Temperature ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really dislike it when seventy degree weather strikes in February! I know lots of people that love it but when it reaches the high seventies or low eighties I have to turn on the air conditioner or I am miserable. I love the days in the sixties but really even like the fifties for February.

At least it has been nice and windy so I can open up my windows and get some relief but with that wind comes fire danger. Unfortunately there have been some wild fires in the state for which prayers were needed. I hope by the time this is online they have all been put out.

I’ve enjoyed playing Toontown Rewritten this week. I understand there are a couple of other websites that have redone Toontown too but that this one is the most popular. I wonder how many children are playing and how many grown children are playing. ;)

routine ~ Lifeofjoy.meI have found that if I make a to-do list and then make sure I complete half of it before lunch, I get much more accomplished than if I just make a list or try to go it without a list at all. I’m still working through the what to do with myself now that the kids are all grown, so some days I’m not as productive as I would like to be.

We had a period of fasting at the first of the year. Sean made a list of things that he wanted to eat, which has made my menu making even easier. :) This week’s menu was made in about 15 minutes. The grocery list takes a little longer but not too bad.

I’ve needed to get my hair cut for a few weeks now but come errand day I have not felt like taking the time necessary to get it done and thus deciding I’d rather just put up with it a while longer.  BUT it is coming to a point that I’m going to HAVE to get it cut. Oh bother!

I’m a homebody! (I think I’ve probably mentioned it here before.) Now the really odd thing about that is that although I don’t like to LEAVE the house, I really enjoy myself and tend to lose sense of time. I can end up being out much longer than intended. ;) Of course I’m also the same person who doesn’t like to be on the telephone but once I am, I enjoy spending a lot of time on it sharing conversation with my friend.

Last week Tiffany and I ran errands on a different day than our normal one and it had our internal clocks off for a few days. We enjoyed having Brian and Lauren out to celebrate her birthday. I felt very bad because I did not remember to put up the birthday decorations until they were at the door. Bad me!!! We still put some of them up though.

I tried to make too many scalloped potatoes in one pan and they liked to never get finished. The large meatloaf I made got finished before those crazy potatoes. I will never cram that many potatoes in a single pan again. ;)

Last Friday I mentioned silly games that we enjoy. Well, Lauren reminded me of another one. The Sweet Candy mini-game on Nintendo Land for the Wii U. I still don’t know why we like it so much but it is fun, even when I don’t win. ;) We even manage to play it with six people by letting two people play the guards, which gives the guards a decided advantage.

Well, this is getting long winded.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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