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Because wonder means to be filled with adoration, amazement, or awe and I’m always amazed at the things I create

123 O’Leary and Qua-Sahnt

Well, last week I didn’t get a tile done. I was at the hospital a lot with my parents because my 77 year old father had open heart surgery. Thankfully, he has surprised the staff there with how quickly he has recovered; God sure did answer prayers!

At any rate, I did not do the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle of Qua-Sahnt by Heidi Kay and I really liked the looks of it. So I decided to add it to my tile this week.

Laura’s diva challenge this week is to use Antonine’s 123 O’Leary, which I think is a really clever name. I just wish I had practiced it a bit before starting my tile. I thought I’d use it as a border and started with it all the way around but after starting it, quickly realized I needed to start over, so I flipped my tile over and tried again with just top and bottom borders. I really didn’t do it justice and guess I did more of a variation on it. :D But as is usual, the shading helps cover a multitude of “opportunities”.

I really liked both tangles and when I went to write up this post realized that Barberpole is the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle this week and I could have included it but alas, I did not think of it until I’d already finished. And once again, I did my tile after dark, so there is no picture taken in natural light this week either.

Here it is before shading. I really love when a tangle includes blackened areas. :)

#DC378 unshaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meHowever, any time there are blackened areas that are part of the tangle, I get caught up into shading right away. You can see where I had started shading the bottom of Qua-Sahnt in that “unshaded” scan above. ;)

Here it is shaded.

#DC378 Shaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meAs is usually the case, it seems to look better a bit smaller.

#DC378 Shaded ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’m pleased with it and hope to remember to try my hand at these again in the future. I like the looks of them.

I’m so grateful that my father’s open heart surgery went well and that he is now home. One doctor said that the procedures that my father had done together, he has only seen them done about 3 or 4 times in 10 years and they were amazed at how quickly he was recovering. :)

I’ve been continuing to work on the crochet project I shared last week but have not gone back to the gem. I sure hope I find some time to work on it because I really do want to try my hand at it and have seen some great videos making it look so easy. :)

Well, I’ll run for now. Hope you have a great week!

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

Hospital Art

Yesterday my seventy-seven year old father had open heart surgery to fix his aortic valve, aoratic aneurysm, do a by-pass of a 70% blockage, and such. I didn’t get much sleep the night before as the hospital is 45 minutes away and he had to be there at 5:30 am, which meant, we, his entourage, had to as well. :)

Heart Surgery Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe looked so much better at this point of the day than he did when he’d first arrived at the hospital that morning.

I won’t go into all of that today because today is art day. There was no Diva Challenge at the time I am posting this, which is just fine because I’m quite tired.

I took a big bag of art supplies with me to the hospital, as the surgery was to take 5-7 hours and we were there about 2 and a half hours before he even went into surgery. ;)

I’m crocheting a minion blanket for my two year old grandson for his Christmas stocking. Here’s how far I got on it while in the waiting room.

Starting the minion blanket ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt is still arching and that is frustrating but I’m just pressing on because I’ll never get it finished if I keep pulling it all out. :D

Beginning of crochet blanket ~ I also took some pens, pencils, markers, papers, tiles and so much more with me. When surgery was over, I attempted to start my first ever gem while in the ICU waiting room.

Drawing my first gem ~ Lifeofoy.meYeah, I didn’t get very far. Daddy was waking up and we were able to go in and see him, two at a time. That was the end of my art for the day.

I’ll write more about my day on Friday, since this is supposed to be about art. Sorry it’s up so late. I got home from staying overnight in ICU with a migraine headache around noon and went right to bed.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

Duotangle: Fengle and Poke Root

Today’s diva challenge is to use Fengle and Poke Root, neither of which I use very often. I even had to look at the stepout for fengle. ;)

I don’t like to copy what Laura does and try to do something different. Well, this time it didn’t work out so well. :D

I did a whole lot of baking today, prepping for Thanksgiving. I used to only have desserts and a breakfast cake to bake. Well, now with us on THM, I still make desserts but I also need to put together anything else we want. This year I’m making dressing and rolls. Then I started the Pumpkin Roll and my daughter started the Pecan Pie. :) But I’m getting sidetracked. All that to say, it’s been a busy day.

So here is my tile before any shading.

DC#377 Fengle Pokeroot ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis one was a lot better in theory than carried out. ;)

Here it is shaded.

shaded DC#377 ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt usually looks so much better smaller. ;)

shaded DC#377 ~

I got a little carried away with the big one and went less and less on each one. They either remind me of hot air balloons or some etched lollipops. :D I originally meant to smudge that border line a bit but completely forgot about it while I was shading. Maybe you could just imagine it smudged, huh? :D I’m too tired to work on it any more and then take another scan. AND I’m even too tired to get the camera out and take any pictures. Of course it wouldn’t be in natural light anyway, since the sun went down long ago. :D

Well, I hope you in the USA have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow, full of family, friends, and making wonderful memories.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Semi-Circle String

This week’s Diva Challenge is a string challenge. I like string challenges. :) And since I’d procrastinated getting my tile done this week (in order to post it on Wednesday morning) I could not accept the added challenge of doing a mosaic. I have to admit though, that it looks fun and I may add to it later. ;)

I only tangled once in the last week. I’ve been busy getting Christmas presents bought and have even started wrapping them already. :) Since November started on a Thursday, Thanksgiving in the USA is coming a little early, which is nice for after Thanksgiving but not so nice for me getting it all done before then. ;) My siblings, mother and I like to get our Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy the holidays without as much stress. This year I am following my mother’s example and trying to get them all wrapped by then too. Of course with the early Thanksgiving, I’ll just be happy if I have it all done by the first of December.

I’ve also started crocheting a Minion blanket for my grandson. Sad thing is that I had 3 rows done and didn’t like how it was going. So I pulled it all out and started over again on Monday. The problem was that I could not seem to count to 90 correctly and had to pull it all out several more times. Ugh!!! I finally decided to use a larger hook for the first row and then switch back to the suggested hook after that. It seems to be working better now and I have the right number of stitches, so things should go more smoothly. :)

Well, it’s been awhile since I did a straight diva challenge, so I forgot to take a scan before I shaded it. Not good. :(

I decided to tangle the semi-circles instead of the bar in between. I went for something easy and used Crescent Moon and then Athitzi by Seven. I just needed something easy because I have so much stuff to get done. ;)

So without further adieu, here is my tile.

DC#376 ~ Lifeofjoy.meWith the time change, I didn’t have any natural light left to take pictures by the time I’d finished, so here are some other views.

DC#376 ~ I like it. It is nice and simple and kind of looks like a bridge over some very dangerous areas. Or it also reminds me of looking through a microscope at two different organisms.:D

Well that is enough from me today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great week.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Burtz Wigwag

I really enjoyed doing a tangle a day throughout October. Here’s the last one where cruffle was the tangle. I “sliced” one open. ;) And they kind of resemble hard candies or marbles. :D#Inktober #cruffle ~ Since I already have the tangle-a-day calendar and I enjoyed the daily tangling, I decided to continue one in my 2015 tangle-a-day calendar and see how I do. :)

Here’s the first three days.

#cupcakeflower #abeko #seespan ~ Lifeofjoy.meI forget what challenge or tangle suggestion I followed to find Seespan, it may have been a tangle suggestion on; I like it. Suzanne’s directions made the ribbon effect easy to do. The next is Abeko which I did during Inktober and really enjoyed it. It flowed well and was easy to remember. Next to that is one I found on called cupcake flower. I learned this one earlier this year and have loved drawing it. It flows so nicely.

#paradox #cadent #wigwag #buntz ~ Lifeofjoy.meNext is the fourth through sixth. I just pulled an old favorite out of my memory and out came paradox. Hmmm, looking at it online just now, I think I need a little graphite up into the four. I enjoyed tangling cadent on the fifth. It’s another favorite of mine. For some reason, I haven’t used it in quite some time, so I just filled the whole section with it. I still need to go back and do some shading though.#DC375 ~

Then next up is my submission for #DC375 using Burtz. It reminds me of tentacles. :D So, I thought it went well with the Square One: Purely Zentangle focus tangle of Wigwag, which looks like waves to me, in the stepout but here it seems to look more like branches and roots. Hmmm . . .

Well, that’s it from me today. I had a fun, busy day hanging with my mom. She treated me to lunch and then to Hobby Lobby, where I got to share with her the loveliness. ;) It’s one of my happy places with it’s pretty household decor for sale, holiday decor, stickers, craft stuff, and WASHI TAPE. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Frunky DC#374 Sorta

Well, Inktober is nearly completed at the writing of this post. Today’s inktober tangle is Frunky, so this is what I used on my tile today.

I misunderstood the diva challenge with the whole splotch of something between two tiles. I got the splotch part but the on one tile and then smooshed together with another tile, I completely missed. Instead I just put my two tiles side by side and then spritzed with my spray inks.

I didn’t take any in progress pictures because it was getting so late. (I was doing some online Christmas shopping today and the day got away from me.)

Here’s my tiles.

DC#374 ~ I used blue and green inks. Then my dark blue Staedtler triplus fineliner and finally a white jelly roll. Oh, I used two blue prismacolor pencils and a colorless pencil to blend it.

Here are the Inktober drawings since last week.

#Inktober ~ Lifeofjoy.meI liked how my broomstick turned out but Patience small wasn’t so great. I did like it better larger. :)

#Inktober 25 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI still don’t quite have sandswirl figured out. (Any tips would be appreciated.)

#Inktober 26 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI liked putting the spider and web up in the number six. I also enjoyed Q-belle. I didn’t quite get it “right” at first but I like it. The tangle itself kind of mirrors and stretches, so I cheated with those prompts. ;)

#Inktober 27 Cross-ur-heart ~ Lifeofjoy.meI have to say that I really LOVED doing Cross-ur-heart, once I got the hang of it. It is a lovely tangle and so very easy to do, as it should be. :) The bird head came out okay but the thunder and candle . . . well, let’s just say, I attempted it. :D

#Inktober 28 ~ Lifeofjoy.meOybay was fun! I put it on top of a “gift” for a bow or ribbon of sorts. When I folded the box in on itself, I made a “mistake” with my lines and made an even bigger mistake of using correction tape on it. I should have just left it and moved on. :D Lesson learned. It turned out ok. I like that the pumpkin fit nicely into the 8.

#Inktober 29 Wud ~ Lifeofjoy.meI like Wud. I used this tangle in a coloring book once but forgot it. Glad to be reacquainted with it. The way I drew and shaded it, it looks like I’m peering over some pipes at some wood in the background. I chose not to use blue and ended up using it today. :D

#Inktober 30 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI decided not to shade it because I had so much to do today. :)

Well, that’s my tangling for the week. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

DC#373 Ixorus and Inktober Continued

Yeah, figures. I said something last week about this month’s Diva Challenges being easy on me since they seem to be in line with the Inktober Tangle Prompts. So  of course, things are different this week. :D This week Laura challenges us to use our non-dominant hand to tangle. For me, that is my left hand.

I drew this week’s tangle with with my left hand but shaded with my right hand, so it was a bit easier. ;)

Here it is.

DC#373 Ixorus ~ Lifeofjoy.meYeah, very squiggly lines. But I did it. :) It definitely looks muddy. Possibly a bit like popcorn and homey.

Here are my other drawings from the last week.

Inktober 22 tangle Yuma ~ Lifeofjoy.meInktober 21 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI used a bit of orange watercolor pencil after I’d shaded with the graphite. I auraed Hamadox, so it kind of resembled a drain.

Inktober 20 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI used my pruple glitter pen for the main drawing. Then I tried to use the distress ink marker but it didn’t turn out very good, so I attempted the watercolor pencil and I liked it.

Inktober 19 ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis is one of my new favorite tangles: Abeko. It flows so well and I love the look. Of course, I drew it a bit larger than how it is in the stepouts but I like it all the same.

Inktober 18 ~ Lifeofjoy.meMy “girl” on the left is a bit of an old girl. :D I didn’t quite get Luv-a the way I’d like to. However I do like my bottle. ;)

Inktober 17 ~ Lifeofjoy.meEven after watching two different videos on how to draw Narwal, I will need a lot more practice to make it something I like. ;) Oh, and my pears look more like gourds. :D

Inktober 16 ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis is one of my favorites, in spite of not really drawing Joki according to the stepouts. I liked the lacing though. :) The family liked the squirrel. :D

And with that, I’m all caught up. I have been posting the inktober drawings on instagram most days, if you’re interested.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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Dewd Plus Inktober Continued

Laura is being rather easy on me with these diva challenges so far this month, for which I am grateful. :) As I mentioned last week, I too am participating in Inktober, although I’m not working in many of their prompts but I’m okay with this. ;)

Basically I’m following Stephanie’s tangle prompts, as is Laura. That is the one thing that I seem to be getting done in each day’s drawing. Some days I get the Pattern-Collections prompt in as well. The same goes for the doodlewash prompts.

It’s been nice to actually fill in the spaces on my Tangle-a-day calendar that I got several years ago and just did not follow through with. :)

I didn’t get pictures of the entire page before it got dark last night, so I’ll have to settle for these individual pictures I posted on Instagram.

On the 9th the tangle prompt was Fe-Ba which I had never done before and I must add that I did not do it correctly. ;) I should have skipped every other diagonal. Oh well!

Inktober 9 Fe-Ba ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe pattern-collections (p-c) prompt was laugh and the doodlewash prompt was pie. The inktober prompt was precious and unless you just call this finished thing precious I don’t think that one worked into it. :D Since it was the 9th, I used that for my laughing face and then attempted to draw a slice of pie headed into its mouth.

On the 10th the tangle was Sez, inktober prompt was flowing, p-c was violet, and doodlewash was nuts. I figure the sez tangle could kind of look like nuts and they were all flowing into one another. If I’d have thought a bit more about it, I’d have used a purple pen but alas, I didn’t. ;)

Inktober 10 sez nuts flowing ~ Lifeofjoy.meOn the 11th the tangle was Copada, with cruel, flower, and clouds. Well, once again the Inktober prompt of cruel doesn’t seem to make it into my inking but I think the others make an appearing. :)

#inktober 11 #copada ~ Lifeofjoy.meI like including the number into my tangling when possible. :)

I think the 12th is one of my favorites so far. The tangle was Heartswell, with prompts of whale, red, and spices. This time it was the doodlewash prompt that didn’t make it. For the p-c prompt red I decided to use a red watercolor pencil after inking it. That did not turn out very red, so I got out my distress ink marker in candy apple red and love how the left side of heartswell turned out. :)

#Inktober #heartswell ~ Lifeofjoy.meNow we come to the 13th, which is Dewd and the Diva Challenge for the week. The prompts were guarded, view, and trees. I guess this could be interpreted as any one of them.

#inktober #dewd #DC372 ~ Lifeofjoy.meDewd and I are not the best of friends yet but I do like how I worked it up into the numbers.

Sunday the 14th’s tangle was Ando with clock, dancing, and cider. Inktober prompt of clock was easy to work into my tangling since I chose to draw ando in a frame.

#inktober #ando ~Lifeofjoy.meOn the 14th the tangle was Inapod with weak, Hope, and Hay as the prompts. I ended up just tangling inapod, which is quite alright.

#inktober #inapod ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen I shared this one on instagram I accidentally labelled it as joki because I was putting up the next one at the same time. :D I’ll share Joki’s inking next time.

I think that’s enough for today. Have a great week. We shall, as we will be celebrating birthdays this weekend so I get to see my married son, daughter-in-love, and GRANDSON. :p

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

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Inktober 2018

I decided to participate in Inktober this year. I hadn’t really heard of Inktober except once one year near the end of October when Laura Harms of the Diva Challenge mentioned it but had promptly forgotten about it. Then this year Nicole of Pattern-Collections posted some prompts for Inktober. They didn’t include any specific tangles because they already have a daily pattern suggestion.

That got me to wondering what other prompts their were. I searched Inktober and found their prompts here. I also found Doodlewash had some prompts too. I’d actually never heard of doodlewash either. Looks like they may have a monthly prompt.

Then I did one more search for tangle suggestions for Inktober and found this. Apparently Stephanie does prompts yearly for Inktober and was probably the one Laura was following the first time I heard about it.

So . . . I’ve been combining these things as best I can. I don’t stress over it but just think about it a little bit to see if I can work it together. Then I include the prompts that work easily and don’t stress the others. ;) I am posting my pieces daily on Instagram. However, I thought I’d include them here today.

I have two tangle-a-day calendars that I never used completely (or even mostly). I found that I do have one that had the entire month of October empty, so that’s where I’m tangling.

Inktober 1, 2, 3 ~ Lifeofjoy.meOn the first I used all but the Inktober prompt of poisonous unless you think Snow White and then I guess I nailed it. ;) On the second I only managed to use the tangle Yah and the doodlewash prompt of leaves. I’m not thrilled with how either of these turned out but at least I got started. :) On the third I made a heart variation of Ginilli for the Pattern-Collections (p-c) prompt of love and then put it in a round shape for a cookie like presentation or like a bunch of heart shaped cookies were on a platter.

Inktober 4, 5, 6 ~ Lifeofjoy.meOn the fourth, the tangle was Facets and the doodlewash prompt was flowers. So I decided to do just two rows of facets and make “stems” on them for flowers. Then I added some “wrapping” on the facets and I like how it turned out. It’s probably my favorite one so far although the one on the fifth is nice too. I really didn’t do Fleavy justice on the fifth, but thought it made a nice vine going up into the sky for the p-c prompt. I thought about drawing a cup at the bottom and make it like Fleavy was steam coming out of the cup but . . .

On the sixth Pais was the tangle with clown for p-c and sweaters was the doodlewash prompt. So, I butchered Pais and used it over and over again for the facial features and sweater parts. Then I added a bowtie and some hair.

So far,  you may notice that I haven’t included the Inktober prompts yet. 😯 They are pretty hard to include in tangled pieces, at least for me. They include poisonous, tranquil, roasted, spell, chicken, drooling, and exhausted through the seventh.

Inktober 7 and 8 ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen there was the seventh. Onion drops was the tangle that I included like clouds FLYING above the ground. Yeah, flying was the p-c prompt with berries as the doodlewash prompt. I used some fescue and some bronx cheer to round out that one. Yeah, not my best work and the poor tangles were poorly represented.

I’m pretty happy with the eighth’s offering. ;) I managed to include all four prompts: Owl, Star, striping, and the tangle cockles ‘n mussels. If you want to see more, you can find me on Instagram where I am

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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Painting Journal Covers

It’s conference time at our church, so I’m preparing this post ahead of time and thus there is no diva challenge for me to do. So, I thought I’d share a project my daughter Tiffany recently did.

She has received some really pretty journals with holographic covers. Unfortunately the holographs make her nauseous. However, she needed the journals for her new book notes and didn’t really feel like buying new ones (which gets expensive) and she felt she needed to use what she had. Plus the pages are pretty.

So, last year I suggested that she paint the covers on some others that she had. She wasn’t sure it would work and, quite frankly, neither was I, but it did and it has held up pretty well.

So, here’s how to paint holographic covers, just in case you ever are in the need to do so yourself.

Painting holographic journal cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt really is very pretty. It’s a shame that looking at it makes her stomach upset. Oh well . . . here we go.

Painting holographic journal cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe uses a white acrylic paint with some clear floating medium. She mixes about 1/3-1/2 as much clear floating medium as she has white acrylic paint. and brushes it on. Now she gets different looks by how she brushes it on. So since she had three she was doing at once, she decided to stroke each one differently. This one she applied the paint in straight lines across. Of course, she blended it as well as she could.

painting journal cover straight lines ~ lifeofjoy.meThis one she used a scruffy brush and pounced it.

pounced painted cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd this one she did diagonally.

diagonally painted journal ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen from there she has a blank canvas of sorts and can paint whatever she likes.

broken clock cover ~ lifeofjoy.meHere’s one that she painted  orbs on.

orbs on cover ~ lifeofjoy.meOn the last one, Michael showed her how to do a faux marble look because she was out of ideas. Unfortunately, it was too bright for her desired effect for this particular book. She used the techniques he taught her and made it darker. Here’s how it looked when he was done.

Pink faux marble cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meThere was a bit on the bottom that she didn’t like so much and chose to cover it up with a piece of black construction paper with writing on it. But she still didn’t like it. And here is how it looked after she repainted it.

dark faux marble cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meOkay, so after she has the cover how she likes it, she applies a coat of Mod Podge for durability.

Mod podge ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis is a very old bottle but it still works. :)

She’d covered that pink marble one with the Mod Podge already before she admitted that she didn’t really like it. I told her to go ahead repaint it. She did but was concerned about the outcome. However we both think it turned out really nice.

dark faux marble cover ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt kind of has a crackle effect, which we like but we aren’t sure if it was because she painted over Mod Podge or if it just wasn’t cured enough first or what. But thankfully she likes the result. :)

Here they are all together.

finished journal covers ~ lifeofjoy.meWell there you go. The steps are simple:

  1. Paint the cover with acrylic paint mixed with 1/2-1/3 as much floating medium.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Paint whatever you like on the new white background.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Cover with a coat of Mod Podge.
  6. Let dry.
  7. Use a “magic eraser” sponge to get any paint off the spiral binder.

use sponge to remove paint ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany does everything in a super fast speed, so she gets some white paint on the binding coil. She just uses a “magic eraser” to remove it.

Well, I hope this is helpful to you.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº