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Bullet Journal Pages

Well, the art I did so far this week was to pretty up my bullet journal pages. I’m not much on weekly or monthly spreads. But I do like my pages to have some pizazz. I utilize the power of washi tape and stickers. :)

Being a stay-at-home wife, and having Tiffany here learning to be one too, we have a monthly meeting to give ourselves some goals and to give each other some support and encouragement for the coming weeks. Before our meetings I like to make some washi tape sections on a page to put my notes and things. Here’s my page for this month.

I had several pages that didn’t have anything pretty on them. Time to pretty them up.

I really like that wider tape I used on that one.

Sometimes I journal on a page and leave space to put some washi tape on it later; that was the case with the left page below.I combine different widths of washi tape sometimes. I did that on both pages above. I like the effect of different tapes combined.

Sometimes I make notes or work things out on another piece of paper and want to keep it, so I affix it onto a page in my bullet journal, like this below.

I am better about using my bujo when the pages are a little bit pretty. So periodically I’ll run a piece of tape down the middle of the page and it is enough to encourage me to use it more.

I’m guessing that by the time I get to the page on the right it’ll be Christmas week and it’ll be nice to use.

Here’s the last two pages I’ve prepped. I’ll add some stickers as I go, if I feel like it at the time.

This is my no pressure approach to bullet journaling. I like to have a place to put all the notes I take and not lose them. I don’t really utilize the index as intended; I just thumb through to find what I’m looking for. I try to set off special things with stickers, sticky flags, or . . . wait for it . . . washi tape. :D

Remarkably, I got so much washi tape last year that I didn’t even put any on my Christmas wish list this year. :) But I do have to admit that I like to look for more washi tape as often as possible; you never know when you’ll find some you just have to have. ;)

Well, that’s all I had time for today because I spent a big part of it trying out a new recipe to see if it would work for our church dinner next week. Verdict is in and it was a success–we all deemed it delicious. :)

I hope you have a great week.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Bullet Journaling, Simply and Prettily

It’s been quite a while since I shared some of my bullet journal pages. I do so to encourage you to not be intimidated by a bullet journal. It is a tool that helps me be a bit more productive. When I don’t use it, it usually shows in the “mess” around me. ;)

I generally just write my to-do list down one side of my page and then later come back in with some pretty washi tape that makes me happy at the time. :)

Here’s an example: The way I write in my bujo and then how it looks after I come back in with some washi tape and stickers. :)

Bullet Journaling ~ Lifeofjoy.me   Easy Bullet Journaling ~ Lifeofjoy.me

I thought I’d share some recent pages. I’ve gotten so many different sizes of washi tape that I don’t always know how much space to leave, so I’ve tried my hand at washi taping a few pages before I write it and I don’t think I like that way as well for daily use. However, I love it for collection pages. I have washi taped up a 2-page spread for Christmas because I’ve started picking up some stocking stuffers as I find them and I need to keep track of what I have and how much I’ve spent. I haven’t written anything on it yet but it’s ready to go. :)

That is red glitter at the top with a gold foil and white dots along the sides. The one on the sides is a thinner tape. Then there are the gifts at the bottom of the page. :) I’ll write Christmas Gifts across the top under the red glitter tape and then create sections for everyone on my Christmas gift list.

This is my August planning page on the left and then I pre-taped the page on the right. I still have one column open for writing and I’m not bothered that it may stay blank for a while. Eventually I’ll figure out what I want to write there. ;)

These are two more pages that pre-taped. For the left page, I just grabbed a tape I wanted and ran it down the middle. Later I’d written some things I wanted to make on my next baking day on sticky flags. I decided to put them all on one column and because they weren’t very sticky, I ran one of the thinner tapes I have down both edges to keep them in place.On the right side I picked out some tapes I liked and but the sparkly star one down the middle and then found a thin star tape and ran it across the top and bottom. Later I used the left column to make this long list of things I’d like to get done, if I didn’t have any other responsibilities and on the right was notes (that I didn’t end up looking at) I made for my youtube intro video.

Below is a collection page I made using stickers and washi tape for ideas for my patreon benefits. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m working on it. (Do you have some ideas for me? Leave me a comment if you have an idea for me.)I didn’t want to forget that I want to makeover this recipe and decided I could keep a running list of ones I want to work on. Then I was working on a jello recipe and needed to make notes of my research and attempts, so put it here. Of course this now means this page will fill up more quickly but that’s okay, I’ve got lots of pages. :DThe page on the right was born because I got way behind on listening to the THM podcasts and wanted to keep track of ones I really liked and take quick notes on things that was said so I could refer to it later.

Sometimes I write things on sticky notes and pop them in the bujo so I don’t loose them. I’m still trying to remember what that blue one means. :D

For my birthday this year, I wanted some books but wanted to find bargains and didn’t want to put my family through that hassle. So I requested money and wanted to keep track of it. I saw these adorable stickers at Dollar Tree and got them specifically for these pages. I’ll write more about my birthday in any space leftover.The pages below is actually for three weeks–I’m not always consistent in writing my to-do’s and some weeks I have more to do than others. So I managed to get three weeks on these two pages.

I don’t usually need something like the banners across the top of the left page but that week was the beginning of a pretty busy stretch and I was needing to keep track of it all and these little banners helped. When the dailies only took one column on the second page I was concerned about how I was going to get my banner on and then I had a good idea and wrote it down the page edge. :) The washi tape and flower sticker were added on the day I was prettying up my bujo.Once again, the tape on the left side was added later. I had a big space and so I used a wide tape. :) For my June planning page, I had made notes on sticky notes of different sizes. I wasn’t in the mood to rewrite them so I just washi taped them on the page. :) I vary the size of the tape with the space available and combine tapes sometimes too. The left page below is another collection page. All that means is that I made a page to collect similar notes. In this case, it is a list of book suggestions. I think the flower strip of washi tape was added on the day I was prettying up my bujo. Then I had gotten two new passwords and didn’t want to forget them, so I put them in the bujo and frame it up with more washi tape to draw attention to it, so I can find it easily. If I had a lot of passwords to keep track of, I’d create another collection page but this works fine for now. I had a lot of space left over, so I just added some pretty stickers. :)I just wanted to show you the pretty flower petal stickers I found at Walmart! Those on the right page below. I’d seen them on Wish but hadn’t ordered and was thrilled when I saw it locally. Again, they were added after writing. The final page I’ll show you is my monthly tracker for what I’m eating, weigh, exercise, and Bible reading. I had hoped that writing down everything I was eating would help me see trends in weight loss/gain. Well, it did. :D I only weigh twice a week and log it on those two days at the bottom of the square. I wrote the book chapters on the right side and then cross them off as I read them. I have a lot fewer pieces of paper piled up on my table and getting lost since I have the bullet journal and I think I get more accomplished too. ;)

I hope this has inspired you to try your hand at a bullet journal and know that you can leave it plain or pretty it up in whatever way suits you. :) I know there are a lot of people out there that do lots of drawing and artsy stuff in their journals with themes and all that but I just keep mine simple. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


Washi Tape and Bullet Journaling

For Christmas I got some washi tape that I will use in my bullet journal. You see, I like to use my bullet journal minimalistically using only colored pens as I make my to do’s for any given day. I do leave space in between the two columns I create to run a strip of washi tape in between them. This livens up my pages, making them prettier. :)

Bullet Journaling ~ Lifeofjoy.me

As you can see I add in my thoughts as they come about; if it takes a lot of space I may start a new page or use a large section. I just let it flow and don’t stress out about it. This is to make me more productive and a place to put my thoughts instead of sticky notes and notepads left all around, thus I know that whatever note I’m looking for is in this journal somewhere. ;)

Here’s the same page after I prettied it up. :)

Easy Bullet Journaling ~ Lifeofjoy.me

That is much more appealing to me. :) I like to do art, as you can tell by my Wednesday posts but I don’t like the pressure of putting my art in my bujo (bullet journal). This particular page is a bit more varied than what I usually do but it’s okay for me and that’s who it’s for.

So, now that you know how I use my washi tape, I want to share some of what I got for Christmas. :)

washi tape stash ~ Lifeofjoy.me

I got glitter rolls last year for my birthday and really wanted some foil ones but also found I needed to have some plain colored rolls too. However, as I looked for those I found so many wonderful floral and foil accent rolls, as well as even more glittery rolls. Here’s a close-up of some of them.

shiny washi tape + ~ Lifeofjoy.me
floral washi tape ~ Lifeofjoy.me
glittery washi tape ~ Lifeofjoy.me

One of the things I like about these glittery ones is that they are not rough to the touch and don’t lose their glitter everywhere. They also tear with a straight edge instead of needing to be cut with scissors.

As I was looking at things to put on my Christmas wish list, I realized I probably needed a bin to put the washi tape in. The one I found is a nice deep one that holds any of the rolls I own (1st washi tape bin above). But, I filled it up way too quickly. However, I remembered that I had a similar organizer holding plastic fusible beads from years and years ago. Since they haven’t been used in ages, I decided they could be stored in a baggie and I could re-purpose the container for some of my washi tape. They aren’t as deep as my new one, but most of my rolls have a smaller diameter and fit nicely (second washi tape container above). :)

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day I worked on getting some collection pages done that I knew I wanted to have ready to use. Tiffany also uses a bullet journal and loves to pretty hers up as well. Sean got a bullet journal for Christmas this year; he’s had the habit of making huge lists on sticky pads but now he has somewhere to put the lists that are easy to refer to. Since he’s started farming this year, it will be a great way to keep track of what he’s doing. So I shared my supplies of washi tape, stickers, pens, markers, and such with them. :)

Bujo Setup ~ Lifeofjoy.me
Bujo Prep Group ~ Lifeofjoy.me

After Christmas was over and I added the rolls of washi tape I got from extended family and the rolls I’d gotten several months ago, I filled these bins and another one I found hanging out in my craft/storage room. Even though it doesn’t seem possible that I could need any more washi tape, I’m sure that come my birthday I will have found more that I want. :D

I decided I wanted to go over and visit my mom to see how she is doing since coming home from her knee replacement surgery. It worked out that my sister Sondra, who has come to help Mom and Dad, needed to go run some errands, so she felt better about leaving while I was there. Especially since it turned out, Dad had his first physical therapy session that day as well. (You might remember that he had open heart surgery after Thanksgiving.) He wasn’t even home by the time I needed to head home, so I look forward to seeing how that went.

However, while I was there a home health nurse came by to check up on mom and how she’s doing, so we didn’t have much time to visit. She is doing well but says there is MUCH pain and it is hard and tiring work getting the knee broken in (my words, not hers). I’m very proud of her though. She is really doing everything they tell her to do, despite the pain. It’s sad because pain is the reason she decided to do this in the first place. We are trusting that by the time spring gets here, she’ll have the worst behind her and be glad she did it. :)

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today. I hope you have a good weekend. It’s supposed to be horrendously cold here this weekend. I sure hope we get some snow. Everyone else is getting snow and I want some too. (I think the Christians in Tulsa hear the weather forecast for snow and pray against it and thus we don’t end up with much. :( ) I’d like to get snow now because my peach tree needs warmer temps come March and April. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº