Family Visit, Girl Day, and More

Our fun and busy week started last Saturday. After breakfast we headed to Edmond to spend some time with our oldest son Brian, his wife Lauren, and their son Liam. We met at their apartment and found that they had a house (actually condo) to go look at after lunch.

We went to Brian’s favorite Boba tea place which is also a good and inexpensive restaurant. We ate lunch there and then went over to the park for a bit until it was time to go look at the condo.

Here is Lauren, Tiffany, and I.

This one is Brian, Sean, and Liam.It was a nice park. This lightpost reminds me of Narnia. :) Sean and Liam played swords with found sticks. Michael and I; Brian and Sean walking at the park.Oh! and those flip flops were a big mistake. I will take tennis shoes in the future. ;)

I love this picture of Michael and Lauren talking as they walked. :) And then the boys are a bit ahead of them. :)

Then early this week Tiffany and I went into town for a girl day.

We went to Gardner’s, our local used book store. We finally learned how they price things: if it doesn’t have a sticker on it, then it is half of the retail price. Of course, then if you have in-store credit, you only pay tax on that amount plus $1 per item.

After that we went to $5 Below. We haven’t been in there in a while and we found some things we absolutely didn’t want to walk away without. :D And I found a stocking stuffer for Liam–Minecraft stickers. That boy loves Minecraft. :)

There were several books there for $5 that we saw. Tiff and I each got one for being creative every day. We’re going to do it next year. We like that it has prompts and space to draw/create every day for 52 weeks. Consequently, it can be started at any time but I got it for our stockings. Come to think of it, I probably should have gotten Lauren one too. (She’ll have to tell me if she’d have liked one or not. ;) ) Tiff also got that writing prompt book I shared yesterday.

We left that happy place and went across the parking lot to Barnes and Noble. :) Yep, happy place number three. Tiffany managed to get something at each stop. I on the other hand did not. Maybe next time. ;)

She got us a passion fruit tea to share in the cafe at Barnes and Noble. Please excuse my hair in this next picture; it seems to have been going every which way. :D

Tiff got her hair cut that morning too.

I waited until our errand day to get my hair done. Funny tidbit: she saw signs that said they were having a senior citizen discount one day of the week. I can get this discount some places (ages 55-60 are quite the puzzling times for the discounts). Turns out at Great Clips you have to be 65 to get their senior citizen discount. :( So waiting an extra day to get my hair done for the discount backfired, as I wasn’t even old enough for it.

Snapchat has this adorable lens that turns a face into an anime. See?

Then another day, Tiffany and I did a Bob Ross painting together. It’s fun to paint along with Bob. We talk to the television, telling him he has to slow down or repeat himself. :D I shared that Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely be doing more together. :)

Hop over to Wednesday’s post to see the final results of our painting.

It’s been a busy and fun week. My baby sister and her girls are coming for a visit today and I believe the girls are spending the night. I know they will enjoy spending time with Tiffany. :) Maybe I can get them to do something artsy? :D

I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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