Christmas 2019

We had a good Christmas again this year. Of course it doesn’t seem like Christmas should have come and gone already this year; I feel like time really does go by so quickly any more.

It was very different not having Brian, Lauren, and Liam spending the night on the 23rd and being here first thing on Christmas Eve, although they did get here nice and early. I hope they will be able to spend the night next year. ;)

On Christmas Day we went to my sister’s home along with my kids and my parents. It was a good day. Mom read the pop-up nativity story, as usual.

I’m so thankful that Dad felt strong enough to read the account of the birth of Jesus this year. (I read it last year because he was a bit weak from having open heart surgery.)

He’s gotten all techy on us and read it from his bible app this year. :)

This year we voted on our Christmas dinner. For about five years we had Mom’s homemade pizza but then it got to be too much and we went with easier things. But since Tiffany and I make pizza nearly every week, I figured we could alleviate some of that work.

My brother-in-law got a KitchenAid professional mixer for Christmas and helped Mom use it to make the dough. She was amazed at how much easier that machine made making the pizza dough. I made our sourdough on Christmas Eve before I went to bed so that it would have enough time to ferment properly. (Of course, I had to get out of bed to do it because I’d forgotten to do it. :D )

In the several years we had it for Christmas dinner, we got it down to a science. We put the name of the person/people that the pizza was specialized for on a paper and tape it to the side of the oven, so we remember whose is whose. :) Then that paper follows the pizza to the counter so that everyone gets exactly what they wanted. :)

The biggest thing about pizza for dinner is that we don’t get to all eat at the same time. By the time Mom’s pizza comes out of the oven, the kids are already done. ;)

I went for my walk after lunch, as I was getting tired and a bit full. The walk helped me wake up and not feel so full too. I came back in to find that they’d started playing Taboo.

Liam played with a lot of us. He went on the walk with Michael and me. Tracie brought out a bin of toys and sat down and played with some foam blocks with him. :)

He had a lot of fun and brought a lot of joy to us too!

Tiffany found my Tenzi cards and so some of us played that after dessert. ;)

Yeah, the temperatures were in the high 60’s or low 70’s, so I was barefoot and in a short sleeve t-shirt. :D

It was a great couple of days. Yesterday the four of us just stayed home and pigged out on all the desserts we had. Of course, we ate our leftover pizza too. ;) I did manage to empty the dishwasher and get the kitchen in some semblance of order.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll share my art loot that I got for Christmas soon. I look forward to playing with my goodies and sharing that with you too.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

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