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LifeOfJoy.meHmmm, what is on my mind today? Tiffany has her vacation from “schooling” right now because she “schooled” May through July.  Doctor Who’s new season begins airing soon, so we’ve been re-watching the previous seasons, not that it is necessary; it’s just fun. Because we’ve seen them before we put it on in the background while we do other things.

I read this article this week. I’ve actually had it open in my browser for most of the week because it was longer than I had time to complete at once and I wanted to be sure to read it all. It is by a pediatrician who has made some interesting observations of children and their parents/guardians. Although I don’t believe that our children need our undivided attention all the time, I think they do need to know they are important and that we value them. If every time my child wants my attention, I make him or her wait – and lose track of time, with how long I are really making him or her wait – I’m sending the message to that child that what I am doing is more important than he or she is. Stop and think about that a minute. Is that email, facebook post, website, online conversation, book, or whatever else I might be doing really more important than my child and my relationship with my child?

I am sad to admit that I was guilty of this when my children were young. I needed adult interaction during the day and homeschool forums were vital in helping me learn to do what I needed to do BUT I know that I sent my kids the wrong message. I had to work to fix this. I’ll also admit that there are times, even now, when my daughter wants to tell me about a show or book that she has watched or read and I’m busy and will put her off. It doesn’t happen as often any more than it did, partly because they are older but partly because I choose to focus on them when they talk. I also make sure that I take time to engage with my children, asking what is on their minds, what they are thinking, or what God’s been telling them lately and then I listen.

I also read this article on Crosswalk dot com, which I also agree with. While the children need to know they are important, they also need to know that Daddy and God are both more important and that each one has their time. Another big thing is to teach your children to respect you when you are on the telephone. I always found it very frustrating when I’d be talking on the telephone with someone and their child would come up to them and just start talking away and the parent would give the child their attention. When I was on the phone and one of my children came up and started talking to me I would point at them and hold up my index finger, telling them to wait a minute. Then, depending on how important the call was, I would ask my caller to hold for a moment and see what my child needed or I would close my eyes and motion for him/her to go away. Then as soon as I got off the phone, I would find the child and ask what they needed. One other thing I did before I made a phone call was to check with the kids to see if they needed anything and inform them that I was going to make a phone call. This gave them an opportunity to ask me whatever they might want before I placed my call.

I love my family.  We’ve been having some good, normal/general times this summer. For the first year in ages, I actually have a bit of a tan. I attribute it to the few hours swimming in my son’s pool several times this summer and working outside for thirty minutes to an hour many days prior May through July. Like I said, August has been an odd month, with Tiffany on “vacation” we are completely off schedule, which means we are not getting a whole lot accomplished. Hopefully we will get back on track next week.

A couple months ago Brian learned a card game and taught it to the rest of us. We enjoyed playing it a couple of times. Recently I mentioned that we should play it again one night after dinner. It took us a bit to remember how to play the game. It wasn’t as easy as googling it to get the directions and rules because apparently, the name had a curse word in it and he didn’t tell us. :D We muddled our way through a round and then he found a version online and we had fun paying another round or two. It really is an easy game, if you can get past the name . . . S***head . . . I think we’ll call it by one of its other names, maybe Palace. Anyway, I even think the younger kids could play it, as long as they know sequential order well. Of course it throws a few wrinkles with the 2 and 10, so they have to be firm enough that you don’t confuse them. You can always make them a cheat sheet. ;)

I think I’ve rambled enough for one day. So, until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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