In Memory of Susan Moore and our dog, Sasha

This hasn’t been the best week. It started off finding out that my youngest sister’s forever friend passed away. It appears that she had another seizure, when nobody was home, and by the time anyone found her, they could not bring her back; she was only 46 years old.

Susan was a few months older than my baby sister, who is 10 years younger than me. They have been lifelong friends from the age of three. We had moved to Virginia and started attending a church there at the same time she and her family did. There was another little girl there that was three as well. The three of them were great friends. (Tracie values this friendship so much that she has tried to provide her children with the same experience. :) Lifelong friends are amazing.)

Their friendship has endured even through our move halfway across the country to Oklahoma.

Over the last several years Susan has come out to visit with Tracie and her family for a week. I know that Tracie is glad to have those memories.

I believe that last one was when Susan was going back home the last time. ;) Thus the smiles weren’t quite as big.

Susan was a hairdresser. When we still lived in Virginia, I loved that she did my hair because she knew me and saw how I did my hair on a weekly basis. I didn’t ever have to tell her what to do because she knew. It has been so hard to get my hair right after moving to OK.

I snagged this picture from her social media page. I felt it just really showed her personality. :)

She loved to fish! I don’t know any gal who enjoys it as much as she did. I think she even liked it more than a lot of guys I know that enjoy fishing. :D

Just last weekend she posted pictures of her fishing with her stepdaughter.

Susan was a fun gal who loved God with all her heart, loved to worship and sing praise to the Lord, and loved her family. Please pray for her family . . . I’m sure this is extremely difficult on her two young boys (tweens), stepchildren, husband, parents, and other family members . . . I know it has been incredibly difficult for my sister, so I can only imagine how they are all handling it.

The next day our Blue Tick Heeler, who was approximately fourteen years old, died. Her health had deteriorated over the last several months and we knew it was coming.

She was a great watch dog! However she was prejudiced. :D She did not like people of color and would bark viciously at them, not allowing them to come anywhere near her.

She could hear vehicles approaching from a long way off and was sure to notify us when someone came in our driveway.

A couple years ago a drop-off puppy adopted us. Sasha enjoyed its company and it seemed to make her young again. She’d run and play with her but definitely let her know she was queen. :DWhen we got the puppies a few weeks ago, she enjoyed them and would sit on one side of the fence and they’d sit on the other. Heidi resembles her, so who knows what they thought. :) I’m glad we didn’t put the puppies in the same area as her because it probably would have been bad for them to have gotten that attached to her and then her pass away. Sasha was a good dog and will be remembered fondly.

I think I’ll close for today. It’s been a sad week. Thankfully there is new life, with the puppies and the chicks. Oh! And we had kittens born this week too. :) I’ll share some of them next week.

This passion week was difficult on Jesus too but three days later was glorious. He rose from the dead and lives forevermore. One day we will see Him. I’m looking forward to that day (in the future ;) ) but for some, it will not be a good thing because they have not accepted Him as their Savior and He will have to send them to Hell. Do yourself a favor, seek out an online Easter service this year ( is the one that Brian, Lauren, and Liam attend) and find out what Jesus did to secure your eternal joy.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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