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Because wonder means to be filled with adoration, amazement, or awe and I’m always amazed at the things I create

Inaura Buckle up!

I keep checking to see if Laura has a new Diva Challenge looking forward to the day one appears. :) Until one appears, I continue to check Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook group for their weekly focus tangle and the daily tangle on Pattern-Collections.

This week’s Square One focus tangle is Inaura by Bunny Wright. I’ve only used this tangle a few times even though it is a rather simple one to draw. The daily tangle on Pattern-Collections yesterday was Buckle up! by Tomás Padrós. Unfortunately I don’t feel I did either one of them justice but enjoyed the process.

Here it is before shading. Oh, I loosely used string 007 from TanglePatterns.

Inaura Buckle Up ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is in natural (overcast) light.

unshaded inaura buckle up ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen I started shading I shaded outside the sections I tangled. It looked okay but when I shaded the tangles it was way to muddy and not enough contrast. So, I made the bold move and covered up all that shading with black ink.

Here is my final shaded tile.

Finished scan inaura buckle up ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd here it is in natural light.

shaded pic inaura buckle up ~ Lifeofjoy.meI made the dot grid too close together for Buckle up! which made it too small for me to shade properly. In the end, I added shading to the section and called it good. ;)

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Michele ºÜº

Seta and Swaddle Flowering

Well, Festina Lente 2019 is over and there is still no Diva Challenge so I went off to Square One: Purely Zentangle to find the focus tangle of the week. I was pleased to find it was an easy (ish) one and by one of our Diva Challenge Participants: LonettA named Seta.

I then checked Pattern-Collections tangle for today and found it to be Swaddle Flowering by Lila Holter. I wasn’t too sure about this one and I didn’t get it exactly right because one of my lines was not quite bulbous enough, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

It was nice to do a smaller piece than I had been doing, going back to the standard 3.5″ square tile and just simply getting back to basics. It was also much quicker to complete. ;) Here is my tile before shading.

Swaddle Flowering on Seta ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is in natural lighting, albeit overcast but at least it stopped raining long enough for me to get it taken. ;)

nat seta swaddle flowering ~ Lifeofjoy.meOnce again, I am very thankful for shading! I followed one of LonettA’s variations and blackened in some of the arrowheads.

shaded seta swaddle flowering ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is in the natural evening cloudy lighting. ;)

seta swaddle flowering ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m also very surprised with how the swaddle flowering turned out. The sample on pattern collections was in color and I think it really took away from the pretty flower aspect of the tangle.

Overall both these tangles were enjoyable and I would enjoy using them again. I hope this sparks your creativity and you give it a go as well.

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Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente 2019 Last Week

This is the last week of Festina Lente 2019. Actually it ended Sunday, Easter but I can’t share it on a Wednesday before it is finished so, I’m sharing today. :)

The theme this week is rainbow. The tangles are barberpole, 3-loops-6, fandance, mountain, and eez. The string is 13 from Tangle Patterns and the fragment is T5.

I ended up using the string for a string this week, unlike other weeks where I used it as a fragment/tangle. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the fragments. I guess fragments aren’t my thing. ;)

All the tangles were new to me, well all but barberpole. Although now that I think about it I might have done 3-loop-6 before for a challenge.

I didn’t think I’d like eez but it looks really cool when it is finished and it is really easy to draw. Mountain looks pretty cool too when it is finished. I didn’t care for it at first but liked it when it was complete.

Here is my piece before any shading.

#festinalente2019 unshaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere’s the picture in natural light before color or shading. Of course the it was a bit overcast.

#festinalente wk 7 bare ~ Lifeofjoy.meI added some shading with graphite and then added some watercolor pencils. I’m not very good with them yet, so I’m not really pleased with the final outcome. But here it is. My green went into the yellow a bit too much. :(

#festinalente week 7 ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is in natural (but overcast) light.

Rainbow wk 7 #festinalente ~ Lifeofjoy.meFor whatever reason my white jelly roll pen doesn’t seem to work very well. I had a hard time blending the colors too. Oh well.

I’ve enjoyed doing these larger pieces the last several weeks and I’ve enjoyed learning the new tangles. I’ll have to look back over the new-to-me tangles and incorporate some of them in future tiles.

I wish I had used the music links each week but the truth is that I usually tangle while the family is watching television–well, whatever DVD we’ve chosen for the evening. Throughout most of the last month we’ve been watching the TV series White Collar. I like the first seasons but not the last ones because I believe in redemption and that people can change.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great Easter. I’ve been reading through the Gospels this month and have enjoyed refreshing the life of Jesus, His sacrifice for us, His resurrection, and His appearances after the resurrection in my mind. It was a good Easter, even though my family wasn’t feeling well and we were unable to go to church.

I hope you have a good week. Mine’s been busy and will be busy for the rest of it as well but good.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente Week 6

Another week has flown by. I wish I could say that I have been putting pen to paper in an artistic fashion every day but at least I have been doing it a couple times a week or more. :)

This week’s theme for Festina Lente was Butterfly. The tangle prompts were Thing In the Middle of a Thing, Andromeda, Ansu, and Ann with strings 150 and 162 from Tangle Patterns and fragment G2 on

I have to say that I enjoyed most of these even though I did not slow down enough with Ansu to do it justice. I didn’t think I’d like Ann and found I really did like it. I drew it on a rather large grid behind things I’d already drawn. However, the fragment was not a favorite of mine at all. I think it is probably because I made the grid too large for it; maybe I’d like it if I did it a lot smaller in true fragment fashion.

Andromeda is another that I didn’t do quite right–ahhh, that is, I created a variation of what was intended. ;) I’m not quite sure how the layering was supposed to have proceeded–but it is nice anyway. I really like the possibilities with Thing in the Middle of a Thing.

Here’s my piece before shading.

Butterfly #festinalente week 6 ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is in natural-ish lighting . . . it was cloudy when I took the picture, so it isn’t that great. :D

Unshaded #festinalente ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere it is after shading.

#festinalente week 6 shaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen the sun came out when I’d finished it and I was able to get a decent picture.

#festinalente week 6 shaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell that’s it for me for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente Week 5

Well, it’s week five of Festina Lente 2019. Apparently Laura Harms is getting better but not quite able to do the drawing and such required to host the Diva Challenge. So this week is simply another piece compiled from the prompts from Festina Lente week five. The theme for the week was flowers.

I decided to do a rectangle in the center of my page and spokes for six sections from it, which will give me enough sections for one every day. The suggested tangles are Tizzy, Flwr Box, Hennadrum, Lenche, and Stella, with String 138 from Tangle Patterns and Fragment W5 from

Here is what my string looked like.

String for #festinalente19 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI thought Flwr Box was best in the box in the middle. :) I went with the string and fragment beside each other since they were sequential days prompts. They look very similar but I think there is enough differences to make it transition well.

Hennadrum is by favorite, closely followed by Stella. Leche on the other hand was new to me and I’m not too sure about it yet. ;) Tiffany likes Tizzy up in the right hand corner, which is not my favorite. I don’t feel I shade it properly.

Well here it is before shading, scanned and then in natural light, for what there was left. ;)Flower themed #festinalente19 ~ week 5 ~ lifeofjoy.meYeah, the sun was going down so it isn’t very bright but I think you get the idea.

Here it is after shading, scanned and picture–although not in natural light as the sun had gone down several hours before I finished shading it.

Flowers theme #festinalente19 ~ flower theme ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, that is all for today. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente 2019 Week 4

Well it seems that Laura’s wrist/hand is still bothering her, as there was no diva challenge again this week. So once again I am sharing the piece I did for Festina Lente this week.

The theme for week four is feather. She gave a few templates for birds  and a large feather. I chose to modify one of the bird templates and do one piece for the week again. Here’s th string I drew.

bird template ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe tangles this week were Meer, Featherfall, Birds On A Wire, Cislaweng, and Drawings. The string was #105. The fragment was K6 but I mistakenly thought it was K2, which I used for the head. I used the string for some feathers, Cislaweng and Bird On A Wire on the breast and Drawing for feathers on the head.

Here it is before any blackening or shading.

Festina Lente 19 wk 4 ~ lifeofjoy.meAnd here it is with the shading.

#festinalente19 wk4 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell that’s it for week four. :) There are two weeks left and I’ve already drawn out the string for the next one. :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente 2019 Week 3

I guess Laura Harms is still unable to draw because there was no Diva Challenge again this week. I wish her a speedy recovery.

I’m thankful though that I decided to do the Festina Lente since it is keeping me with ideas. :)

This week I thought I was going to do individual tiles each week but when I looked at the suggested theme and tangles I opted to do one larger piece again in my nearly 7″ square sketchbook.

The theme for the week was Diamond and included the tangles Diamonds & Squares, Dex, Diamond Drops, Quiltz, and 3D-Room, along with fragment Y2 from, and string 129 from In the pdf she also included the stepout to Anthem, which I enjoyed tangling before, so I really wanted to include it.

Since so many of these tangles were grid based tangles, I imagined them all on one grid flowing from one to the other with some Anthem stuck in there for good measure. I considered using the string for the string but instead just used it as a tangle.

Here is my piece before shading.

Festina Lente 2019 unshaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meI loved tangling Quiltz so much that I used it more than some of the others on the gridded portion. I also really liked Diamond Drops, so I used it as a border.

I did so much shading and blackening that I forgot there was even more shading I wanted to do I just needed to be done. :D Here is the scan of it as finished as it is getting for now. ;)

#festinalente2019 week 3 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’d like it better if I’d added a bit more color to Anthem but I’m too new at that, so I erred on the side of not enough. ;)

Here is a picture of the finished piece in natural lighting but enhanced by the photo edit enhance button to be able to see it a bit better.

#festinalente19 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente 2019 Week 2

Well, this week I started Festina Lente on individual tiles and did not feel like I wanted seven monotangles and I did not tangle every day. ;) So yesterday I incorporated all of week two’s tangles on one page in my nearly seven inch square sketchbook. The theme this week was snowflakes. :) So I felt that each one one one page would be a good snowy piece.

The tangles this week were Points and Curves, Bales (variation), F-W1, String 175 from tanglepatterns, Hearts and Diamonds, Snag, and Arukas. (I’ve included a labeled picture below.)

I started to shade and realized I hadn’t scanned it yet. So here it is with minimal shading. ;)#FestinaLente2019 week 2 ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd here is the picture in natural light, pre-shaded.

Unshaded natural light #festinaLente19 week 2 ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen I finished shading it. I figured out a way to shade Points & Curves decently.

#FestinaLente19 shaded week 2 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s funny. I felt like I’d shaded sooo much and then I look at this and it doesn’t seem like I did that much. :o

Here’s the naturally lit picture with shading.

#festinalente19 week 2 ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd here is the labeled picture. :)

Named Snowflakes ~ Lifeofjoy.meAfter looking at this, it seems that I need something in the background to tie it all together. What tangle do you think would work best? I’m going with a falling snow theme. Maybe just some curved lines?

Well, apparently Laura was still not feeling well, because I didn’t see a Diva Challenge again this week. I hope she feels better soon. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your input.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Festina Lente 2019 First Week

For the first week of the Festina Lente 2019 project, Arja shared some music selections (which I enjoyed listening to while tangling) and information on drawing a labyrinth. I chose to use my helix and make a circular labyrinth. In hindsight, I wish I had done two separate labyrinths, one circular and one rectangular but I think it turned out nice anyway.

The tangle prompts for the first week were dL Labyrinth, Printemps, Sez,  Paradox, fragment F-5, Marasu, Double Marasu, and Emingle/Ambler. I started the tangles in the center of my labyrinth and worked out. Since I only had five rings, I put two days’ tangles on the outer two rings. Oh and I tangled in my nearly 7″ square sketchbook.

Here it is before shading.

Labyrinth ~ Lifeofjoy.meSince fragment F5 looks soooo much like Emingle and Ambler, I opted to only do Ambler on the last day, considering the only difference is one is done ribbon style and the other is done in a grid, or so I’m told. ;)

My section of Double Marasu ended up being right beside the smaller section of Marasu and thus gives the appearance of three sections rather than two, I think.

I wasn’t sure how to shade this thing, so I started with the necessary addition of some blackening on the Ambler section, which made it look much better. That made it noticeably better so I did the blackening behind Sez, Paradox, and Printemps.

Blackened bits Labyrinth ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere’s a picture I took at this stage in natural lighting.

Natural lighting before shading ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen I added some shading and as always, now that I see it on the computer I realize I should’ve done even more shading in some areas but it’s still good.

Scanned shaded labyrinth fl19w1 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI took it outside to take some pictures in natural light but it was quite windy. :D

labyrinth ~ Labyrinth in natural light ~

Then I added a highlight. It worked on some but I don’t think there was enough shading to make it really shine. Considering this is my first “zenbutton” type thing, I think it turned out alright. :)

Here is the scanned final outcome.Final scanned labyrinth festina lente 2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd the final in the windy outdoors. ;)

tangled Labyrinth ~ Lifeofjoy.meFestina Lente 2019 wk 1 labyrinth ~ Lifeofjoy.meSo, where would you have add more shading? I think around the outer most ring on the right with Ambler. Where else? I guess maybe shifting to a softer pencil may have helped too. What are your thoughts?

There was no Diva Challenge this week. I hope Laura feels better soon and can get back to using her hand without pain. I really appreciate you stopping by and am encouraged by any kind comments left.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

I Tried and Star-ING

I really liked the Valentangle2019 prompts so even though I didn’t end up finishing them up to this point, does not mean that I shall not. ;) For day 9 the prompt was Star-ING, where you tangle ING the form of a star. Then the prompt was to add hearts to the inner parts.

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use Holly’s tangle HaWy. I read the linked post and thought I’d use the Star-ING in the foreground of the tile. So, naturally, I tangled Star-ING first and then proceeded to attempt to put HaWy all over the rest of the tile. I even put Star-ING to the side to leave plenty of space for HaWy.

Unfortunately I made my offset dot grid too large; yep, not enough dots to do the tangle any justice whatsoever. I then decided to flip the tile over and try to copy the stepout. But that too proved to be too much for me. Laura had warned us that it was a high-focus tangle but she’d said that about Ratoon but I didn’t have any trouble with that one, so I thought I’d be fine. I guess it may have been the two video tutorials I’d seen of Ratoon that made the tangle easier for me.

Here is the back of the tile where I tried to follow the stepout for HaWy.

failed attempt ~ Lifeofjoy.meI think my problem with it is that I had a hard time seeing the red lines for the next step and I couldn’t find the logical steps. I guess this is one that I need to see and hear explained. Both Ellen and Melinda did a great job explaining Ratoon, so I had no confusion with that one and can still tangle that one from memory. :)

So here is my tile for this week’s diva challenge before shading.

Star-ING ~ Lifeofjoy.meI decided to add a bit of red to the hearts to make them stand out, especially since I was trying to draw the attention away from the abstract background. ;)

#valentangle2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meOf course, now that I see it this big, I see where I needed to blend the darkened shadow lines a bit more AND my pencil should have been sharper. :D I do like how easy it was to make the triangular sections into hearts. I also liked using my water color pencils. I ended up having to add more to the center to darken it but I think it turned out nice.

Here’s a picture of it in natural lighting. :)

Day 9 #valentangle2019 ~ Lifeofjoy.meSee how much better it looks from further away where you can’t see where the shadow lines are so crisp? :D

#Valentangle2019 day 9 ~

I’ve started Festina Lente 2019. I love that there are so many organized challenges. I went ahead and bought the pdf to go with it because she had it so modestly priced. :) However you could totally participate without it. Although I am not Catholic, nor in a religion that collectively observes Lent, like Advent, I find that it can be used to help get/keep ones focus on the Savior as Easter, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, approaches.

Lent did not officially start until today but Arja started the prompts on March 3rd. The first week’s focus/theme is Labyrinth. I’ll be incorporating all the week’s tangles into this one labyrinth that I drew yesterday using the Helix that I got very inexpensively at Mardel last year. I drew it in a sketchbook that is nearly 7″ square. Here is the labyrinth that I will be tangling.

#FestinaLente2019 wk 1 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWell, I’ll probably lengthen the radius to the edge. The radial line did not go all the way to the edge of the helix and I just saw that I needed to finish it to the outer edge. :)

That’s it for me today. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments; they’re appreciated.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº