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Because Friday is finally here and I need one day to talk about whatever comes to mind.

Trees, Chickens, Cats, and Dogs

Last week I showed you that Michael had cleaned up the chicken coop in preparation for goats and chickens. What I didn’t show you was what was growing in the fenced pen.

Young tree ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, some kind of tree. There are a couple others that aren’t nearly as grown as this one but they seem to be different kinds. Hmmm, I wonder what they are. Also the grass has really grown in there. It was completely decimated; I mean dirt! Well there is enough for them to snack on now. :D

We had Australorps last time and really liked them. Tiffany found there are some nearby (realizing that when you live in country most things are 20-30 minutes away) for sale. We’d like to have a couple of them. Then she found some very inexpensive Cinnamon Queen hens nearby but in a totally different direction. However the Cinnamon Queens are a third the cost of the Australorps, so we’ll get two to three of them. Then Tiffany has wanted an Easter Egger, which lays different colored eggs, since she first started researching chickens years ago and has found some not far from the Australorps. The Easter Egger is more than even the Australorps but within reason, so I think we may get one, which will be fun.

This is Stache. He is just regal.

Handsome Cat ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe’s not the friendliest of our cats but he is getting better than he was.

This is Patches.

Tailless Cat ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe has no tail. It used to bother me but she is such a sweet, lovable cat that I don’t mind anymore.

She had kittens about three weeks ago but she did not have them near the house, so we hadn’t seen them. She finally brought one to the porch this week.

Patches Kit ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe let Tiffany pet it. Of course, she took it away again; we think it might have gotten wet inside with all the rain we got the other day.

The black lab that adopted us last fall (first we named her Skylar and then changed it to Sofi, which she responded to much better) started barking throughout the night and thus keeping Tiffany from getting good sleep for the better part of a month. This was just too much for any of us and we decided to put her on Craigslist to see if someone would take her.

Energetic Black Lab ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe  really helped Sasha, our over ten year old Blue Tick Heeler, get rejuvenated. The old girl really livened up a lot. Nothing like a pup that wants to play to get the old maid up and moving a bit more. :)

Blue Tick Heeler and Black Lab Pup ~ tried to crop these pics once I’d uploaded them but for whatever reason they didn’t want to stay cropped. Ugh!!!)

Within a few hours someone contacted Michael; he said he had adopted three dogs from rescue and at some point someone had opened the backyard gate and they all ran away. He said Sofi would be welcome in the house too. We know she will love that. She really is a lovable dog but just needs more attention than we can give her and we could not have her in our house.

Michael said she did NOT want to get out of the truck when he got there so he pulled her out.

I asked him to snap a picture and he did. It seems that she will be good with him. One thing is for certain, she will not run away, even if the gate is opened. LOL She is super loyal and knows when she has it good. When she got off her chain here, she’d only go play with Sasha, chase cats (and get clawed sometimes), and come to the front porch. Ultimately she’s going to be much happier there than she was here.

It’s really sad when people abandon animals. Living in the country it happens all the time. People think the country is a good place to abandon unwanted animals that at least they’ll have a chance at a good life, better than the pound. But what they don’t realize is that we get the animals we WANT. We don’t need to have animals adopt us just because we live in the country. My neighbor has taken in lots (and by lots I mean dozens) of dogs because they have kind hearts but even they don’t really want them.

Well, I’ve rambled enough for one day. I hope you have a good weekend, I will. We are celebrating my birthday very soon!!! Yay!!! I get new art supplies and stuff! :)

Okay . . . that’s enough of that . . . :D

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº


Springtime: Flowers and Kits

It is springtime in Oklahoma! Of course it was quite cool the last few days and I am just fine with that. I feel like the longer we have cooler temperatures the less likely we are to have horrendously hot temperatures any time soon . . . at least I hope that is true. I can tolerate cold a lot better than 100º temps and higher.

At any rate we have some wild flowers in bloom.

Little Purple Wild Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis picture doesn’t really do them justice. They are really pretty and remind me of small irises.

Then there are these little white flowers everywhere.

White Wild Flowers ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt isn’t a very good picture either but . . . you get the idea. I love the spring because we have so many flowers around the yard . . . that is . . . until we start mowing . . .

First Mow 2018 ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiffany mowed some this week.

More First Mow 2018 ~ Lifeofjoy.meSome of my irises are bloomed! :)

Iris Bed ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey are multiplying nicely. I planted them here in the shade because my mom has a huge bed of them and they seem to thrive in the shade. :)

Iris Closeup ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt’s beautiful!!!

Iris 2018 ~ Lifeofjoy.meThere is some ivyish stuff growing in with my irises. I’m going to have to don some gloves and remove it at some point. ;)

The Sweet Williams Brian and Lauren bought me a few years ago for my birthday/Mother’s Day are blooming nicely! It is always so nice to see pretty flowers come up of their own accord.

Sweet Williams ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe planted some oregano near it last summer, basically so we wouldn’t lose it in the yard somewhere. Well. I didn’t think it would come back this year because it was kind of dead last fall. It did not take very well. But look at it now . . .

Oregano ~ Lifeofjoy.meI guess we’ll be drying some and bottling it up for the winter. We use a lot of oregano, so this is a good thing. We will probably try some basil again this year. :D

My sister and her hubby gave us this Calla Lilly for Easter this year. I’m hoping it will be fine once I plant it. It got too cold several times since we received it so I haven’t planted it yet but am hopeful that it will do fine afterwards. I hope it is a perennial but I haven’t checked. If it is, I will either plant it back by the irises or up with the daffodils/narcissus.

Calla Lilies ~

Michael is getting the chicken coop all cleaned up and ready for chickens again and for some pygmy goats. We plan to leash them to certain areas to let them help us clear out some sections.

He worked really hard all day the other day because it’s been a while since we’ve had chickens and thus the whole area was grown over.

Coop ~ Lifeofjoy.meYeah, it’s makeshift but it will do. ;) But it is nicely cleaned out now.

Inside Coop ~ Lifeofjoy.meInside Coop ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen he got inside, he found that one of our cats had kittens in there. Jitters isn’t the brightest cat we own but she sure was smart to pick this place to have them. She had two in here. Michael moved them outside so he could clean it up a bit.

Lonely Kitten ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe put both of them in this crate with some tar paper. Jitters took one off back into the wooded area back towards our pond. I think she got confused and after dinner this one was still left alone. Thankfully we have two other cats that have recently had kittens.

KitKat only had one kit this time around. She’s a really good mom. Her kit is black as midnight so I named him/her Midnight. We brought the lonely kitten up front to the cat house and introduced it to KitKat, who took care of it right away. Midnight seemed kind of glad to have a litter mate after all. ;)

Kitkat and kits ~ lifeofjoy.meMidnight is 2-3 weeks old and the new kit is only days old. I think they will do fine. :)

Well, I’ve rambled on enough for one day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I intend to. :)

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Dog Sitting and Plants

The big thing this week has been dog-sitting for my sister and her family this week while they were gone. They have a golden doodle, German Shepherd, and a schnoodle. The first two are still puppies but large dogs. The third is the sister to Tiffany’s inside dog and they are about six years old.

Sean is the one they asked to dog-sit for them but since they moved out near us and are no longer in town, Tiffany and I go over and spend some time with the dogs for a while, so he doesn’t have to and he can be home with us. ;) Then when Michael comes home from work, he goes by and lets them go outside and relieve themselves and stretch their legs a bit.

Last weekend we all went over for a while and watched a movie while we were there. Michael took popcorn with him because he doesn’t like to watch movies without popcorn. As you can see, he had the complete attention of these two. ;)

Dogs Staring Down Popcorn Eater ~ Lifeofjoy.meWhen we get there, they are READY to get outside! Then they come in and get some lovin’ from Tiffany and I and then they stand by the back door. So we cave and go outside with them and let them run off some energy.

Dog Fun ~ lifeofjoy.meDoggie Fun ~ Lifeofjoy.meTiff and Dogs outside ~ lifeofjoy.meWe give them some water because they are definitely letting off some steam. The run and wrestle and even get on the trampoline with Tiffany. :D The wind was really kicking the day I took the pictures, thus Tiffany looks miserable. ;)

Trampoline with dogs (clicking here will open the short 3 second video in this window)

The German Shepherd did a lot of playing when we came back in, most days. But eventually went to her perch to sit for a bit.

German Shepherd big puppy ~

But the other two planted themselves at our feet.

Dog at our feet ~

Dogs at our feet ~

I noticed my perennials are up! :) This one has lots of buds on it.

Perennials ~

Yes there are lots of weeds around it but it has the promise of some pretty blooms soon, in spite of the odd temperatures this year. Of course, I’m not complaining, I’m glad it is cool longer. I’m hoping we do NOT get any triple digit days this year. :)

My Sweet Williams have also started making their appearance and they are in need of me removing the weeds from around them as well.

Sweet Williams and weeds ~

They are going to be so pretty when they bloom in full. :) They bring me so much joy.

Then I saw this. I think it is my oregano.

Oregano? ~

When we planted it I thought it was a perennial but then it seemed to die before it got cold and I thought it was gone. I had also planted some basil and I think it really is gone, but we shall see.

Well, that’s it for me. I don’t get a whole lot done when I leave the house every day, so I’m looking forward to next week and getting back to my routines and maybe even actually enacting the new parts of my routines too. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I intend to.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº

Rain, Pictures, and Cheap Trash Bags

Well last week we got a lot of rain! It rained so much I was concerned that the guys wouldn’t be able to make it back home because of flooded roads, if they waited until the end of the work day. So they came home around lunch time.

Tiffany had to go out and help Sofi, her black lab, who was drenched because she didn’t go into her house.

Lots of Rain ~ Lifeofjoy.meYeah, we don’t usually have a large puddle at the bottom of the steps. :o Thankfully it was much drier by Sunday morning, although colder too, and we were able to get out and go to church.

After going out for long periods last week, Tiffany and I were quite happy to be home early this week. We ran errands one day and I had a dentist appointment another, so I still had to go out twice this week.

I had a root canal and two crowns done a very long time ago. I finally went and got the crowns seated, as I had the temporary for so long, it was hard to distinguish between the crowns being too high and me just needing to get used to it. In the end, we decided I’d take them out for a spin and go back next week if I need to do so. I was surprised how long the appointment took though. They got me in quickly but I sat there for a good long time waiting for the doctor to come in but they were great. If you live near Coweta, OK give Premier Dental a try . . . they’re great peeps.

Lauren, our daughter-in-love, sent us some sweet pictures this week! It is great since they live two hours away and we don’t get to see them very much any more. When they were here last month she snapped this cute one.

Group Hug ~ Lifeofjoy.meBrian and Sean were hugging and Liam got in on it. Soooo cute! Oh! Isn’t my dishwasher magnet gorgeous! I got it for Christmas 2016 or my birthday last year.

Here’s a good one of Lauren and Liam.

Loves ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd this sweet one of Brian and Liam.

Fun Guys ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe’s such a cutie! Oh, he got a hair cut this week too. Sooo grown up.

First haircut ~ Lifeofjoy.meOh my!!! Love that little man so much!

Remember about a month ago when I told you about the crazy weak trash bag incident and I had to go driving around looking for trash? Well, I had another bag split on me this week! Ugh!!! Thankfully it was only water jugs but still.

great value trash bags ~ Lifeofjoy.meYeah, not such a Great Value after all. Ugh.

Taped cheap GV trash bag ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd that is how I put it in the dumpster! They aren’t very economical if you have to double bag them to be safe and not have a trashy mess. I will not buy Great Value trash bags again. I’ve never had anything like this happen with the ones from Aldi.

Well, I guess that’s all for this week. I hope you have a great weekend. I think it is supposed to get cold and stormy again this weekend but we’ll see.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Birthday Pie, Ants, Deals, and Visits

For Sean’s birthday the end of last month, he requested pecan pie for his dessert.

Birthday Pie ~ Lifeofjoy.mePecan Birthday Pie ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt was a delicious idea and it did not outlast the day.

We had some little ants strolling around the kitchen counter last week or so. I put out some ant bait made from water, sugar, and Borax out on some cotton balls and within a couple days they were gone.

Then one day about a week later, I felt something crawling on me but when I asked the family, no one saw anything. It kept bugging me and finally Michael looked and low and behold I had an ant crawling around. UGH!!!  Then a day or two later I saw a whole slew of them on the table beside my recliner. They were just milling around. I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from and then I spied this.

Ants on an electrical outlet ~ Lifeofjoy.meDo you see those specks on my phone charger? The ants had created a highway from the electric box up my charging cable to my desktop. Well I put out some ant bait on my desk top but then Michael got smart and put some down closer to them, in that red basket. After a day or so, I haven’t seen them any more. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence with it also getting colder outside or if it is just the ant bait. We’ll see eventually. ;)

Tiffany and her lifelong friend decided to have lunch together/spend some time together. They hadn’t spent much time with each other since around the first of the year, so they decided to get together for a bit. We worked it out so that Tiffany and I would get errands taken care of and then I’d drop her off at their meeting location. I would then do a little shopping and then spend some time reading. I armed myself with books, d’nealian handwriting pages, my bullet journal, and some pens. We also packed lunch since we knew we’d be out for a long time.

Well, then I realized that these two might want to spend a LOT of time together and suggested that if that was the case, that she could catch a ride home with her brother when he got off work; it would be easy for her friend to drop her off there. I figured this would be the way it would work out and proceeded to run to Michael’s armed with my 20% off coupon. :)

I bought me a new Micron 01 pen for my tangling (see my Zentangles on Wednesdays). I hadn’t gotten a new one in ages, and it was about time.

Micron 01 ~

I saw these cute sayings in the checkout of Michael’s.

Woodstrip Sayings ~ Lifeofjoy.meThat dark pink one says, “Life is tough my darling but so are you.”

Then I decided that Mardel is so close by and I hadn’t been there in quite some time, that it was only smart to go by there. I like to look at their Bargain Books. This week I found a cool adult coloring book for $1!

Adult devotional coloring book ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt was a steal at $1. It has a devotional on the left side of the page and then a coloring page on the right throughout most of the book.

Adult devotional coloring book ~ Lifeofjoy.meThen I found some books by some of the marriage bloggers I like. Sheila Gregoire of To Love, Honor, and Vacuum and J.Parker of Hot, Holy, and Humorous. Then there was also a book that they and Paul Byerly (the husband of Lori Byerly of The Generous Wife and blogger at The XY Code and The Generous Husband) all were noted on the book cover (sorry, can’t think of the word right now for when someone is quoted on a book cover). All of these books AND another were in the $1 each section. I got 5 books for $5 and change. :)

Marriage Book Finds ~ Lifeofjoy.meI was excited! :)

When I was leaving Mardel I saw this.

Urban Goose ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep, that’s a goose. It just popped a squat right there in the middle of the parking lot. It did not care that cars drove near it. It just sat there as if it were on a pond. But no water was even in sight. Very strange!

Another day Tiffany and I got to have lunch with a dear friend from church. She is such a sweet lady and it really blessed us to get to know her better. We ate at iHop. We went at an off time, so that we wouldn’t be a nuisance with how long we stayed. ;)

Our sweet waitress could tell right away that we were there for the long haul because we didn’t even look at the menus for nearly the first thirty minutes we were there. :D I got the philly cheesesteak without the bun or fries, and added mushrooms and green peppers, as well as changed the cheese to cheddar. I also got some broccoli instead of those pesky fries. ;) It was a nice plate full of yumminess.

We were there a good long time, 3-4 cups of tea and at least as many glasses of water which I made into lemonade with my stevia glycerite and the lemon wedge brought to me with my tea. We had a very nice visit and were hungry again by the time we got home some seven hours after leaving the house that morning.

That’s a lot of extroverting for two introverts! :D But we both really enjoyed it. Of course it will probably take every bit of the days we have to be ready to extrovert again come Sunday. :D

Well, I’ve gotten long-winded again today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Deals, Fun, and Yum

Last week I decided to try a deal at Target that I’d found online. The super deal would have been obtained using the cheapest Tresemme shampoo and conditioners at $3.99/bottle but Tiffany has curly hair and needed one of the various $4.99/bottle ones. So I deemed it an okay expense (one dollar more per bottle).

So here’s the deal we did. We got one bottle of Tresemme shampoo and two bottles of Tresemme conditioner (because she uses conditioner more than shampoo) which cost me $14.97 but then I had three one dollar off coupons so that brought it down to $11.97 and entitled me to a $5 gift card. That was the first part of the deal.

Next I purchased two packages of Schick disposable razors at $5.99 per package with only one $3 off coupon which brought my $11.98 purchase down to $8.98 and entitled me to another $5 gift card.

Now since these two deals totaled at least $20 before coupons, I was also entitled to another $5 gift card. So I spent less than $22 and got $15 in gift cards.

Tiffany says the shampoo and conditioner are excellent what I spent on these is comparable to what I would have spent normally and now I have $15 in gift cards to buy other things with at Target.

Oh! And when I scanned in my receipt for the Schick razors, I got another $2 back there. :) So that brings my total down even further.

Then I was in need of some makeup and I just happened to have a coupon that got Tiffany some makeup she needed free. :) Or we could see it we both got ours for half price. :) I like that thinking. :)

Sean got a Nintendo Switch recently. I have played a lot of Mario Odyssey. It’s addictive and fun. ;) You can read the post I wrote about it yesterday. ;) It is a game done right.

Last week when Tiffany and I ran errands, we needed to eat lunch out since we didn’t take any with us. We decided to eat at Pizza Hut since they have their lunch buffet for $5.99 a person. Yes, we ate the pizza and salad bar buffet. :)

THM at Pizza Hut ~ Lifeofjoy.meYep we stripped the toppings off several pieces of pizza.

The staff was great there. I asked if they’d ever heard of a pizza without a crust. The waitress said no and asked a man that I assume was the manager. He said yes as if it were an every day occurrence. :) He made me a supreme in a foil pan without the crust. It was good! It’s a good thing we got filled up because we were out a long time running errands. Since I was concerned about that Target deal and how it would work, it took a long time. Of course, had I simply read the signs listed, it would have been a lot quicker.

Well, that’s enough rambling for today.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Grandson Fun and Some Birthday Celebrations

It’s been a long week but it sure did start out fun. Brian, Lauren, and Liam were here over the weekend. It was a nice visit, although it was an aunt and uncle visit rather than a grandma visit. But that is okay because some visits he has pretty much ignored his Aunt Tiffany, so this time he pretty much ignored me. ;)

Michael didn’t get a lot of sleep Saturday night, as he was up for several hours not feeling well. He’d finally felt better about 5:30am and was able to get back to sleep. When the alarm went off at 6 to get up for church, we decided he needed to rest some more and stayed home from church. Brian, Lauren, and Liam  stayed too, so we had a longer visit than usual this time. :)

Tiffany made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd then I remembered I needed pictures for the blog. :D

March Visit ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey all joked that they were only good for blog content. It was fun for everyone, even Liam. :D

Laughing Grandson ~ Lifeofjoy.meGrandson and Papa ~ Lifeofjoy.meLiam had his first “horsey” ride on his papa this visit, at Michael’s suggestion.

