Ing, Viaduct, and Kuki

iamthedivacztWell, this week’s Diva Challenge is Ing. This is another of those tangles that I just don’t care for, mostly because I don’t really know how to draw it all that well. I guess I should really practice it but I don’t tangle enough to do that.

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Square One: Purely Zentangle’s focus tangle for the week is Viaduct. This one is new to me and I’m not sure I did it justice but at least it was an easy-ish one to draw. :)

Pattern Collections has confused me a little bit. There was a poll taken about how frequently the members desired the focus tangle to change and the poll said weekly but the website is still listing daily tangles. I’m guessing this is something Ina, the website owner, had set up a while ago and forgot about it in all the busyness of her major move. So I checked and found that the tangle for today is Kuki and looked rather easy to do, so I included it as well.

The thing I like about how I was able to combine these tangles is that they seem to have equal prominence in the finished tile. Kuki is set of with white space. Ing is showcased with some dark shadows, and Viaduct fills the lower portion of the tile.

I remembered to take a before shaded scan this week. :)

Ing, Kuki, and Viaduct ~ Lifeofjoy.meShading really does make an incredible difference. I used a little bit of a 6B pencil today for the shading and I think it helped.

Ing, Kuki, and Viaduct ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, seeing it this large, I can tell that I need to look at how others shade ING because I just don’t seem to have that hang of that one. And although Kuki is rather easy to draw, the shading is a bit more difficult for me. I’m not really sure how to shade it well without it turning into a muddy mess. Any advice would be appreciated. :)

Well, I’m going to close this out today by saying a huge thank you to all of those that left comments last week. You all were so encouraging!!!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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