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Because wonder means to be filled with adoration, amazement, or awe and I’m always amazed at the things I create

I Tried and Star-ING

I really liked the Valentangle2019 prompts so even though I didn’t end up finishing them up to this point, does not mean that I shall not. ;) For day 9 the prompt was Star-ING, where you tangle ING the form of a star. Then the prompt was to add hearts to the inner parts.

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use Holly’s tangle HaWy. I read the linked post and thought I’d use the Star-ING in the foreground of the tile. So, naturally, I tangled Star-ING first and then proceeded to attempt to put HaWy all over the rest of the tile. I even put Star-ING to the side to leave plenty of space for HaWy.

Unfortunately I made my offset dot grid too large; yep, not enough dots to do the tangle any justice whatsoever. I then decided to flip the tile over and try to copy the stepout. But that too proved to be too much for me. Laura had warned us that it was a high-focus tangle but she’d said that about Ratoon but I didn’t have any trouble with that one, so I thought I’d be fine. I guess it may have been the two video tutorials I’d seen of Ratoon that made the tangle easier for me.

Here is the back of the tile where I tried to follow the stepout for HaWy.

failed attempt ~ Lifeofjoy.meI think my problem with it is that I had a hard time seeing the red lines for the next step and I couldn’t find the logical steps. I guess this is one that I need to see and hear explained. Both Ellen and Melinda did a great job explaining Ratoon, so I had no confusion with that one and can still tangle that one from memory. :)

So here is my tile for this week’s diva challenge before shading.

Star-ING ~ Lifeofjoy.meI decided to add a bit of red to the hearts to make them stand out, especially since I was trying to draw the attention away from the abstract background. ;)

#valentangle2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meOf course, now that I see it this big, I see where I needed to blend the darkened shadow lines a bit more AND my pencil should have been sharper. :D I do like how easy it was to make the triangular sections into hearts. I also liked using my water color pencils. I ended up having to add more to the center to darken it but I think it turned out nice.

Here’s a picture of it in natural lighting. :)

Day 9 #valentangle2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meSee how much better it looks from further away where you can’t see where the shadow lines are so crisp? :D

#Valentangle2019 day 9 ~

I’ve started Festina Lente 2019. I love that there are so many organized challenges. I went ahead and bought the pdf to go with it because she had it so modestly priced. :) However you could totally participate without it. Although I am not Catholic, nor in a religion that collectively observes Lent, like Advent, I find that it can be used to help get/keep ones focus on the Savior as Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, approaches.

Lent did not officially start until today but Arja started the prompts on March 3rd. The first week’s focus/theme is Labyrinth. I’ll be incorporating all the week’s tangles into this one labyrinth that I drew yesterday using the Helix that I got very inexpensively at Mardel last year. I drew it in a sketchbook that is nearly 7″ square. Here is the labyrinth that I will be tangling.

#FestinaLente2019 wk 1 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, I’ll probably lengthen the radius to the edge. The radial line did not go all the way to the edge of the helix and I just saw that I needed to finish it to the outer edge. :)

That’s it for me today. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments; they’re appreciated.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Completing an Unfinished Tile

This week the Diva Challenge was to finish a piece that was laid aside and unfinished. At first I didn’t think I had one such tile but then remembered a quick tile I’d done just in the last week or so when I was trying out the pens I forgot that I’d gotten for Christmas. :D

I remembered that I’d gotten the Sakura metallic pens but forgot that I’d gotten the glitter pens; I think they are called Stardust. I pulled out a blank artist tile and quickly tangled  Cupcake Flower, since it is an easy one for me that just flows. I only drew three of them but used five of the six pens. I did have a little difficulty keeping these free flowing and had to shake them a few times but they are lovely. Of course this, makes me wonder how I am supposed to store them. I’ve stored them laying flat but now wonder if they should be standing upright on their tip? Can anyone enlighten me?

So any way, here is my tile before adding more color.

