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Gifts to Give ~ Lifeofjoy.meHow do you handle gifts in your family, especially for children? My kids always wanted some new game that had come out; we didn’t get them when they were released, so they wanted them for Christmas and birthdays.

Some children have way too many toys and really have not need for new ones. I’m all for giving children toys for learning and imaginative play but there is not need to have excessive toys that won’t even be played with.

I once heard some people suggest that they get Family Passes for the Zoo or Aquarium or Science Museum or other such place. Such passes usually last for a year, so it is literally the gift that keeps giving.

I live too far from most of these types of places, so I won’t be doing this for my grandson yet, but maybe one day it will be something we can do and he will appreciate.

In my extended family, we make a Christmas list and use Giftster to help us know who is getting what and save a whole lot of texting or phone calling to ensure there are no duplications. We do lists because we all like to purchase things that the receiver desires to have. Giftster allows you to reserve an item too.

Here is an article with over 50 ideas of gifts to give. I hope it will help you with your gift giving planning. :)

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