Pizza and Little Nino’s Pizzeria

Pizza ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe Super Bowl is coming up soon. In the past, Mom has made her homemade pizza for all of us to eat during the game. It is a labor of love because she makes around nine pizzas or so. It sure is a good thing she has a double oven. I don’t know how many more years she will do it but she has said she will do it again this year. Yay!!! :)

I told Tracie that she should plan to “row” Little Nino’s Pizzeria (pronounce neeno) so that her girls can watch how the pizza is made. Mom has let them make their own tiny pizzas before, as in, she gave them the already made dough and let them press it into the greased tiny pan and then add their toppings but I suggested that the girls watch her make the dough this year. Unfortunately Mom usually makes the sauce ahead of time, so they may not get to see how she makes that unless Tracie puts in a special request. ;)

Anyway, I thought I’d do a little digging around for Tracie so that she wouldn’t have to do it herself, and find some extra activities not necessarily listed in the Five in a Row (FIAR) manual. The first place I went was Homeschool Share. Tracie informed me that they no longer have all the FIAR “units” listed on their own tab, so I did a little digging. They put up this page with each FIAR book listed and then links to units they still have on their site. Thankfully they still have a lapbook for this book. :)

If you don’t have the benefit of a mother or grandmother who makes homemade pizza from scratch, you could still do it at home. Here are some ideas, depending on your comfort level:

  • Get a pre-made crust, like Boboli
  • Use flatbread or tortilla shells for the crust
  • Use a loaf of French bread, cut in half horizontally
  • Get a refrigerated pizza crust, like biscuits
  • Use a plain bread dough made with yeast
  • Use a recipe like this, healthy pizza, or some other found online

Purchase a ready made sauce that you know you like, whatever toppings you desire, and some cheese. Easy peasy! :)

One exercise I think would be fun is to try different kinds of pizza from around your city. We have a wide variety, and I bet you do too. We have the uber thick pizza with tons of cheese like we get here at Savastono’s, then there is the large thin style like Mario’s, Umberto’s or Brother’s, there is the brick oven cooked pizzas, grilled pizzas, and then pizzas from the big chains, which have several varieties themselves.

Then don’t forget breakfast pizza and dessert pizza! :) Mmmm mmmm! I love pizza! Of course, no talk of pizza would be complete if you didn’t include “odd” pizzas like BBQ Chicken Pizza, spinach alfredo, or the Pampered Chef veggie pizza appetizer. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is to just get out and find the different pizzerias in your town and decide which one is the best.

Now, back to the book, you can check out what this one group did with the book, ideas this lady had, including a link to a pizza unit study for primaries, this Pinterest board, and this pin search on Pinterest where you can find lots of great ideas (on the pin search, once you get down to the Owl lapbook and free family printables you have pretty much seen all the relevant pins). If that isn’t enough for you, then you can click on the boards button on that last link, the pin search on Pinterest, and you will then have 28 more boards to peruse but I’m guessing they will mostly have the same pins.

Well, I hope that will help with some of the legwork.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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