Secrets Revealed

Today I finally get to share the secret I mentioned back in January. It’s been hard but I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. ;) So, how to share the news?

Last Sunday we celebrated my baby sister’s birthday at my parents’ home.

Secrets revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meAfter this, she opened her gifts and then Brian and Lauren (my son and daughter-in-love) passed out yellow cupcakes.

Secrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meOn the count of three, we all took a BIG bite (to make sure we got to the center with the filling).

Secrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meSecrets Revealed ~

Secrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meSecrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’m going to be a Grandma!!!!  A GRANDSON is on the way!!!!


I am sooooo excited!!! The road has been quite bumpy and this is a high risk pregnancy but all is going well and little Liam Michael is scheduled to make his appearance in early August.

It’s been nearly eight years since we’ve had a baby in the extended family and we are READY!!!! :) Lauren has really wanted a baby for some time now and Brian has always wanted to be a daddy; so this baby is greatly desired and loved and he hasn’t even shown his face yet. :)

Now for my second secret . . . although it is hard to share the post with the first bit of wonderful news, it is exciting in its own right.


Secrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meSecrets Revealed ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany has finished writing her first novel!!!


It has been a long time in the making but she finished writing it last Friday and finished with the first edit yesterday! (I think she feels a bit like she’s birthing a baby. hahaha)  I’m soooo proud of her. I’m excited to let you all know when and where to buy it later this spring! The bits she’s read to me so far are excellent. I can’t wait to read it all!

Well, now. Any thing else I would add here today would be anti-climatic because the rest of the week has been pretty mundane with cooking, cleaning, and book work. Oh! I did do one big thing this week, that is almost worthy of fireworks. :D I got rid of that pile of magazines I showed you last month. AND I did so without sitting down and going through each and every one of them.

I had started sorting through them and realized I was going down a path that would not result in the pile going away quickly. So, I called for Tiffany to help me “do the hard thing.” She quickly came to my rescue, picked up the pile I was staring at and promptly deposited them into the trash can. I took the second stack and did likewise. Then I took the bag, tied it up, and immediately walked it out to the trash can. They are gone now!

See. Anti-climatic. But worthwhile, all the same. :)

I’ll run for now. Have a great weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


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