Stardust pens Cupcake Flower ~ Lifeofjoy.meOf course, you cannot see the glitter very well on that scan. I was a bit disappointed with the pens and just laid the tile to the side.

So today, I decided I would see what I could do to finish this off. I opted to blacken in the background. Then I realized I needed to thicken the existing lines. Then used my watercolor pencils to fill. I think it turned out pretty nicely in spite of the lines in the black background. :) I’m going to need to figure out something different for blackening in a background than the Sakura Graphic 3 pen I used this time (my graphic 1 was low on ink).

#DC386 ~ black background ~ #DC386 ~ Cupcake flower #DC386 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s really hard to get a good picture of it because of the glitter and lighting, so I included several angles. It is really quite nice in person. :)

Thanks for stopping by and please give me your best tips on blackening in the background of a tile.

Until next time, God bless (and thanks for commenting),

Michele ºÜº

Valentangling Some More

Evidently Monday was a holiday in Canada as well as the USA, because I didn’t see a Diva Challenge this week. Of course it is possible that she posts one late but I needed to post today. So I went back to the Valentangle 2019 to see what I hadn’t done yet, other than that other media one. ;)

Day 8 was to tangle the initials of someone you are very, very happy to have in your life. For me, that is my husband. I thought it would be pretty to do it on a tan tile (mine are 4″;), but I wish I hadn’t in the end. :D

I started with the initial of our last name in the middle and then wrote our initials in strands coming from it. I wish I had just done a zenbutton but I was trying to be creative. :)

day 8 #Valentangle2019 step 1 ~ lifeofjoy.meI thought I was really clever and it was going to turn out really great. But I stink at auraing! :D I haven’t gotten to where I can keep my auras the same width and such.

I forgot to get a picture of it after I finished auraing and before shading. I wasn’t sure about the shading at all! Here is a picture of it, which shows a bit of the shininess of the 6B pencil.

Day 8 Valentangle2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere is a scan of it.

#Valentangle2019 day 8 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI really didn’t know what to do with it. At one point before all the shading, I considered using watercolor pencils and making it look kind of like a pansy. Turned sideways, it kind of resembles that flower.

I really was at a loss. I guess it turned out okay. Not my favorite piece but also not my worst.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any suggestions or tips for shading and highlighting on tan tiles, I’d love it. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Valentine Tangling

I’ve not kept up with #Valentangle2019 very well. Thankfully it isn’t a whole month long “challenge,” so I’m okay with taking the whole month to do the two weeks of prompts.

The puzzle 3Z one I did last week is a favorite of mine and my daughter’s evidently. This past weekend she changed up the tiles in my gallery frame, including this tile.

Tangled Tile Display ~ use plasti-tak to position the tiles. It takes a bit of patience and Tiffany is fast at everything she does, so I’ll need to go back and straighten some of these out. That one in the middle of the top row fell twice on her and she just didn’t have the desire to fix it yet again. :D) It would look a lot better with a proper matting, but it is what it is. Maybe one day I’ll do something with it but for now, this works. ;)

I have a hard time choosing the pieces to put in the frame because I like so many of them. It is difficult to take down some of the older ones. :) So, she decided it was time to update the the pieces in the frame. I don’t think we changed the tiles at all last year. :( The removed ones will go in my album. (I’ll have to share pictures of that another time because I don’t have time or gumption to get it out, take pictures, and connect the camera up to my laptop for a third time today. :(

Well day five of Valentangle2019 tripped me up. I still haven’t done that one. It was to tangle on something other than a tile. Now even though she used a rock, it did not have to be a rock; it could have been anything–an envelope, a bookmark, really anything. But it still tripped me up because I didn’t want to just settle for some other paper and ended up not doing it yet.  I still may before the month is over; I’d really like to use paint on a rock. OH! or maybe paint on one of those little canvases I think I have . . . I’ll have to look into that.

On the 6th the prompt was to do Wholy Hollibaugh with hearts in the lines. I had not done this before and was excited to give it a try. I always like the contrast of black and white so Hollibaugh is one of my favorite tangles. This however was a bit challenging. I decided to make the strips different: lined, diagonal, dotted, and plain. I tried to cross them enough that there would be some good variation and depth. I forgot to take a picture before it was shaded but the shading still adds significantly to the depth. I drew it in my old Tangle A Day Calendar.

#valentangle2019 Day 6 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt looks like I might have one layer wrong somewhere but my mind cannot process it correctly right now, so I’m not sure. ;)

The prompt for day 7 was to use the “love fragment” and make a flower with it or use other flowery tangles. I thought that my version below looked a lot like a Narcissus. So I added a bit of two yellows and a light orange watercolor pencil.

Here it is before shading and coloring.

unshaded #Valentangle2019 day 7 ~ Lifeofjoy.eI don’t remember why I blackened in the hearts on the larger one . . . I think it was just for some difference/contrast but then I realized you couldn’t make out the heart shapes very well so I went over the outline of the hearts in white and added the dots in the points. here it is shaded and colored.

#valentangle2019 day 7 ~

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with Valentangle2019 so far. I even did those last two this weekend while my son and his family were here. So that brings us to the Diva Challenge, which is to be inspired by Valentine’s Day. This is great because I was going to make a card for my hubby this week as he prefers homemade cards to purchased. :)

I asked him which he prefers: tan, black, or white tiles. He had a hard time deciding and then said he liked the shiny black one. Great. That meant the scratch off tile instead of any of my others. Oh well. I made it work.

Here is the front of the card. I stuck the scratch-off tile to the center of a folded piece of black paper. I used Luv-A for my scratch-off tangle and Heartline around it, once I glued it on. It got a little wonky but it’s okay.  :)

Valentine Card 2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meInside I put coupons for him. :) I folded a piece of paper and wrote inside. So he’ll have to lift the flaps to see the 7 ‘gifts’ I’m giving him. The instructions on how to redeem them are on the other side of the fold.

valentine card inside ~ Lifeofjoy.meI think he’ll like it. :)

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I hope you have a great week!

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Valentangle and Anthem

I am participating in Valentangle this year. Of course, I didn’t do yesterday’s prompt because it was a busy-ish day for me and you were supposed to tangle on something other than a tile. Since it took a bit more effort to figure out, I decided to wait for a day that I had a little more time to devote to it.

The 1st prompt was to use fragment given (play with the fragment). Since I’ve been enjoying Ratoon, I put it in the center of Ratoon. :) Here it is unshaded.

#valentangle2019 #lovefragment #ratoon ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd here it is shaded.Shaded ratoon love fragment ~ Lifeofjoy.meDay 2: Use a heart shape in the center of Ratoon. Yay! I got to play with ratoon some more. :)

#valentangle2019 day 2 #ratoon ~ Lifeofjoy.meI didn’t really know how to shaded/highlight it and once I started decided I liked it the way it was and didn’t want to mess it up any more. ;)

Day 3: Fill only a small area of the tile. I decided to go with the fragment, doubled, in the corner. But then it looked to bleh. So I added a little bit of pink watercolor pencil on the hearts and it was better but still bleh. So I added a bit more on the outer edge and spread it toward the center. :) Now I like it.

#valentangle2019 day 3 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI like to smudge the border shading to make it kind of look like a window or ledge or something.

Day 4: Make a 3Z mosaic or puzzle using at least 2 3z tiles. Thankfully I remembered Pam Neumann, a local CZT, had given me a couple tan 3Z tiles several months ago and I hadn’t used them yet. Yay! Thanks Pam. :)

I’d seen what a few people had done with the prompt and didn’t want to be a copycat, so I put mine together in a different way. I used Luv-A by Sharon Caforio and Heartline by Helen Williams. I like how this one turned out. I’m still not very proficient at adding the white highlights but I’m getting a bit better. :)

#valentangle2019 day 4 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI worked really hard at learning Heartline last year and was surprised how easily I remembered it. :) Luv-a and I were not very friendly last year but it too returned much nicer this time around. :)

That brings me to this week’s Diva Challenge. Since this is the first week of the month, she chose Anthem by Jody Genovese. I think it looks like crystals. So, I looked at Vitruvian Art’s video tutorial on how to color clear crystals and tried to do as she suggested. I watched one she did with gel pens but opted to go with the other version.

#DC384 Anthem ~ Lifeofjoy.meThat asterisk is supposed to be a sparkle kind of thing but I don’t think it works. I kind of wish I hadn’t added it. I used my Faber Castell watercolor pencils that I got dirt cheap last summer. I really like them though. :)

Well that’s it for me this week. I’ll continue posting my Valentangle pieces on IG, if you’re interested. But I’ll probably recap the new ones here next week too.

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment; it’s so nice to know you liked my work.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Ratoon, Lovely Ratoon!!!

For the last several months I have enjoyed the lovely work of Anica Gabrovec a.k.a. Zen Linea, as she used Ratoon. I was soooo glad when the tangle tutorial was put on youtube. I watched both that were available and began playing with it. It is fun for me to play with. I mentioned this last week and even shared a simple white on black tile I did.

I’d also done a quick Ratoon on a tan artist tile (4″ square) and as I also stated last week, had drawn some stripes behind it and then put it to the side, not knowing how to proceed. Well with this week’s Diva Challenge to use Ratoon, I pulled it back out. I’ve liked how Anica has used tan tiles and perused her Instagram to get some ideas on how to proceed on this tile.

Here it is before any backfill or shading.

Ratoon before shading ~ Lifeofjoy.meI took my white gelly roll pen and decided to just put some angled lines down on the background stripes. At first I didn’t think the my gelly roll pen was working because I couldn’t see the ink but then lifted the tile and saw that the white was there. I adjusted my angle and filled the background with lines. Then back to Anica’s instagram to see what else I should do. After studying her lovely work, I decided to use the white General pencil and a standard #2 pencil for some various shading.

I opted to try to fill the center and make it an orb. I don’t think I quite got the shading right but it is a good start.

Here’s the tile when I finished.

#DC383 Ratoon ~ Lifeofjoy.meDo I need to but a dot or two of white along the bottom? I just don’t have much experience with this kind of thing yet and am not sure what to do. I did get out my 6B pencil on the bottom of the center to get it really dark but all the rest of the black shading was done with the standard #2 pencil. I’d love your caring critique/suggestions on how to improve. Now as I’m looking at it here, I’m thinking that I should have added a bit of rubbing around the border too.

Next I pulled out another discarded tile I’d done in the last week of Ratoon. I had just grabbed a tile that was laying around (even had a bit of an impression on it from a cup or something) and just wanted to draw Ratoon. I grabbed a pinkish glitter pen (which is sadly lacking in the glitter department) and tangled and laid it aside.

I decided I wanted to try my hand at a gem in the middle. I’ve been intimidated by them for a very long time. I even bought an ebook from Eni Oken on it. (Unfortunately I never did anything with it after my initial read through . . . I prefer books in my hand rather than ebooks but I digress.) I’d seen some videos on youtube by Vitruvian Art on how to draw gems and stones. (BTW, if you haven’t drawn either, concentrate on one or the other, don’t confuse yourself with both like I did.) Anyway, I’d seen these videos back in November when around the time my dad had open heart surgery. It had seemed so easy and I was taking the plunge and all I got done was this . . .

Drawing my first gem ~ Lifeofoy.meYep, that’s it. It was at that point that my dad was rousing from anesthesia and I was able to go in and see him. I never did get back to this.

Well, two months is a long time, so I went into my youtube history and found the videos I’d watched that had made it look so simple here, here, and here. The first is a short five minute tutorial and the last is some hints with Prismacolors, since that is what I have.

I forgot to take a picture of the tile before I added the gem but here it is all finished. I think it looks a bit better a bit smaller.

Green Gem Ratoon #DC383 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’m not sure what else to do to it. I did a very light shading with a very light pink on the outside, which you might be able to see on the left side but am considering just blackening that all in. I found a prismacolor pencil that worked for shading the “glitter” pen I used. This is actually my very first gem, and as such, am pretty proud of it but would love any caring critique you might have. I did go over the gem with my blender pencil but it is so scratchy and doesn’t really seem to do a lot.

I’d also played around with my metallic gelly roll pens on a black tile using Ratoon. (I told you I love this tangle!)

Multi-colored metalic Ratoon ~ Lifeofjoy.meI was just using the pens quickly, so my lines are not all wonderful but I do love how pretty it is. :)

Oh, I did take some photos of these tiles to share.

natural light ratoon with gem ~ Lifeofjoy.meTan tile Ratoon ~ ~ LIfeofjoy.meAs always, I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. I really like the feedback on how I’m doing. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Stripes and More Artsy Fun

Tiffany and I are trying something new this year that we are both pretty excited about. We are have five activity focuses each week. Of course we are doing our necessary duties each day but then focus on art, reading, baking, writing, and errands.

It was fun to have a day to play my new art supplies I got for Christmas. I started by trying out my glass dip pen that I got from Wish. It was about $5 total including shipping. I’d seen some gold glitter ink samples there for only $2, I think it was $3 total. I thought I’d ordered orange but when I used it today, it was brown and I could sense no glitter after writing with it.

Then I decided to play with my spray stains. I started by wetting the watercolor paper but felt it was too wet because it curled up a bit. So I laid up down to flatten out a bit and worked on my tile for the Diva Challenge. By the time I finished it, the paper had dried a bit too much, so I used a sprayer and spritzed it with water and then spritzed it with some of my stains. :)

Paper with Spray Stain ~

See that black bit? The colors had pooled together and muddied up so I dabbed out some of it with a tissue and I like how it turned out. One of my stains is tarnished brass, which is glittery. I sprayed it in three of the corners. I’m excited to see what I can do with this next week.

I’d seen Ratoon drawn quite a bit and have loved it but couldn’t find the step-out. So I asked a few places and before I knew it someone had posted a video tutorial on how to draw it. It seems to be the tangle I want to draw all the time now. I’m really loving it.

Raton ~

I drew my first one on a tan tile and then put the stripes for the Diva Challenge behind it but changed my mind and opted to start a new white tile. Started with the dots and border and then added large stripes diagonally across the tile.

I started the tile by adding another line across the center stripe and added a zigzag line. I remembered seeing a tangle that started this way but I could not remember the name or how to proceed. I finally found it by a google search and the image tab. It turned out to be Rain, an official Zentangle pattern. I then added Zander, 123 O’Leary, and Betweed.

I’m surprised, once again, that Betweed has shown up again AND how easily I’m able to use it when I struggled so much in the past.

Here is the tile before shading.

Stripes #DC382 ~

I do still have a bit of a hard time with the little triangular bits of betweed and I just can’t seem to do the sparkle on zander either. ;) I tried but it looked odd, so I solidified the line.

Here it is after shading.

#DC382 Stripes ~

Here is a picture of it, although it isn’t in natural light.

#DC382 ~

Funny, I thought I’d shaded it a bit more but oh well. :)

I also played with some lettering but I’m still in the beginning stages of learning this art form, so I’m not sharing any of that today. So, I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a great week.

Once again, thank you for stopping by and for leaving comments; they are so encouraging.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

New Tiles

If you follow me on Instagram (buttons are at the bottom of every post) you may have seen this first tile I’m sharing today. I did it in conjunction with Zenuari2019 but I have to admit that I am not managing to draw daily. I’m okay with that though because I am drawing more than before.

