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Because Friday is finally here and I need one day to talk about whatever comes to mind.

Weather, Games, and Books

I love fall! Yes, Autumn. Not Winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice big snow for a couple of days but then it starts getting all dirty and then it can just go away. However, if it is going to be bone-chilling cold I would like to have some nice white snow to show for it.

Well, we had all of a couple of days of fall and then the bottom dropped out and it got really, really cold–yes even here in sunny Oklahoma. We had some sleet and it was pretty because it was white frozen precipitation, but thankfully the majority of it was gone quickly and the temperatures are rebounding, although a bit slower than I’d like. ;) Yes, I’m a bit particular because I do not want any temps in the 70’s until next May. :D

We got together with family and celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday together. I made him the no-bake blackberry cheesecake he likes and a sugar-free strawberry one for us. The cousins played some Luigi’s Mansion co-op; they seemed to enjoy it.

I am surprised that I like Luigi’s Mansion as much as I do. I didn’t really care for the first one but this one has the same feel as Mario Odyssey, which I thoroughly enjoy playing. It isn’t dark, like it could be; it’s very light and light-hearted.

Speaking of games, I started playing the Little Shop hidden object games again. It is fun to play them again. I like the visual exercise. :) I got it from Gamehouse several years ago in a super pack where it had all 6 of them for one low price. With a quick google search, it seems that you may be able to download and play these for free somewhere on the internet. This game has a play option that you unlock that you find every item in the scene. I like to do that when I’m struggling to find certain ones but I also like to beat my own record. :)

We are doing a bit of bookshelf reorganizing, moving one of the bookcases out of the extra room that we refer to as the library since I put all the books in there after Brian moved out, and putting it in Tiffany’s room. She’s thrilled about this because it is a very pretty bookcase, has lots of room, and she needed more space. But I’m struggling a bit because we now have stacks of books sitting around until we go through them and decide which ones I want to keep, which ones the kids want to keep themselves, and which we will trade in for in-store credit at our used book store.

We also found that the weight of the three bookcases, holding soooo many books along one wall, caused some flooring issues. We’d noticed the floor issue a few months ago and Michael and Sean worked on it, thinking they’d fixed it. But when we moved the bookcase this week, it revealed that the issue wasn’t quite solved yet. But since we have moved a lot of weight off that area, it should be easier to fix now. :)

I finished reading Clockwork Dynasty by Daniel H. Wilson. I loved reading about the automatons but there was no final wrap-up to the story. And I don’t really see a follow-up story either. So . . . Ugh!

My Wish items are trickling in. It’s fun. I don’t think I ordered much from them last year but the year before I did. I love it when people see things on there and say they’d like them because that helps me find things I know they’ll like and I haven’t wasted my money by getting things they didn’t like or ended up throwing away. One year I got the boys trial size bottles of axe hair and body products–that was a waste. :( Live and learn.

Well, I’m wanting to do some painting and have to get some of these books moved around, so I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Christmas Shopping Online

Do you ever have a week where you look back and wonder what you did with it? Well, that is the kind of week I’ve had this week.

I did some online Christmas shopping. I love to get stocking stuffers from Wish. I just plan ahead because things can take weeks to get here. (If you decide to try out you can get 50% off on your first purchase if you use this code: hnxprbn which is good for the price of the item, not the shipping .)

You do have to be careful with items ordered from Wish, different colors of the same item frequently cost different prices. Oh and be sure to check the shipping prices before you decide, shipping prices can vary widely too. But you can get some great deals. (You do have to be careful because there are some risque items on there too.) Oh, and I don’t buy clothes unless we get them lots bigger, because they are Asian and they are smaller people.

On errand day Tiffany and I went to 10 different stores! At Sprouts the trees were beautiful! So we took a couple pictures with them.

