Mother’s Day Flowers and Liam’s Here

Wow! It has really been a busy week around here, as I guess it probably has been a lot of places. With Mother’s Day being last weekend and the beginning of May birthday celebrations for our family, Brian (my oldest son), Lauren (his wife), and Liam (my one and only grandchild at the moment) came and stayed Friday night and Saturday night as well.

Liam in carseat ~ Lifeofjoy.meLauren is sweet and sent me this photo en route to our house. They were hung up in bad traffic. Little Dude was coping the best he could. ;)

He liked crawling up into Grandpa’s chair.

He is really jabbering away these days. Not many words but lots of talking!

Toddler Jabbers ~ LIfeofjoy.meSean and Michael bought me flowers for Mother’s Day! :) I love flowers. They make me happy . . . I really like the kind that stay alive and keep blooming, although there are times for cut flowers inside too. At any rate, the kids cleaned out my flower bed and planted them for me. This is the before shot. I did pull out some weeds before the weekend.Flower bed before ~ Liam helped Tiffany get the flowers out of the car.Big Helper ~ Lifeofjoy.meLiam helps with flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meEverybody worked hard weeding and planting! Nobody looks their best when working but it is oh, so appreciated.

Mother's Day Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs usual, they did not get near enough mulch, but we’ll get more as we can. Truth be told, I prefer to have more flowers over mulch. :D

After Planting ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere’s a closeup of the flowers. The flamingo was Michael’s idea last year.

Third part of flower bed ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany excavated the border bricks . . . they were completely covered and no where in sight.Flower bed Closeup 1 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt looks like the birds managed to drop some of the sunflower seeds and they came up.Flower Bed Closeup 2 ~

Grandson helped rake ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd plant.

Grandson helped plant flowers ~

Me and Liam outside.

Grandma and LIam ~ Lifeofjoy.meLauren

Lauren ~

Kitten break. This is the youngest of the kittens at only about 3 weeks old now.

Kitten and grandson ~

One last view of the finished flower bed.

My flower bed ~ lifeofjoy.meThe kids got it done before it got hot and we had the rest of the day to enjoy.

After a shower, he was ready for lunch and then a nap. ;) And he was still jabbering. It will be interesting once he actually starts putting words together. :)

Liam ~

Michael went and bought some chickens while they were doing the flowers. He got back as they were finishing up. Liam decided he wanted to ride in the truck with Papa.

In the truck ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe was supposed to get 4 or 5 and he came home with eight . . . Yes eight! Ugh! Oh well.

8 hens ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiff says she thinks they are in the “ugly teenager” stage. We’ve been getting one egg most days, so at least one of them is producing. They also seem a bit distrustful of humans, so she’s singing to them to try to get them to warm up to her. There are a couple that don’t seem to want to go outside but she shoos them out anyway. They’ll adjust eventually.

You can clearly tell the difference between the two eggs. The one on the left is from our hens and the one on the right is from the grocery store. (I did nothing to this photo.)

Tell the difference in eggs ~

Liam loves his Poppa!!!!

Poppa and Liam with book ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe grabbed a quick family picture at my mom’s house on Sunday.Mother's Day Family Pic ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany made a wonderful Italian Cream Cake from AllDayIDreamAboutFood.

Tiff making cake ~

Italian Cream Cake ~ Lifeofjoy.meI liked it but would like it better without the coconut but my family disagrees. ;)

Well, I think that is enough for this week; I need to run. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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