The Zenuari prompts for ninth, tenth, and eleventh were new to me tangles, tangles beginning with first initial, and unusual string. I combined them all in this one tile. I used two new tangles that begin with the letter M – Mosi by Katy Kehoe and Membranart by Tomàs Padrós. I used a pink water color pencil for my unusual string but then it disappeared when I water brushed it so I added more and a darker pink.

At first I added a metalic pink colored pencil and after adding it on the one side, I realized that it wasn’t a water color pencil. Oops! Then I found a darker pink water color pencil and added more. It all worked out in the end.

Here’s the tile with just the string.

Watercolor pencil string ~

Here it is finished.

Pink Membranart, Mosi, Abeko ~

I really loved how Mosi turned out! I think it looks like roots. :)

Here is the scratch-off tile I did at the hospital last week, that I told you about. Since you use a wooden stylus to scrape off the black and expose the gold underneath, I decided to go with tangles that had some straight lines. I started with Florz, although my diamonds look more like circles here. Meer is a favorite of mine and worked out okay. The surprise to me was that double Betweed at the top. The triangular space just screamed for Betweed. I sectioned into two triangles because of how I wanted it to flow and was amazed that it just came together! Betweed and I have never been on friendly terms. For whatever reason, it evaded me before now. I still don’t have the weighted ends down great but I’m pleasantly surprised with this tile. There’s not really any shading that can be on this kind of tile, which is kind of nice. :D Although I guess I could use a white gelly roll.

Florz, Meer, Betweed ~

So up next is a combination tile for Zenuari2019 for 12, 13, and 14. The twelfth was grid tangles only. The thirteenth was Bring Your Own Beverage. Well, I had already drank my tea for the day and took the last little bit in my cup, added a bit more water to get it out of my cup and poured it onto a tile but it looked like nothing but water.

For Christmas I these distress stains. :)

Distress Spray Stains ~

So I sprayed a few spritzes of the Mustard Seed. Where it was wet already, it was nice and yellow and smooth. Where it landed on dry tile, it was spotted. Since I was using this stain, it qualified for the Diva Challenge this week to use some new medium. :) It had a bit more brown tint in some of it, which surprised me.

Finally 14Zenuary2019 was to tangle your idols, which basically means to look at the tiles of those you admire and figure out what appeals to you. Well, I have loved Lily Moon’s tiles from the very first one I saw. I think it is her boldness with black. I find I really like tiles with a nice black and white contrast. Another artist I love is Anica Gabrovec, Zen Linea. She also has such a great use of contrast and is really inspiring me in color.

The directions of the prompt said to dedicate the drawing to that person. Oh my! I would love to if it had been the pink one up above but this one is not my favorite. I’m even struggling to like it. ;) But here it is.

#DC381 ~

I just added the ?bales? in the background and then added a contrasting color. Now I’m not sure that I should have done that. Ugh! I seriously don’t know what to do to it. I’m probably just going to hide it in my album with the rest of the tiles. ;)

I decided to pop it into GIMP and see what it’d look like with a few changes. Here I removed the background tangle and brown coloring. Of course it removed some of the shading too though.

Removed bales ~

Here I tried to fill the brown areas with black but because it isn’t very solid, it filled in scratchy. I don’t think I’d like it black. What do you think?

blackened in background ~

And then I had one more thought, maybe I should blacken it all in. So I opened it back up in GIMP and painted that background black. It’s not perfect, but it definitely gives me an idea of what it would look like.

#DC381 #zenuari2019 ~

Well, I’d appreciate any tips you have. This is a new realm for me. I did enjoy twisting my grid to flow around the yellow stain. :)

I’ll run for now. Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to know which way you like it best? Have a great week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Circular and Blind String Tiles

My mother had knee replacement surgery this week and thus I have been at the hospital for a couple of days. On day one I drew two tiles. The first was a gold scratch off tile. The second one I did was for the Diva Challenge this week.

Although I don’t have an art spinner, I used my helix to draw a couple of circles. I did find that the helix doesn’t work as well on cut tiles as it does on a sheet of paper larger than the helix itself, as I had to be careful not move the tile instead of just the pencil.

I was just playing around with the helix when I decided to go ahead and just draw some lines. I started with a few light sectional lines and then went for a few curves/arches. From there I auraed the insides of the curves/arches and then I just drew some straight lines after which I drew some diagonal lines.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the inside of the circles and finally settled on hollybaugh blackening behind it. Here is my tile before shading.

#DC380 ~

Here it is a bit smaller, to see less of its imperfections. ;)

#DC380 ~

And now shaded.

Shaded #DC380 ~
Shaded #DC380 ~

It turned out differently than I thought it would when shaded but that’s okay. :)

I also found Zenuari2019 daily prompts and did get Sunday’s done. It was to use a blind string. I forgot to take a scan right after drawing the string so I inked it in on this first one of the line drawing before shading.

6Zenuari2019redstring ~

The loop just screamed Abeko to me. Abeko is one of those tangles that is relatively new to me and I just love it. It is so simple and flows so well.

I was going for something simple so I added in knightsbridge for some nice black contrast. I knew I wanted to add the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle, Zwieblbee by Beate Winkler. The only thing left to figure out was what to put up in that upper left corner. It just screamed Betweed to me but that scared me because Betweed and I have not been friends. I don’t know why. It just flowed this time around. It flowed so well that I used it again the next day on the gold scratch off tile I did, which I will share next week since I won’t be able to have enough time to add a photo now, since it is dark out and it doesn’t scan well.

6Zenuari'19 unshaded ~

Here it is shaded.

shaded 6zenuari19 ~
shaded 6zenuari19 ~

Did you notice the bit of drop shadow I included? I probably should’ve added a bit of drop shadow on Abeko too . . . drat, just now figured that out . . . oh well. :)

Well, that’s it for me today. If you know of any other month long daily tangle prompts, I’d love to know where to find them. The one’s I’m aware of are Valentangle and Inktober and now Zenuari.

Thanks for stopping by and much thanks to you if you leave a comment, it means a lot.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

P.S. Thankfully, Mom is doing fantastic!!!! God has been so good!

Art Plans for the Year

Picture art ~

One of the things I’m trying out this year is to take and share more pictures. I was looking for some kind of monthly list. Okay, truth be told Tiffany was sharing a fantasy instachallenge that she is going to participate in this month on instagram and I thought it looked interesting but since I’m not a fantasy writer, I started looking for something different.

Enter the Little Moments app. Well to be honest, I found a list of prompts by FatMumSlim; yeah, I didn’t know about that name either but finally realized it was what this lady from Australia uses for her website url. There is a list of photo prompts for the whole month. This list of prompts is where I found about the app she has available for free. Well, it is available on iOS but you can still get the prompts from the website if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad.

Any way, the app can be set to remind you of the daily prompt and will add the hashtag automatically when you upload it, or so I’ve read. I haven’t actually used it yet but it does look cool.

Then as I was creating this post I remembered about Doodlewash daily art prompts back during Inktober and decided to see if they happen to have a list of prompts for January. Guess what? :) They do! Check it out here. So I may combine or just use these sometimes. I like having options.

Of course I still have the daily tangle prompts over on and the weekly focus tangle on Square One: Purely Zentangle facebook group, as well as the almost weekly Diva Challenge by Laure Harms that I will continue to peruse and use as I feel moved. ;)

I’m also already thinking about the Valentangle prompts that may be coming up this February. I hope I can find them early enough to join in on the fun this year.

Well that’s what I’m planning to do. Tiffany and I are doing an art day a week, so I’m looking forward to playing with art this year, more intensely than I have in the past. I hope you have good art plans for the year. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº