Late February Snow and Sharing lunch and Zentangle with Friend

Snowing ~
We got about 4″ or more after this picture. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of it when it was done.

Well, it has definitely been cold. I’m glad for this because when I have to open up my windows in February I am very concerned with how hot it will get come May, let alone August. Here in OK, I think August is the hottest month of the year. My favorite temps are from mid-50’s to mid-70’s, much over that and I am getting too hot and cannot cool down. Because I’m so warm-natured, I like it when it is cold so that I can actually wear warm clothes and/or cover up with a blanket, or both. :) I know that there are those that think I’m nuts but that is ok, I tend to think they are nuts for liking temps over 90º. ;)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, we finally got some snow! It was very very pretty. BUT Tuesday when I asked Tiffany to go get the sleds out when she fed the animals, she informed me that the sleds were no more; they had dry rotted and were thrown away, unbeknownst to me. :(

On Sean’s way home from work, he made two stops looking for sleds but came home empty handed, as there were none to be had. He was told they don’t carry them. What?!? So now I will have to be on the lookout for them myself or look for them online for those rare years when we have enough of that beautiful white stuff to go sledding.

As I was looking at my facebook newsfeed and saw my friends in the south (VA, SC, and such) posting their wonderful snowy pictures, it dawned on me that I seldom see my friends in the north posting pictures of their snowfall and saying how pretty it is. :D I do have a homeschooling friend in Minnesota, I think, that has posted a few here or there but I have lots of family in Ohio and I do not recall a single snow picture from them.

I lived in Ohio when I was a child until I was about 13 years old. As I reminisce about those times, I remember snow on the ground come Thanksgiving and then not really seeing the ground again until around Easter. NOW I KNOW that this is probably not very accurate but I do remember snow falling on Thanksgiving and I do remember dirty snow piles still being on the ground very near Easter, maybe not really in the same year but that is how I remember it – Hey! It was a LONG time ago. ;) The problem with snow there is that it falls and sticks around forever and just gets all dirty and nasty, with fresh white falling on top of it from time to time. What I like about snowfall in Oklahoma (and what I remember from my twenty some years in Virginia) is that it may snow nice and heavy but within a few days it’s outta here! Thus we don’t generally end up with those dirty, nasty, ugly, piles of snow.

So we had some pretty snow on Monday. It got slick enough out that it took Mike and Sean twice as long to get home as normal. Tuesday they both stayed home as the snow began melting as soon as the sun came up. By 9:00 am, I was already seeing my sidewalk steps and they had not been shoveled. As of yesterday, there was not even any tiny little bits leftover in the shadowy spots of the yard. ;)

Then it was so nice on Wednesday that I got hot and had to turn on a fan. Then yesterday it was very cold again. I actually got to wear a fleece long sleeve shirt for half of the day. ;)

My friend Gwin came over for lunch yesterday and we had a very nice visit. I got to share my joy of Zentangle, which can be seen here by clicking on Wonder Wednesday in the menu above. At first she didn’t believe she could do it but then I showed her how simple it was and she was amazed. I think she just may try her hand at it sometime very soon.

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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