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Because wonder means to be filled with adoration, amazement, or awe and I’m always amazed at the things I create

Wonky Orb: Knightsbridge, Cadent, Florz, and Striping

This week I decided to do the prompt from Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic #TTKICPrompt082619 which was to round out the square created by the corner dots and then draw a ‘z’ to section it off.

Of the couple dozen tangles given to select from, I chose Knightsbridge, Cadent, Florz, and Striping (top to bottom on the tile). Unfortunately I made a few lines that were opportunities for creativity. ;) And I was so focused on covering up those bits that I jumped right in with some shading and forgot to take a pre-shaded picture. :( Oh well.

So here is the scanned finished piece.

My light that I use for my tangling was not charged and I was doing a lot of this with limited light. :( Also my microns were nearly all dried up . . . I guess I’m going to need to get another set.

Here is a picture I took of the tile in natural light. It’s been overcast most of the day, so that there is any sun at all is a plus.

Which is your favorite tangle?

Thanks for stopping by,

Michele ºÜº

Cubine, Flukes, and Tortuca

This week I am once again following the prompt from Today’s Tangle: Keeping it Classic. The string was simply five diagonal lines. I chose flukes and cubine because they are very similar and might be able to flow easily together. I then chose Tortuca which really just looks like Printemp to me, with a filled loopy center.

Here is my tile before blackening in any the squares of flukes and cubine.

Here it is in natural light.

Next I blackened in the smallest squares of flukes and cubine and added shading.

Here it is in natural light.

I’m not really happy with the shading on the lower tortuca but overall I’m quite pleased with it. It was nice that the sun cooperated but boy was it hot!

I was glad it was an easy prompt this week. It was nice to do some tangling but just as nice that it didn’t take a whole lot of time. :) I’ve been reading Undetected by Dee Henderson and wanted to finish it up before I did any tangling. (I enjoyed the book, by the way.)

That’s all I have for today. I hope you have a good week. I know mine will be better when the temperatures drop again. ;) Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Bullet Journaling, Simply and Prettily

It’s been quite a while since I shared some of my bullet journal pages. I do so to encourage you to not be intimidated by a bullet journal. It is a tool that helps me be a bit more productive. When I don’t use it, it usually shows in the “mess” around me. ;)

I generally just write my to-do list down one side of my page and then later come back in with some pretty washi tape that makes me happy at the time. :)

Here’s an example: The way I write in my bujo and then how it looks after I come back in with some washi tape and stickers. :)

Bullet Journaling ~   Easy Bullet Journaling ~

I thought I’d share some recent pages. I’ve gotten so many different sizes of washi tape that I don’t always know how much space to leave, so I’ve tried my hand at washi taping a few pages before I write it and I don’t think I like that way as well for daily use. However, I love it for collection pages. I have washi taped up a 2-page spread for Christmas because I’ve started picking up some stocking stuffers as I find them and I need to keep track of what I have and how much I’ve spent. I haven’t written anything on it yet but it’s ready to go. :)

That is red glitter at the top with a gold foil and white dots along the sides. The one on the sides is a thinner tape. Then there are the gifts at the bottom of the page. :) I’ll write Christmas Gifts across the top under the red glitter tape and then create sections for everyone on my Christmas gift list.

This is my August planning page on the left and then I pre-taped the page on the right. I still have one column open for writing and I’m not bothered that it may stay blank for a while. Eventually I’ll figure out what I want to write there. ;)

These are two more pages that pre-taped. For the left page, I just grabbed a tape I wanted and ran it down the middle. Later I’d written some things I wanted to make on my next baking day on sticky flags. I decided to put them all on one column and because they weren’t very sticky, I ran one of the thinner tapes I have down both edges to keep them in place.On the right side I picked out some tapes I liked and but the sparkly star one down the middle and then found a thin star tape and ran it across the top and bottom. Later I used the left column to make this long list of things I’d like to get done, if I didn’t have any other responsibilities and on the right was notes (that I didn’t end up looking at) I made for my youtube intro video.

Below is a collection page I made using stickers and washi tape for ideas for my patreon benefits. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m working on it. (Do you have some ideas for me? Leave me a comment if you have an idea for me.)I didn’t want to forget that I want to makeover this recipe and decided I could keep a running list of ones I want to work on. Then I was working on a jello recipe and needed to make notes of my research and attempts, so put it here. Of course this now means this page will fill up more quickly but that’s okay, I’ve got lots of pages. :DThe page on the right was born because I got way behind on listening to the THM podcasts and wanted to keep track of ones I really liked and take quick notes on things that was said so I could refer to it later.

Sometimes I write things on sticky notes and pop them in the bujo so I don’t loose them. I’m still trying to remember what that blue one means. :D

For my birthday this year, I wanted some books but wanted to find bargains and didn’t want to put my family through that hassle. So I requested money and wanted to keep track of it. I saw these adorable stickers at Dollar Tree and got them specifically for these pages. I’ll write more about my birthday in any space leftover.The pages below is actually for three weeks–I’m not always consistent in writing my to-do’s and some weeks I have more to do than others. So I managed to get three weeks on these two pages.

I don’t usually need something like the banners across the top of the left page but that week was the beginning of a pretty busy stretch and I was needing to keep track of it all and these little banners helped. When the dailies only took one column on the second page I was concerned about how I was going to get my banner on and then I had a good idea and wrote it down the page edge. :) The washi tape and flower sticker were added on the day I was prettying up my bujo.Once again, the tape on the left side was added later. I had a big space and so I used a wide tape. :) For my June planning page, I had made notes on sticky notes of different sizes. I wasn’t in the mood to rewrite them so I just washi taped them on the page. :) I vary the size of the tape with the space available and combine tapes sometimes too. The left page below is another collection page. All that means is that I made a page to collect similar notes. In this case, it is a list of book suggestions. I think the flower strip of washi tape was added on the day I was prettying up my bujo. Then I had gotten two new passwords and didn’t want to forget them, so I put them in the bujo and frame it up with more washi tape to draw attention to it, so I can find it easily. If I had a lot of passwords to keep track of, I’d create another collection page but this works fine for now. I had a lot of space left over, so I just added some pretty stickers. :)I just wanted to show you the pretty flower petal stickers I found at Walmart! Those on the right page below. I’d seen them on Wish but hadn’t ordered and was thrilled when I saw it locally. Again, they were added after writing. The final page I’ll show you is my monthly tracker for what I’m eating, weigh, exercise, and Bible reading. I had hoped that writing down everything I was eating would help me see trends in weight loss/gain. Well, it did. :D I only weigh twice a week and log it on those two days at the bottom of the square. I wrote the book chapters on the right side and then cross them off as I read them. I have a lot fewer pieces of paper piled up on my table and getting lost since I have the bullet journal and I think I get more accomplished too. ;)

I hope this has inspired you to try your hand at a bullet journal and know that you can leave it plain or pretty it up in whatever way suits you. :) I know there are a lot of people out there that do lots of drawing and artsy stuff in their journals with themes and all that but I just keep mine simple. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


Corner Tile using Striping, Meer, and Ratoon

This week I returned to Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic prompt, #TTKICPrompt080519, which was to draw arcs from one corner, skipping the corner dots this week.

I chose Striping, Meer, and Ratoon from the list Sandy provided. Here is my tile before shading. (I forgot to take a picture before any tangling.)

Here is a picture taken outside while the sun was hiding behind a cloud. :D

Here is the scan after shading. (I think I need to clean my scanner; it appears that there is some specks of dirt on the scanning bed.)

Here it is in the natural (overcast) light.

I shaded several layers and am pleased with how it turned out.

Which row is your favorite? From the inside arc it is Striping, then Meer, and then the final arc is Ratoon (it’s the loopy one). As you can see, the first two tangles are quite simple can truly be drawn by anyone–and actually, most people probably have. Ratoon is a bit more difficult but if you are interested in trying your hand at it, you can see the directions here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this encourages you to put pen to paper sometime soon.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Pre-Strung Zendala

Today I decided to use one of the pre-strung zendalas that I got for Christmas several years ago. I needed something that was simple this time around.

So here is the tile I went with.

As you can see, I went with a black tile. I lightened the scan so that you could see the string.

I spent some time looking over the CPT journey pages over on pattern-collections. I got through about five of the pages and although I’m interested in it, I really only wanted some simple tangling today.

The reason I mention it though is because I think it is what gave me the ‘courage’ (for lack of a better word) to just start putting pen to paper.

I started by simply auraing the line on one section.

I didn’t want to commit to doing the same thing in all six of the similar sections, so I opted to make these same lines in every other section. Then I decided to do some Betweed in the ovalish top of the alternate sections.

After I finished that, I decided to draw more lines, but thicker coming down from the Betweed sections to the points. I’d used the 05 jelly roll for the thinner lines and went with the 10 for the thicker lines.

As you can see, I then drew some orbs in the remaining sections. I decided to fill in the background with white, so it looks more like holes than orbs.

Here’s the picture in natural light after I attempted to do a little shading.

I put a little graphite along the line where the thin lines connected. I then added a bit of white charcoal pencil on a couple lines but other than that, I didn’t know what to do. So I just left it.

Here is the scan of the finished tile. It doesn’t look much different from the other.

So, what would you suggest I do to add more dimension to this? I like it enough, but it just seems like it’s missing something. Actually I think it kind of looks like salmon and honeycomb in those ovalish sections. :D

Well, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate any advice you have for me on how to shade on black tiles.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Bridge String with Shattuck, Knightsbridge, Cadent, and Echoism

Once again I participated with Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Basic prompt #TTKICPrompt072219. She suggested we “slow down” when tangling this week, which I did and I think my lines were a bit smoother.

Sandy said that the string this week was inspired by 59th Street Bridge song by Simon and Garfunkel. So it is a simple resemblance to a bridge; nothing too difficult this week. :)

I chose Shattuck and Knightsbridge because they are easy and I remember them without looking them up. ;) Then chose Echoism because I thought it would play nice in the c space at the top. Then comes my oops. ;) I frequently confuse Cubine and Cadent. I think I do that because I learned them about the same time but that is the only reason. I love Cadent and used it so much when I first learned to tangle about 10 years ago. So that is why I’ve included Cadent in my tile, which was not in the tangle pool to choose from. ;)

Here is a scan of my tile before shading.

I really enjoyed tangling this tile. Echoism is one I haven’t used much and enjoyed it. Here’s a picture I took in natural light.

I’d started to lay down some graphite and remembered that I needed to scan and take a picture first. That is why the lines on some of Shattuck on the right are so dark.

I enjoyed shading this one too. Here’s the scan.

Here is the picture I took in natural light, albeit a bit overcast.

I really love how ‘puffy’ the top center part with Echoism looks. :)

Well, that’s it for me today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have been encouraged to put pen to paper. If I can do it, anyone can. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

HeART String Hollibaugh Tile

This week’s Today’s Tangle: Keeping it Classic prompt (#TTKICPrompt071519) was to use the word heart with the first two letters in cursive and the last three capital manuscript letters. Then Sandy offered twelve tangles to choose from for the tile, three for each letter of heart.

There were so many sections created by this string that I felt it would get way too busy way too quickly. I toyed with not even doing this tangle and going with tangle prompt from either of two different groups. Then I thought about using Hollibaugh, one of the three ‘h’ suggested tangles. I love Hollibaugh because it has such great contrasts built in (at least when I draw it ;) ).

Here is my string.

Yeah, it looks splotchy because I forgot to take a picture of the string this week and had to digitally erase down to the string in order to share it.

Here is my tile before shading.

Here is the tile in natural light before shading.And here is the scan after shading.

Well, drat. Looks like there is a hair on my scanner. :( I hope I remember to wipe it off before I scan next week’s tile. ;)

Here is the finished tile in natural light.

I think it turned out rather interesting. Doing it this way was relaxing, so I’m glad I kept it simple. ;)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can encourage you to take some time for yourself.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Striping Monotangle

I followed the Today’s Tangle: Keeping it Basic prompt (#TTKICPrompt070819) again this week which was to do a monotangle using one of about nine tangles. I haven’t used striping much so thought that it would be fun. I also went with a string instead of no string. I just randomly drew a line on my tile until I was done. ;)

Here’s what I ended up with.

It’s a bit light and hard to see because it is my pencil string. But I got a picture of it with the camera.

Then I started striping. I wasn’t sure if I was going to fill all the sections or not. I just kept on until I was done. ;) I tried to do one with a zigzag but it ended up being just a V.

I tried to vary the directions, widths, and styles of stripes. It appears that I forgot to take a picture of it in natural lighting. :(

Here it is after I added some shading. I struggled with this a bit, knowing which parts to shade darker and which to leave.

Here it is in natural light.

