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Flowers, Art, Kittens, Birthday, and Liam

When Liam came last time, my sweet daughter-in-love, Lauren, had sent along a bouquet of flowers that Liam picked out for me.

Thoughtful Daughter-in-Love ~ Lifeofjoy.meHow thoughtful of her!!! And now, nearly two weeks later, they are still lovely. I feel so special and loved! :)

We had another freeze the other night and Tiffany has checked on the peach tree and says it is doing well. I’ll try to get some pictures of it next week.

I’m looking forward to  Walmart getting in their trees again this year. I’m going to replace my nectarine that died and my poor Arkansas Black apple tree that seems to be partially dead. Looks like it may have gotten hit by lightening. :o I got the peach tree from Walmart last year.

I received this cute chef guy for Christmas from my little sister and the other day I saw that Tiffany had written on it.

Blackboard Art ~ Lifeofjoy.meI love it!!!

When the Bradford Pear Trees were blooming, I checked on our wild redbud trees and they hadn’t started yet. Of course I didn’t get close to them because they are not readily available, meaning I’d have to walk through the brush to check closely. But when we’ve been out and about lately, I’ve noticed that others are blooming, so I looked out my back window and rising above the barren branches were some pretty bits of pink! :) I asked Tiffany if she’d take a picture while she was out feeding the animals today.

Wild Redbud Tree ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey are little but a nice bit of color in otherwise dreary or drab branches.

Here’s a picture I took with the telephoto lens so that you could see what I see. :)

Redbud in the distance ~ Lifeofjoy.me

This is Latte.

Latte and Kits ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd this is a picture of KitKat from last August.

KitKat ~ Lifeofjoy.meNotice that she has no tail.

These are newly born kittens. Both Latte and KitKat were pregnant at the same time. We know when Kit Kat had hers because her water broke on our front porch while Tiffany was out with her. We aren’t so sure about Latte.

There are four kittens.

Spring 2017 Kittens ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany says that she thinks three of them don’t have a tail, which would make them Kit Kat’s. We’re pretty sure at least one is Latte’s. They are both nursing all four of them.

This is Shiloh. She just had a hair cut and it is chillier out this morning, so she’s wearing her coat.

Shiloh loves Kittens ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe loves kittens! She has always stuck her head in whatever house they were in and just looked at them fondly . . . no matter to whom they belonged. Kit Kat is okay with Shiloh checking in on them but Latte is another story. She hisses at Shiloh every time. Thus, Tiffany only lets her peek in when Kit Kat is with them. As you can see in the picture above, Latte is a bit protective of her kits.

Michael found a mangled dead kit at the bottom of the steps one morning, so this is probably why she is being this way. Not sure how it got that way but . . . it could be why she’s being so protective now.

We finally got to celebrate Lauren’s February birthday last night! They’ve been awfully busy.

Celebrating Lauren's Bday ~ Lifeofjoy.me Yep, he’s a loon!!! :D

I made one of her favorite meals: San Francisco Chicken with noodles and then Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake for dessert. I made a keto version for us. It was good, except for the crust; I gotta buy some other oat fiber! The brand I got, Anthony’s, is STRONG! It makes food taste like play-doh! :p

I did promise a picture of Liam.

Liam with Aunt Tiffany ~ LIfeofjoy.meWe played Small World board game together and Lauren won!

Small World Winner, Lauren ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe had fun and I got lots of Liam cuddles. We get to watch him some next week too.

We have a church dinner/fun night tonight. I’m not hostessing it this time but have agreed to bring a pot of stew and help decorate this morning. I hope I remember to get some pictures to share with you next week. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


Thanksgiving and Big News

Well, on Thanksgiving, we took family pictures at my parents’ house. Thankfully there were no moans or groans. We did our best to be quick by only having Dad take the picture of the entire family. One year we had three cameras on timers–that was not good. We decided to just let Mom email them to us since then.

This is the one I looked the best in. There was one or two where I looked like my face was badly swollen. My hair seemed to disappear into Michael’s shirt here but oh well, it is what it is. ;)

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meFor our last big group shot, we did funny faces.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe also get shots of each family, the grandkids, and such.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe decorate Mom and Dad’s Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night. We each have an ornament with our name on it. There are pictures taken of each group, so the first ones are structured but then the kids do the rest of the ornaments.

Here’s one of Lauren helping Liam put his on the tree. I love the look of joy on her face. Liam is such a joy to us all.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.me

We all bring a dog too. Tiffany’s Shiloh is not used to being at home in a kennel all day long, so we bring her. Sondra brought her dog, Rupert. Brian brought their dog, Chloe. And Tracie brought their puppy, Belle.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe’s huge! I’ve never had an indoor dog that big. She is adorable and fun though. :)

Sean spent most of the long weekend editing Tiffany’s book. Tiffany then applied those edits and read through it one more time herself, making any changes she thought it needed, while I worked on her cover art. Then I gave it one more perusal on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meThanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany’s book is finished and available for purchase on Amazon. :)

We are soooo excited! I’m proud of her diligence. She persevered through losing her first sixteen chapters and had to start over. God made something good out of it though because He helped her re-write them and make them better than they were in the beginning.

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s on sale through the weekend, for half price. It’s a fun Christmas story.

After I spent the day editing it on Tuesday, I sat down to dinner with the family. Someone made a comment about someone or something being the MVP and it made me think of the Most Valuable Present comment from the Christmas movie, Boyfriend for Christmas. Then I thought, hmm, we didn’t watch that this season . . . and I felt like the holidays were over already . . . and then it dawned on me, uh, no, that was just me reading through Tiffany’s book that goes through the holiday season. :D I’d gotten so wrapped up in the story that I felt I had already lived through the holidays. LOL I’m such a goon!

Wednesday, Lauren and Liam went shopping with Tiffany and me. I got some good snuggles in and we had a good time together.

Well, I need to run. I hope you have fun and enjoy the holidays. Don’t get too busy!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº