Ordering at a Restaurant, Making Substitutions

When we were in Edmond visiting with my son and his family, we ate at a wonderful new breakfast restaurant, Neighborhood Jam. My husband and daughter have food allergies and sensitivities that mean that they cannot eat certain foods. Between that and diets I have been on throughout the years, we have learned that most restaurants are very happy to make substitutions if you simply ask.

Low Carb Substitutions

When eating low carb, I ask to substitute something for the potato. I’ve learned that I love broccoli loaded like a loaded baked potato and most restaurants are happy to make the substitution. Of course, substitutions are not always free but I’m glad to get things I can eat and stay on my eating plan.

Occasionally Eat Off Plan (without guilt)

Other times, like when we went to Neighborhood Jam, I considered it a vacation and I chose to eat some items that were not “on plan” for me.  The key is to enjoy it and not feel guilty–the body handles food differently with guilt than pleasure. ;)

I got The Heap, which is hash browns (yep that part was not on plan ;) ) with meat of choice–I chose pulled pork–, pico, some kind of cheese, and two eggs. I got the eggs over easy and on the side because I was splitting it with Tiffany and she cannot eat eggs.

Tiffany got the Okie Benny which is a biscuit made from scratch, served with shaved ham, cheddar and sausage gravy. It comes with two poached eggs but as I already stated, Tiffany is sensitive to egg yolks right now, so she substituted sausage patties for the eggs.

Michael got the Three Egg Omelet. They were out of turkey bacon so he got the chicken sausage but said that he didn’t like the chicken sausage. The rest of the meal, omelet with veggies, hash browns, biscuit, were all very good. He said he would eat there again. :)

Sean got the Bison Power Bowl. :) He liked it too. I didn’t pay attention to what Brian, Lauren, and Liam got but they tasted mine and liked it. :)

Sometimes it is acceptable to eat off plan foods but if I eat out more frequently, I definitely try to stay with on plan foods making substitutions as needed. :) Don’t be shy to ask to make substitutions in order to eat foods that are best for you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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