Semi-Circle String

This week’s Diva Challenge is a string challenge. I like string challenges. :) And since I’d procrastinated getting my tile done this week (in order to post it on Wednesday morning) I could not accept the added challenge of doing a mosaic. I have to admit though, that it looks fun and I may add to it later. ;)

I only tangled once in the last week. I’ve been busy getting Christmas presents bought and have even started wrapping them already. :) Since November started on a Thursday, Thanksgiving in the USA is coming a little early, which is nice for after Thanksgiving but not so nice for me getting it all done before then. ;) My siblings, mother and I like to get our Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy the holidays without as much stress. This year I am following my mother’s example and trying to get them all wrapped by then too. Of course with the early Thanksgiving, I’ll just be happy if I have it all done by the first of December.

I’ve also started crocheting a Minion blanket for my grandson. Sad thing is that I had 3 rows done and didn’t like how it was going. So I pulled it all out and started over again on Monday. The problem was that I could not seem to count to 90 correctly and had to pull it all out several more times. Ugh!!! I finally decided to use a larger hook for the first row and then switch back to the suggested hook after that. It seems to be working better now and I have the right number of stitches, so things should go more smoothly. :)

Well, it’s been awhile since I did a straight diva challenge, so I forgot to take a scan before I shaded it. Not good. :(

I decided to tangle the semi-circles instead of the bar in between. I went for something easy and used Crescent Moon and then Athitzi by Seven. I just needed something easy because I have so much stuff to get done. ;)

So without further adieu, here is my tile.

DC#376 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWith the time change, I didn’t have any natural light left to take pictures by the time I’d finished, so here are some other views.

DC#376 ~ I like it. It is nice and simple and kind of looks like a bridge over some very dangerous areas. Or it also reminds me of looking through a microscope at two different organisms.:D

Well that is enough from me today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

6 thoughts on “Semi-Circle String

  1. Really? All before Thanksgiving. Unbelievable. Unachievable. Ok, in my life anyway. I admire your perseverance with your minion blanket. I’m stalled on a quilt project because I’ve tried it twice and failed. I guess I’ll give it one more try. I’m glad you found time to tangle with everything else going on.

  2. Yep, it looks like a bridge… One that is really fun to look at! Nice work. I might have to steal your family’s Holiday tradition. Stress free holidays? What a concept!

  3. That bridge of yours is beautiful and … a great idea too! I’m so glad that I don’t have such stress before Christmas. More and more people here in the Netherlands are ‘steeling’ the idea of giving presents, but I am one of the other half and no presents from me.

  4. Even if you feel harried, your organization is impressive. We just moved my 93 year old mother at the end of last week, so everything else pretty much came to a full stop. I like your fresh take on this week’s challenge. Now that you mentioned it, I like the looking through a microscope comparison. My husband is the scientist in the family, but I do remember looking through a microscope at one cell organisms in 8th grade biology class: amoebae and paramecium.

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