Horsey Ride ~ Lifeofjoy.meLiam didn’t the plate of blueberry pancakes I offered him shortly after they arrived. I left it on the table and later he decided he was hungry.

Sneaky grandson ~ Lifeofjoy.meHe made quite a number of trips. He’s teething some more and was in a bit of pain at times.

Remote woes ~

Sean gave him a controller minus the battery pack. He decided he needed some sort of cord for it to work so Michael taped a cord to it for him. :D

Then he discovered the decorative glass pane and had fun with Sean.

Fun times with Liam ~ LifeofjoymeI had the cake for Sean’s birthday celebration at my parents’ home on the coffee table so I wouldn’t forget it. Little guy discovered that it was there and decided to carry it around but dropped it on its side. :p

cake saver frosting ~ Lifeofjoy.meI scraped the frosting off the lid and attempted to put it back on the cake.

At my mom and dad’s, we sang Happy Birthday to Lauren, since we didn’t do that last month.

Lauren first ~ Lifeofjoy.meNext up we celebrated my sister Tracie’s birthday. (Sorry about the bad picture, I was too close to her. ;) )

Sister Bday ~ Lifeofjoy.meAnd then we did Sean’s birthday.

Sean's bday celebration ~ Lifeofjoy.meHere’s a closeup of the cake and the “creepy” clown head she and my niece put on it. :D

cake ~ Lifeofjoy.meLiam decided he needed to help Uncle Sean open his gifts.

help with gifts ~ Lifeofjoy.meIt was a fun weekend and very good to see my kids (son, daughter-in-love, and grandson).

Then Tuesday I became best friends with the tissue box. :(

empty Puffs box ~ Lifeofjoy.meI was very stuffy and my nose is now raw!

Tissues ~ Lifeofjoy.meWednesday was a bad day and I decided to just rest. Thankfully Tiffany wasn’t too bad off and picked up my slack. Wednesday night I felt incredibly better, although still stuffy. Thursday was better and I actually felt like doing some stuff.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and feeling even better! I hope you all have a good weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Blossoms, Bacon, Banana Crepes, and More

At the end of last week, I looked outside one afternoon and saw Sasha. She is our blue tick heeler that is usually on a leash in our back yard. She has a nice big area/long chain. I won’t go into all the reasons why it is necessary for her to be on a leash; it is not our preference but what is necessary. At any rate, when I looked out front, I saw her . . . this should not be.
blue tick heeler loose ~ Lifeofjoy.meShe must have been loose for a while because she drank most all of the cats’ water that was on the porch. This makes me think she did quite a bit of running around before arriving on the porch. She is a strong dog. If Sasha doesn’t want to go back to her area, she doesn’t. ;)

strong blue tick heeler ~ Lifeofjoy.meI didn’t get pictures of Tiffany and Sasha happily walking back to her area. But trust me when I say, she was quite happy.

I baked some bacon last weekend. I had Sean put it on this platter. Keto Daily Bread ~ Lifeofjoy.meWe thought it was quite humorous, considering we don’t eat regular bread any more and eat quite a lot of bacon. :D

This is the breakfast Tiffany and I had yesterday. It is really delicious banana crepes with chocolate sauce. Yummo!!! (THM Cookbook pg 267)

THM Chocolate Monkey Crepes ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’m not even a fan of yogurt, which is the filling in these yummy things, along with some slices of banana. It was a yummy and filling meal.

I noticed that my narcissus flowers bloomed this week too.

Narcissus 2018 ~ Lifeofjoy.meI don’t recall having ones with the dark orange trumpet in years passed. I really like them but I do prefer the longer trumpets to these shorter ones.

My Bradford Pear trees are blooming nicely as well.