Well, that’s it for today. Oh, I did use my uni-ball eye black pen rather than a micron. I wanted to add some white highlights but that group does not allow it, so I didn’t use it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope it inspired you. :)

Michele ºÜº

Betweed, ‘Nzeppel, and Diva Dance Foxtrot

Well, it looks like Laura of the Diva Challenge is getting better; she’s posted a few tiles on facebook lately, so hopefully she’ll be able to continue her challenges this fall. Until then, I’m continuing to find challenges elsewhere.

This week I am, once again, following the Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Basic prompt #TTKICPrompt070119. The string has 6 lines drawn from a central mid-point on the upper border, with two lines connecting to each side.

At first I considered using Hollibaugh like a background behind some of the lines but ultimate decided on keeping it a bit more simple. I chose ‘Nzeppel because it is a favorite of mine. Oddly enough, I had a hard time making friends with this tangle but once I embraced “no mistakes” and the advent of Crazy ‘Nzeppel, I struggled much less and enjoy using it.

Betweed is another that was difficult for me to friend and actively avoided it most of the time. But earlier this year it just clicked for me and I’ve enjoyed using it several times since.

Diva Dance is another tangle that I’ve just not been very friendly with. I don’t know that I’d every really done Foxtrot variation before but one section of my tile screamed for it, so it showed up. I never know where to place the bumps and frequently feel that I put them in the wrong place but after a quite a bit of shading, I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is my tile before shading and blackening.

:D Like that it almost looks like a windmill with the meddle one being a tower.

Here is a picture in natural light. It’s been a bit overcast today, so it’s a bit grayed out. ;)

I originally thought I’d put hollibaugh in the remaining sections of the tile but I was tired and didn’t quite feel up to all that. So I decided it just needed the contrast of some black. So I blackened all that in instead. :)

Here it is outside. I love mimosa trees, so I included a blossom in this shot.

Finally I added some shading. You know the drill: first pic is the scan and second is the one taken outside. ;)

I’m quite pleased with the lines on diva dance this time. I don’t usually aura very good and that one seemed to come out better than most. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I know the lines are still shaky but I’m okay with that. At least they are pretty evenly spaced this time. :D

I really thought there was more shading on that middle section but it never shows up as shaded on the computer as it appears to be in my hand. It makes me wonder how much shading Lily, Eni, and Anica really do for it to show up soooo shaded online. I’ve put several layers on these and it still looks like very little on some parts.

Well, that’s all for me today. Thanks for stopping by. Would love to know how you get things shaded nicely without spending hours on it. ;)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

W2, Marasu, Fescu, Finery, and Betweed

Since Laura Harms generally takes the summer off from posting challenges, I didn’t even check the Diva Challenge this week. Instead I’m continuing on with Sandy’s Today’s Tangles weekly prompt. (#TTKICPrompt062419)

This week’s prompt had an intricate string, which I copied somewhat. ;) There was so much to it and it created so many sections that I knew I would not be putting something different in each section. I really like W2, so I decided to use it. I liked Marasu the times I’ve used it, and thought that one of the circular sections would lend itself to Marasu. After I did the section with it, I realized I could have just made the whole string a Marasu snake. ;) But I’d didn’t think it would look as good at that point, so I moved on.

I found a place to use Betweed. I made friends with Betweed several months ago. Prior to that, I just couldn’t make it look right, nor could I seem to wrap my head around it. It is actually very simple; I don’t know why I struggled so.

Then there was Finery. Yep, we are not friends yet. It’s just kind of there. I didn’t quite get the right curves and angles on the lines for it but that is okay. The last tangle I used was Fescu, which is super simple and easy to draw. :)

Here is the tile before shading.

That was the scan. Here is the picture in natural lighting. Thankfully the sun cooperated when I needed it to.

Then I shaded it! Hooray for shading! I remember when I was afraid of shading. Now I look forward to it. I still don’t get quite enough shading on my pieces yet, but I’m working on it. ;)

Here is a picture I did midway of the shading.

Here is the scan of the finished tile.

And here is the finished tile in natural light. Once again, the sun cooperated. :)

I really enjoy W2! I also enjoy shading it. It doesn’t look very shaded here but I put three layers on it.

Well, that’s my tile for the week. Thanks for stopping by. Which tangle of these is your favorite? (Top to bottom: W2, Finery (on the left), Marasu, Betweed, and Fescu)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº