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Purk, Cyme, Diva Dance, Opus, Yin Cut and Another Painting

I almost just took the easy way out and posted about my Bob Ross painting this week. I did the Ebony Sunset from season 1 episode 3.

I had so much trouble with it though! You’re supposed paint it black and let it dry. Then you are supposed to put some red and brown on as the wet base. I really struggled a lot with this one. I need to try it again. I may try it on a smaller paper; the large paper leaves me a bit unbalanced with the overall picture. Oh well, here it is . . .

Well on to this week’s tangling. I decided to to the prompt from Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic. I forgot to snap a picture of the string but here it is after I did some tangling.

Here it is after shading.

I used a some of Cyme in one section, then Yin Cut in a big section, Diva Dance, Purk, and Opus.  I followed Rick’s lead and did some sproings in the Diva Dance. Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my art. Have you tried painting with Bob Ross? All his PBS shows are on youtube. Have you tried the sproings in diva dance? Rick did them on the rock and roll version but I don’t see why they couldn’t be done in any version.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Inktober Continued

I haven’t done very well catching up with Inktober. At the rate I’m going it will turn into Inkvember. I did manage to get five days done this week.

On Day 18 I did both the prompts for the 16th and the 18th and did them on the wrong days. :D

Day 18 (drawn on the 16th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Sindoo

Day 16 (drawn on the 18th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Trentwith
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Ribbon Rose
  • Pattern-Collections.com: Karoflo

Sindoo was nice. I didn’t make my “rice” shapes quite big enough but I like it. :) On the other I liked all three tangles. I enjoyed drawing Ribbon Rose but struggled with making it look rose-like. Karoflo really looks like a rose. :)

Day 19

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Diva Dance
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Singapore Sling
  • Pattern-Collections.com: Zett-Heart

Then when I did the 20th and 21st, I mixed them up too. :D

Day 20 (drawn on the 21st space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Antidots
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Treads
  • Pattern-Collections.com: Accolades

Day 21 (drawn on the 20th space)

  • Everything is Art Prompt: Batumber
  • Tangle All Around (fb):  Pearlz
  • Pattern-Collections.com: Tourmaline

I like most of the 19th’s, especially how Diva Dance and Zett-Heart. Unfortunately I don’t think I did Singapore Sling justice, but that is expected because I am not great friends with Auranot either. ;)

The Anitdots filling the 21 kind of remind me of balloons within balloons. I don’t really like my drawing of Treads or Accolade.

I liked Pearlz in the sample drawings online but mine are less than stellar. ;) I liked Tourmaline and did not do it justice either. I may try that one again sometime soon. I do like Batumber, which I have drawn before, although I don’t really like my shading of it.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Which is your favorite day or tangle? I think I like Sindoo (or maybe Zett-Heart) the best out of the tangles new to me. Of the rest, I prefer Diva Dance. I like how the Waltz variation looks behind the Rock and Roll one.

I hope you are having a successful Inktober,

Michele ºÜº