One of those stops was at Hobby Lobby for me to pick up a proper palette knife. It was $3.99 but I used the 40% off coupon and paid two something for it. Since I’m working on a smaller size “canvas” than what Bob Ross used I decided that the smaller palette knife would work great (at least I think it is smaller ;) ).

In spite of stopping at ten stores, we managed to get home four hours from the time we left. That’s pretty amazing, considering on a good day it takes us 3-4 hours on a normal week.

Tiffany and I visited my parents for a little while one day, which was fun. :) I’m so glad they live closer. Yes, I know I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again.

Well, I’m whittling away on my Christmas shopping. I love buying stocking stuffers for my family. It’s the little somethings I think they will like. Of course some times I need some ideas/help finding those little things and Tiffany and Lauren help me out. :D

Well, I’ll go for now. I hope you have a good weekend.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


Holiday Time Movie Fun

I love the holidays!!! I don’t really do Halloween. When I was younger and lived in Virginia, our church did a great harvest festival (still does) but here, they don’t do it right.

Recently we have started watching the Night at the Museum movies the last several days of October. It’s a fun tradition and a lot less messy than carving pumpkins, which rot. ;)

For many years now we have started our Christmas shopping early–some years as early as September. Recently though we have been getting started in late October. We did some Christmas shopping this week. It was fun but I’m not as young as I used to be and cannot shop like I used to shop. I’m exhausted the next day and don’t do much.

So this week on the day after shopping day, I could not get myself motivated to do much. And I saw that new Christmas movies started showing last Saturday. So Tiffany and I decided to watch a few. We had six to choose from.

I enjoyed Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses and A Merry Christmas Match. Tiffany preferred Christmas Movie Christmas. She says that it embraced the cheesiness.

I didn’t care for the other three choices and wondered if there any Thanksgiving movies. I found six of those as well. We both really liked The Thanksgiving House and Family Thanksgiving. Then we watched October Kiss. I now want to have all of these fall movies. Of course, they probably aren’t available at a reasonable price.

It’s been very cold this week. We went straight from summer to winter. It was nice for Christmas shopping but really a bit too cold for October! It’s supposed to be more seasonable today and for the next several days.

Well, I guess I’m going to run. Share what your favorite holiday movies are and especially if you have a Thanksgiving movie. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Fun Friend Day and LONG Errand Day

It’s been a good but busy week. Well, not really busy for normal people but I did go into town twice and ran a ton of errands on errand day.

Gwin is out of focus and I look bad, as I struggled to get a picture with us both in it. I am not good at taking selfies! LOL

My friend Gwin, whom I have known for about eight years now, surprised me with an invitation to lunch one day this week. And I surprised her by saying yes (I’m an introvert and don’t go out much). :D Neither of us were up to making many decisions so we agreed to meet in Bixby and take it from there. She had me pick the time from a range of times and I did. I thought it was a great way to handle the situation when neither person wanted/felt able to make any decisions. :)

Of course, on the way into town, I got a low tire pressure notification on my car. So then I had to make an extra stop to fill it with air. And as you might imagine, there was someone there filling his tires with air. Just when I thought he was leaving, he turned his car around to reach the tire on the other side of his car. 8) Patience is a virtue; I guess Gwin and I were both being pressed with this virtue that day: her by waiting for me and me by waiting on the guy to hurry up finish.

We opted to go to Cheddar’s, where neither of us had been in quite some time. Oddly enough, they had us sit at the same table we sat at the last time we went there together. :D While I ran to the restroom, she ordered our unsweetened peach teas AND an order of onion rings, which neither of us should have eaten but enjoyed anyway. (I did so with a healthy dose of vitamin P, for pleasure.  ;) ) We used my stevia glycerite in the tea and it was delicious! I love that I can still enjoy their peach tea; it’s my favorite.

I introduced to her to a new store in the area and she loved it! :) I am sad though because it used to be that everything in the store was $5 or less but since I was in there just a couple weeks ago, they’ve changed their electronic section to $10 below Tech and raised the prices on things that were $5 to $5.55 but they also have a few items that are around $7.50 or so. Not bad but I hate it when price changes like that. I guess it’s better that they raise the prices a little than no longer carrying the items because their suppliers prices went up.

While I was taking a shower not too long ago, I was using a pumice stone on the bottoms of my feet. I have a tendency to pray while showering and this day I told God that I needed him to help me figure out what to do about my feet. They are VERY callused and I’d used the pedegg roller on them and it didn’t really make much of a difference this time. It actually seemed to make some parts of my heels rougher.

Well, Gwin suggested we go get pedicures! Generally I won’t do this but God had told her we should do it, so we did. :) I had them do the extra callus remover treatment on mine. OH MY GRACIOUS!!! My feet are sooo much better. He used what looked like a dull cheese grater on my feet. I still have a little bit of a callus on both feet but it is sooooooo much better and they feel so soft.

Thanks again Gwin! It was an answer to prayer. :) Now to figure out what they used so I can do it at home (yeah, I’m very frugal ;) ).

It was such a fun day and I’m so glad and blessed that she follows God. :) Love you Gwin!!!

Then on errand day we went the long way into town so that we could drop off coupons for a free first exam and x-ray at my parents’ and my sister’s homes. Of course, I can’t possibly just drop off, I must talk-my extrovert peeks out occasionally. ;)

After leaving my sister’s house we got gas in the car and ate our lunch because we were hungry already. Then we began our grocery run. We ran through Walmart and of course, the item that I ordered online was not ready for pick-up yet. I ran into Dollar Tree and actually only got the three items that I went in for! That is nearly never heard of. :D

Off to Aldi and then to Sprouts. I checked the Target app to see which store had the King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour that we needed. Thankfully it was the one right next to Sprouts and the price was reduced!!! So I got three bags instead of just two because you never know when the price will go back up. ;)

Next we popped into Old Time Pottery to get part of my niece’s Christmas present. On the way out, we saw that they had chimeneas for $59.99, so I texted Gwin about it as we headed down the road to our next stop. She’d told me how much she’d seen them for in Sutherland’s and this was cheaper, so she was able to save a little bit by getting it here instead of there. :)

Next Tiffany and I went into Name Brand Clothing 1/2 off 1/2. Last time we’d planned to stop in here they were closed for some big inventory something or other. The parking lot was packed!

We were very confused by the signs and tags on the clothing. The signs plastered all over the place said everything was $8.88 or less. Then there were a few signs that said shoes and certain other items were $19.99 or less. When you looked at price tags it got even more confusing with prices of $30, $20, and then some $6, $12, and so on. Very confusing. The racks were not orderly at all. It was simply chaos! Yep. Chaos.

We looked at a few things but after about 15 minutes just left wondering how in the world there were so many people in there thinking these were good deals. Maybe we just don’t know a name brand when we see it and thus don’t realize how great of a deal it really was. ;)

We ran across the street to Ross. I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t a good clothes shopping day for me. Nothing was interesting me at all. I did find the salts I wanted–they were the last two packages too. So after being in this store about 15 minutes or so, we left it and decided we’d just be early for Tiffany’s chiropractic appointment. We’d both brought books to read while we waited.

Her appointment went well. Found that one of her pills stopped working and thus needed to change to something else, reduced one supplement, and changed out another. Oh and the adjustment was really needed, lots of cracks. :)

We got home and the guys were already here. We’d been gone all day long. Thankfully, they brought in all the groceries while Tiffany and I changed our clothes. Then we put up the groceries and heated up the leftovers for dinner, which I will share with you on Tuesday.

For now though, this has gotten quite long, so I’m going to run. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It has turned cooler here and raining/drizzling, so it is nice to be home and maybe curl up with a good book. What do you like to do when it is chilly and raining?

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

PS. I’m told Hallmark is starting their Christmas movie premiers this weekend!

Family Time

Last weekend Brian (our oldest son), Lauren (his wife), and Liam (their son) came up to celebrate Michael and my niece’s birthdays. Michael wanted carrot cake, so of course, I obliged! :)

Brian frosted it for me and then added a bit of decoration to it, sprucing it up a bit.

It was pretty good. It was a THM S (healthy fats) dessert. I don’t remember where I got the recipe but it was online somewhere.

My niece likes the Shopkins real minis. She got two packages (like small mystery packs or grab bags). In one she got Boom Chicka Pop and Pringles sour cream and onion.

The other package had chocolate pudding pack and whipped cream can. I didn’t get a picture of the pudding but the whipped cream was adorable.

They are adorable! Thankfully, both packs were different and both included ones she really wanted. :)

Liam enjoyed being outside. Sean and Tiffany took him outside while we were at our house.

Tiffany and my niece took him out while at my parents.

It was a fun day. I was surprised how loud we were when we all arrived. I nearly had to shout to be heard. :D

My parents close on their old home next week so we’ll be going over and helping get the remaining things from there this weekend. It shouldn’t take terribly long and then it will be done and they can just enjoy settling into their new home just a few minutes from us. :)

I’ve finally gotten some reading done. I read the second in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry and am sad to say I didn’t enjoy it very much. I’m hoping the next one will be better.

I started Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and am really enjoying it sans the curse words. There isn’t so much that it is intolerable for me yet and I’m already halfway through it but it is definitely something to be aware of before you pick it up. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it on Joyous Jabbers soon since Tiffany plans to read it too.

I have to admit that it feels really good to be reading again and to be excited about it. I read the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt book on my Kindle Paperwhite and I am really enjoying reading on that device. It isn’t hard on the eyes like tablets and other devices can be. It’s a lot easier than reading on my phone. I read one of the books in the Stormlight Archive on my phone and that was not something I’d like to do again. ;)

Well, I’m going to go for now. I’m not sure what the day holds for me, probably some tangling since I’m a week behind on Inktober. :D

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

It’s Conference Week Again

For the last several years we’ve been invited to a gathering on the Thursday night of conference week. However, because we live 35-40 minutes from church and we are busy helping in the kitchen and such and because there is a two hour layover between the gathering’s beginning and the end of service, we usually just go home.

This time we were told to just come over as soon as church was over. With such a sweet offer, we decided to take them up on it. It was nice to hang out with the ladies and help as they attended to the final touches for the gathering. Then people started to arrive. Oh My Gracious did they pack a lot of people in the house.

Sean built a fire in the chiminea for them. It was much needed because the house was full and some stepped outside but the temperature must have dropped twenty degrees or more and was a bit chilly outside.

It was a nice time of fellowship but this introvert was ready to hit the road before the night got to late. On the way home we ran into some rain a downpour. Of course, we drive so far that we managed to get on the other side of the rain and beat it home. It started catching up with us as we were making our way into the house and then it poured!!!

It’s been a good week. The ladies that get there bright and early to put out the food are awesome. I’m so thankful that they are willing and able to be there at 6:30am because I am not functioning very good that early. ;)

Funny thing happened with the coffee this year. We always get Dunkin’ Donuts brand coffee. This year was no different. Monday afternoon Michael asked me why we made French vanilla coffee. I assured him that I did not and that it was our regular coffee.

Come Tuesday I was told by another lady that we had French vanilla coffee. We looked at the bag and low and behold, it was French vanilla!!! I told the office and they were stunned too. The last part of the week we had the regular coffee. Michael was right; it was French vanilla. :D

Those pancakes I made last Saturday really have helped us eat properly. We’ve eaten them three days this week for breakfasts. So nice to pop them in the toaster to heat them up. And of course, we had the second batch for breakfast Tuesday.

Well, I’m going to run for now. I’ll try to add some pictures later.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Conference Prep and Hair Debacles

I’ve thought it was Friday for the majority of the week. It’s both good and bad that it hasn’t been Friday yet because that has meant that I had more days in the week to get some things accomplished.

Next week is conference at our church. My family generally volunteers to help in whatever means they need. I have the honor of heading up the kitchen again this year. Oh, don’t go thinking it’s something big because it really just managing the fruit, pastries, and coffee that they church buys and provides. ;) I’d love to do some cooking for the people but they just are not comfortable with all that entails. :) I think Tiffany and I are going to do some vlogging next week to post on youtube next weekend.

Not so great clips

Last month I got my hair cut at Great Clips. I’ve been going there for many years. The previous time I went they did a great job and I was comfortable with the notes they kept in the computer system on how I like my hair cut.

Well . . . the chick that did my hair cut it different than anyone has ever cut it. It was nuts! First she cut my bangs, which I don’t even like to call them bangs because then they do crazy stuff like they did this time. She pulled too much forward and then cut them too short. As far as the too short part, I will take some blame in that because I told her to take a little bit more off but I think she took more than a little bit more.

I’m not going to go into all the ways she did things differently. However, I will point out that she did not take very much off the top at all!!! Ugh!! I was going to go back the next week but then came down with a 24-hour bug and they guys picked up groceries. Then I called and was going to go in and get it fixed but the manager wasn’t in when I called. So long story shorter than it could be, I’m dealing with some crazy length hair and looking forward to getting it cut again next month. ;) Of course, that’s going to be a trial because of this botched cut.

Well, this week Tiffany needed her bangs (real bangs) trimmed and the dead ends cut off. I dropped her off at Great Clips and drove the couple of blocks to Sprouts to get the things we needed from there rather than wait for her . . . bad move. Turns out it was a male who cut her hair. Now we don’t have anything against men cutting hair, that’s what a barber is after all and lots of guys come into Great Clips. However, both men that have cut her hair have messed it up and this one was a doozy.

Remember I mentioned that conference is next week? Well now she has this to deal with.

She went from this to that and with conference coming, where you what to make a good impression on people.I’m going to give them one more try but if it doesn’t go well, I’ll switch to Pro Cuts or Super Cuts.

Lauren called (via google duo) this week with her own hair debacle. :( She said Liam saw her cut Brian’s hair recently. Liam brushes her hair from time to time. Bottom line, she thought he was brushing her hair and she felt hair falling. Turned out, he’d cut about four inches off the bottom of her hair. She had to go and get yet another hair cut; she’d already gotten one recently in preparation for their church’s special services this week.

I think her hair looks nice but she’s very upset that she’s had so much cut off, much like Tiffany and her short bangs. Well, one thing is for sure, it will grow. Of course, it won’t be in time for conference, but grow it shall.

Food Prep

I’ll be doing some breakfast prep the next few days so that we can have a good breakfast and get to church on time. ;) I’m going to make a double batch of sourdough pancakes tomorrow morning and a double batch of pumpkin chip baked oatmeal Sunday morning.I guess we’ll just have egg burritos or something the other days.

Well, I’m going to run for now.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

National Daughters Day and Dogsitting

Well, evidently I missed National Daughters Day on Wednesday! What an oversight! I am totally blessed with my baby girl–now in her 20’s. We are the best of friends and we enjoy just being together. We also like reading books together and talking about them (see our youtube channel Joyous Jabbers for more).

We encourage and stretch each other. We have similar hobbies and enjoy cooking too. I’m sooo blessed with her. Love you bunches!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my daughter-in-love Lauren. She married into our family nearly seven years ago and we’ve adopted her as our own. :)

It’s not a very good picture of us but at least it is one of us together. ;) Lauren is thoughtful and (mostly) keeps Brian out of high water by remembering family special occasions. :) I enjoy talking with her about any subject she desires and try to always be there for her when she needs me. :) She even tried painting with Tiffany and me. I’m blessed that Brian found someone that cares so much. OH! and who is committed to homeschooling Liam. :) And she’s doing a great job of it already. Love you Sweetie!

In other happenings this week, we’ve kept my parents Golden Doodle while they are on vacation with my baby sister and her family.

He’s such a loving dog. He’ll come up and put his head on you (just imagine my knee under his chin because he looks just like that :D ) and will tap you with his paw to get you to pet him. He’ll even hold your hand. I do not believe my parents give him as much attention as he is trying to get out of us. :D But he’s sweet.

Then we’ve been going over to my sister’s house and giving her two dogs, one Golden Doodle and one German Shepherd, some human time. We feed and water them and give them some time to run around and play. And we let them run around outside for a bit too. Tiff even brushes them.

Usually when we watch them, they are not very interested in eating or drinking much. But not this time. They definitely have their appetites! Tiff even switched out the water bowl for a bigger one because she had to refill it several times while we were there.

On day two, they destroyed this ball and yet they are still playing with it. :D

They are good dogs and I think they’ve gotten used to us coming and spending some time with them while their family is away. :)

Tiffany and I read Anne Perry’s book, The Cater Street Hangman this week. We buddy read it, meaning that she read a chapter or two and then I read a couple of chapters and back and forth until we finished it. We vlogged some of our chats as we read it and will post it soon (probably next week). ;) It was fun to read together and see who was right about who done it. :)

Well, I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Family and Relationships

I don’t think I do very much until I start to write it all down or tell someone about how my week went. Then I think about all that I do and can start to get a little overwhelmed; so I don’t think about it again and again begin to feel that I don’t do much, but I digress.

Last Saturday Tiffany and I helped my parents with their final attempt at a moving sale; living so far out in the country, it was only God that got us any shoppers at all, we think. ;) (And of course, I didn’t get any pictures! Ugh.) At any rate, we did get a few and sold a few more items. Once again, Dad was the winner in items sold, even though Mom had soooo many more items than he did. :D

Around noon, we started boxing up the remaining items to donate to the lady whose son needs a transplant of some kind and needs to raise funds. Tiffany and I had left before she’d arrived to pick up the stuff, but Mom said she was very happy to receive so many items that could actually be sold. I’m guessing she gets a lot of junk, since she is getting yard sale remains. She got some nice things: a sofa, queen size bed frame, queen bed springs, mirrors, pictures, kitchenware, knick knacks, plush padded hangers, CBs, antennae, purses, shoes, refrigerator/freezer, luggage, a desk, keyboards, and LOTS AND LOTS of clothes in larger sizes for both men and women. I’m sure it will be a help to them; it was a help to my parents to not have to deal with the stuff any longer.

It looks like they may have sold the house already, in the first few days of being on the market. AND to the first people that looked at it. :) I know it will be a big relief for them to be able to go on vacation and not have that looming over their heads. :) AND only have one yard to maintain again.

I don’t know about you, but family is important to me. That’s why I talk about mine a lot. They are a big part of my life. I’m so glad I have my family living nearby. I’m also glad for my relationship with my children. I hope and pray that we will remain close once they are all married and starting families of their own.

We don’t get together with all of my family the way we once did but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t in my heart or on my mind. I get so busy with things I’m doing (even if it is just relaxing) that I don’t communicate with them on a daily basis. For so much of my married life, we would spend every Sunday together and sometimes even an extra day in the week too. I guess that programmed me the way I am. I don’t communicate on a daily basis so that I actually have something to talk about on the weekly basis. :D However, when it goes much longer than that, the little things are easily overlooked.

I remember when I lived in a trailer park and lived next door to a very good friend. We talked nearly every day and had something to share nearly every day. But when we moved, we got to the point where we communicated less and less, to where we only shared the biggest things. And then sadly, it dwindled to where even those were left unshared.

I guess what it boils down to is relationships, no matter what kind of relationship it is, takes work. Some times it feels binding but it is just what is holding you together on that level. If you don’t make the effort, the relationship deteriorates.

For me, I’m glad my parents have moved so much closer! I’m excited, now that the other house is nearly out of their lives and occupying so much time, to drop by their place for an hour or so whenever I feel like it. I’m also looking forward to them dropping by mine. :)

I encourage you to examine the relationships in your life and put in the effort to make them what you want them to be. Cherish your family and friends!

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

September is Going Quickly

Well, here it is Friday once again. Another week is gone and we are now nearly half way into September. At this rate, Christmas will be here before we know it. :o

Last week Tiffany and I awoke on errand day with our stomachs not feeling right. I hoped that I was just hungry and would feel better after breakfast but breakfast made no impact whatsoever on the feeling. When Tiffany notified Michael of our situation, he said he and Sean would pick up the groceries. Such sweeties!!!

They’re a lot quicker at it than Tiffany and I. ;)

Well, they decided they were too tired to do it after work that day and would go Saturday morning when Tiffany and I left to go help my parents with their moving sale. They kindly brought by some Halo Top ice cream for Tiff and I and ice cream of my parents’ choice for them. It was a nice snack. :) They also noted that they would not desire to get groceries on a Saturday morning again. :D

My parents have LOTS of stuff in the house for sale. Mom put the larger pieces on Facebook Marketplace and advertised the sale both there and on craig’s list. It was very encouraging when we had people show up before the opening time. You see, my parents live pretty far out in the country, so we were concerned that we’d get very many people at all.

Those first people bought my dad’s old ham radio and some other miscellaneous things of his. :D It’s funny because the majority of the stuff is Mom’s and Dad got most of the profits from the day.

Two couples came by a little later. One couple was older and the other was middle aged. They took their time looking around the place and spent quite a bit of time looking out the back patio doors. Then I saw the ladies wipe away some tears.

Finally the younger one said she’d been married in front of that fireplace. :) The older couple were her parents and they had built the house back in the 70’s. It was quite a nostalgic moment for them all. AND it was the gentleman’s 81st birthday that day.

It was nice to talk to them and let them reminisce. Mom even took them back and showed them the sunken tub, in avocado green. My parents talked about the larger beam that they’d had placed in the living room to support the ceiling and they remarked that they liked it. It was a sweet time.

The gentleman that bought the ham radio told us about his trip to Alaska and how he’d started a youtube channel. Then he told us he’d been approached by some cable channel and had him go to Alaska to film a show about the Alaskan Triangle. It was quite interesting. We didn’t have a lot of shoppers but we did have some nice conversations and sold a few things.

About mid-day, Mom said since we’d done the hard part already, it made sense to have it again next weekend. So, we’ll try again tomorrow. I hope they get a bit more traffic and can sell a bit more of the things. At least there is a plan for any of the leftover items. There are a few bigger items that Mom will take and try to sell on facebook marketplace but other than that, most of the things will go to a lady whose son is in need of a kidney transplant and needs to raise some money; hopefully she’s in a better location for shoppers than my parents. ;)

It’s been so hot lately that Tiffany and I have NOT be baking once a week like we were (or like we really need to do). We’ve gotten by but it is now time to get some baking done. I’ve got my sourdough starter fed and hopefully it will make some good bread. I’m also making some sourdough pancakes and we’re going to have sourdough pizza for dinner tonight! :D

Tiff and I did some extra shopping on errand day this week and took in a bag of books to Gardners. We stopped by Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to price a Bob Ross painting set with supplies and instruction and dvd. Unfortunately neither store carries it any more. :( That wouldn’t be so bad because it can be purchased online but those stores generally have a 40% off coupon every week that can be used on any one regular priced item. That is huge on something that will cost over $80! So now I don’t know what I’m going to put on my Christmas list. Time to do some shopping I guess. ;)

Well, I’ll run for now, as this is getting a bit lengthy. Until next time,

Michele ºÜº