Clearance Sale Bust, Lettering Drills, and Cousin Playtime

Wow, a normal week! How wonderful. :) Okay, the guys have been home a bit early most of the week but that is fine. (Do you ever realize that you are saying the same word too much? It is more obvious when I’m writing. Then I used a synonym and realized that I wasn’t sure which homophone spelling to use and being too lazy to look it up, I did the only logical thing and chose another word. :o Thus the sentence did not start and stop with the word okay. :D )

I saw a video on youtube last month from a lady that used to work at Ross who shared that towards the end of January they’d be doing some big price reductions to clear out some inventory before they end their fiscal year. She said these prices would be as low as 49¢ for many items and many items would be found at $1.49 and such. She showed how to find them–basically look in each department’s clearance section.

Tiffany and I dutifully went the middle two weeks of January. While we did find some items on clearance, none were ridiculously cheap. We left each time empty handed.

Then the other day I saw a video from the same lady on her clearance trip to several Ross stores. She said that she’d shared on her instagram that the 27th was the day to start looking. Soooo, Tiffany and I went again this week. Evidently there were a LOT of others that saw the notice because we did not find but a couple of items that were drastically reduced in price. I did find these mittens in the men’s department.

They were regularly $9.99 and I got them for 49¢ for Tiffany. :) She tried them on and loved them. She’s also needed some ‘play in the snow’ gloves/mittens for a while. Now she has them AND they’re adorable.

Tiffany did find a really nice black and silver sparkly dress for only $3.49 BUT although it fit, it just didn’t flatter her and she probably wouldn’t wear it much, if at all. So we didn’t get it. So sad.

This is the last week of the free Show My Your Drills pre-lettering class I’ve been taking. She has done a giveaway all week for the workbooks for the next classes (which are not free, btw). The entries have all been different and some have been fun. If you look on my instagram, you can see all of them. Unfortunately, I didn’t save them outside of instagram, so I can’t put them all here for you.

I think this one is my favorite though. The prompt was to teach the drills to someone and she said that you could get creative with it if you didn’t have someone to teach. Well, I did have people I could have taught but I didn’t want to because I doubt they’d be interested. So I looked around for one of my snowmen, which will be put away at the beginning of next week, that could hold my pen. :) Success!I even included my finger pointing at the directions. :) The instructor liked it. :)

OH! I nearly forgot that my nieces spent the night. They enjoyed playing with their cousins. They all got on Roblox and they girls introduced Sean and Tiff to Bloxburg. You do have to pay a one-time fee of a dollar to play the Bloxburg portion but they all loved it. Yes, even my 20-somethings. ;)

My sister came that day and we had a good visit. One of the things we talked about was how we go to do one little thing and it takes hours because nothing can ever just be simple. So then our tasks accomplished for the day don’t look very productive but we know the truth. ;)

Well, that is how my week has gone. I still haven’t gotten to finishing the front pages of my bullet journal for 2020 but I’m hoping to get to it this weekend. Michael would really like to have my art items out of the kitchen and back into the craft room. ;) Plus, I’d just like to get the pages done; not that I will get through it quickly just to get it done though.

I hope you have a good weekend,

Michele ºÜº


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