Still Waiting, Blogiversary, Hair Cut, and Olympics

Lifeofjoy.meFirst things first, we are still eagerly awaiting Liam’s arrival. It appears that my first grandson has decided he wasn’t quite as eager to get here as originally thought. It has been a couple of weeks since Lauren first measured at 3cm dilated, giving us false hope that his arrival was imminent. But alas, at her last appointment she still measured 3 cm. Oh well. He will come eventually. :)

lifeofjoy.meMonday, August 1st marked my second blogiversary! Throughout the month I will be making some updates and changes, hopefully making the site easier to maneuver and find what you want.

I will be making a recipe index, as well as pages with the most valuable information for each weekday category. This will require an overhaul of the menu system as well. I also intend to review all past posts and update them where necessary. I hope the changes will be a blessing to you.

On errand day this week, I got my hair cut. I was liking the length in the back but the top had gotten way too long and the sides were getting out of hand as well.

Getting my hair cut is a continual frustration. I never know how to explain what I want and as soon as I think I do, I get someone that hasn’t done it before and am unable to explain what I want clearly. People always have a preconceived idea of what you want before you ever open your mouth.

I have to say though that the top is how I want it. The sides are acceptable but the back, which she worked on the longest, is way way way too short! It will grow, this I know from experience. By the time the holidays roll around, it should be the length I like it-who knows, I may even need to get it cut by then. The hardest part between now and then will be explaining how they need to cut the top, sides, and layers, but please leave the length.

I don’t understand why it is so difficult. I want LOTS and LOTS of layers down the length of my hair in back. You just changed the angle of the cuttings, so that it isn’t so steep. But, I’m not a beautician, so what do I know?

Mike met me for lunch that day. I sent him a text warning him of my new appearance. I said, ” Warning: I’ve been scalped.” This turned out to be perfect because when he saw me, it wasn’t as bad as he feared and said that it actually didn’t look too bad and that he kind of liked it. :)

Lifeofjoy.meThe Summer Olympics start today. The open ceremony airs tonight. If you are interested, I found some activities and an interesting article with a free app  that is said to be pretty good (the one recommended is the NBC Olympics app). More accurately they found me. ;) I got them in my email. There are probably lots more out there if you go looking but this will give you a start.

Well, I’m going to go for now. I hope you have a great weekend and HOPEFULLY next Friday I get to share pictures of Liam. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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