Gift Shopping and Catching Up

Shopping and Catching Up ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s been a good week. Sean has been house/dog sitting again this week. I bought Captain America 3 on errand day and so he came out. We had stroganoff meatballs and fauxtaytoes, which is steamed cauliflower mashed with some butter, heavy cream, and some salt. The stroganoff meatballs is a recipe from I Breathe I’m Hungry and is keto but I don’t think anyone would ever know it. They are really good, although my kids don’t prefer nearly as many mushrooms as is called for. ;)

I found a website that has inexpensive items. I’m hoping to get a bunch of stocking stuffers from them but I’ll see soon. It has a wide range of items but I’m keeping it to myself. ;)

I found a new form of crochet that resembles knit in the finished product. It is called Tunisian crochet or sometimes Afghan crochet. It uses a cross between a crochet hook and a knitting needle. It looks like a long knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end and no grip. The pattern I am attempting uses a J hook. Unfortunately the closest I came was an I. I figured that was okay and my dishcloth will just be a little smaller than intended.

I started another of the knitted dishrags this week too. I really like them a lot. Sean and Tiff like them too. I’ve decided that I need to make a whole lot of dishcloths in order to keep them clean. Walmart has a cone of the Peaches and Cream yarn for about $7.97 and is a really good deal. I think I may buy one next week.

Mike’s birthday is this weekend and my neice’s is the following week, so it’s time for me to get some gifts purchased. Christmas is also coming soon, so it’s time to get my shop on! I like to have it finished by Thanksgiving, so I better get on the ball. (Can you tell I’m trying to get myself pumped up to get it all done? :D )