, it would be good for some other time of year for a geography study, as it really does not delve into how each country celebrates Christmas. BUT she has about 30 contributors in a linky on the bottom of the page, one per country, where the participant does share the Christmas happenings of the selected country. So for that, I highly recommend you visit the site. :) (And come back later for a geography study and use the free ebook. Oh, I should add that the version I downloaded of the ebook did not have the right links to the TimeForKids website but it is easy to find in a search.)
  • This final one is to a webpage that tells about a lapbook free over on homeschoolshare. It sounds nice. Normally, I would just go check it out for myself and share about it without referring to her site but she did a nice write-up and at the bottom of her post she has three links to some studies/lapbooks that are pretty interesting: Birth of Christ, Symbols of Christmas, and Christmas Hymns.

Who knows, after you learn about some of these other countries, you may decide that you want to add some traditions to your holidays like this family did. Click over to this site and  see which ones they found were a good addition to their celebrations. ;) But whatever you do, don’t get yourself all bogged down. Lighten up and enjoy the season! Do some baking together and be sure that your children know why you do the things you do.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº