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Summer Ideas ~ Lifeofjoy.meToday I have just a short post but with two to three great links for some activities to keep your kids occupied.

The first is a neat idea, really, for any time of year but a good one to pull out when the kids are complaining about being bored. (Although I never really allowed that kind of talk in my house. I have heard a few good ideas about that though: give them some chore to do every time they come complaining to you. ;) I think that just might keep them, quiet, if nothing else. hee hee)

Anyway, the first one is a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt. This can be done in the cool of the day or while camping. Or modify it and have them hunt for things from the living room or kitchen window. Maybe they could see how many things they can write down/name from one window and then see if they can find more from another. Well, here is the link to this nice one already thought out. It has fifteen items to look for. They are as easy as finding two different kinds of leaves to finding an animal footprint.

On that webpage she has a link to a Beach Scavenger Hunt too.

Then here is a list of over one hundred, yes you read that right, over one hundred activities to do that do not involve a screen of any kind . . . well, maybe sunscreen. ;) It even has some links for some of the activities. Go check it out; you just might find some really good memory makers there for you and your family. Oh! She also has it in a printable format for easy reference. :)

I hope you will take time this summer to make some fun memories with your children. And when it is too hot to be outside and boredom has overtaken them, you can always get some ‘schoolwork’ done and get a head start on next year. ;)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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