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Educating at Home ~

I recently spoke with a lovely family that just pulled their daughter from public school to educate her at home. I offered them these tips, so as not to rush into a curriculum purchase that they may regret.



  • Christians should incorporate Bible reading and discussion about what is read.
  • Utilize the local library! I shared a little about this on this post. Assign your child to find some book of their choosing in the 900’s section of the children’s non-fiction books. There are really some great books there. But don’t stop there, have your child pick some fiction books to read as well. Now, whichever he/she prefers, let them pick more of those.
  • Have her/him practice math skills for whatever level math your child is currently at.
  • Life Skills: Yes, helping with household duties is imperative for a functioning and well educated adult. ;)
  • Have your child write each day. It can be copying a scripture verse or a passage from a book being read, or simply learning to write when very young. You could have them write about something they’ve read or create a something themselves, be it prose or poetry.
  • Throw in a little nature study (I wrote some about this here) and you’ll be good until you can find the curriculum that fits you and your child(ren).
  • Encourage whatever their interests are art, cooking, music, crafts, or something even more specific like wood burning or mechanics.
  • Finally, encourage activity be it outside, video exercise, game system exercise, or a sport.

You need to write down the reasons you are home educating your children, so that when the difficult days come you can remind yourself why you are doing this. Then there is this post that may be of help to you in getting started. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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