Bradford Pear Trees ~ Lifeofjoy.meSome of the leaves are already opening.

Bradford Pear Tree ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe peach tree is blossoming too! I’m so excited! There are no where as many blossoms as last year but we ended up with nary a peach because of a late frost or two. But that is actually okay because it seems I’ve heard that you should actually pluck the first blossoms to enable the tree to focus on its roots instead of putting out fruit. So I’m thinking that the few blossoms we have is good; it’s producing what it can provide without sacrifice.

Peach blossoms ~ Lifeofjoy.meThese are still very new and we saw some tiny buds still to open. I’m hopeful for some good peaches this year.

Then we saw the plum trees are blossoming too.

Plum blossoms ~ Lifeofjoy.meThis little tree, that is about four years old, is a slow grower. :D But it has LOTS of blossoms on it’s little twigs. We have another one that is younger but much larger and it too has blossoms, although not as concentrated as these. :D

We had a good visit with my sister and her girls this week too. It is always nice to get to spend some time talking with her about what is going on in her life and hear about her homeschooling. I try to encourage her the best I can.

We have birthdays to celebrate this Sunday with my family. My baby sister and Sean’s birthdays are within two weeks of each other, so we will celebrate both this Sunday, which means I get to see Brian, Lauren, and Liam!!! Yay! My little grandson is not quite so little any more. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. I’ll be making a chocolate cake for Sean and the rest of us sugar free THMers (Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle eaters).

Well, I’ve rambled enough for today.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

Yummy Food, Trash Hunt, and Grocery Budgeting

I was looking through pictures of what I did over the last week and saw this one.

Breakfast Sausage Pizza ~ Lifeofjoy.meI took it one morning when Tiffany and I had these for breakfast. It is the Breakfast Pizza with sausage instead of pepperoni. It was really good. We hadn’t had them in a long time. I’ve been trying to cut back on my dairy consumption but that day, I just needed pizza. :) It’s a good one to have any time of day and it is filling!

Tiffany and I have been doing some form of exercise every day, not much, but some. One day we did a THM Work-In, which takes about 20 minutes. Then a couple days we did about three songs on our zumba Wii game. Of course, one day was errands and we get a lot of walking done that day so no other exercise is even considered. We buy lots of gallons of water each week and carry 4-6 of them in the house at a time, so we even get some weight lifting in. :D

Trash Search ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe other day, Michael took the trash out with him when he left for work. (We had to double bag it because the bag was ripped when he pulled it out of the trash can.) About a half hour later he called me and told me this sad tale of woe. ;) He got into town at his first stop and saw the outer bag still hanging on the back of his van but the broken inner bag and all its contents were missing. He asked me to go looking for it to clean up the mess. I wasn’t thrilled about it but I went anyway.

I headed out and got a mile away and still no trash. I turned the corner and began the second mile of dirt road and this is what I saw, in the road up ahead.

Country Life ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey just stood there. I stopped and took some pictures.

Close-up Deer In Road ~ Lifeojfoy.meThese two deer were standing in the road. When the left one bounded off, the second followed. A third came out into the road and then went back from whence it came. It was nice to see while on my hunt for trash. :D

I got to pavement and decided that I’d go a couple of miles more. Then I went another mile or two and called Michael and reported that I had yet to see any trash that looked to be ours. I went back home, still looking along the way but returned home empty handed. So either it came out in bits and pieces and blew off the road sporadically or the whole bag fell out and someone picked it up and disposed of it. No idea which.

I tried another grocery budget makeover last month and am glad I did not pay full price for it. I considered requesting a refund but I felt like God led me to the course and did not want me to seek a refund. I did enjoy the videos and their suggestions but found that since we already eat all our meals at home or from home, many of the suggestions aimed at making it easier to eat at home rather than from a restaurant were not really helpful for me–at least from a money saving  standpoint.

Budgeting ~
(Yeah, I go to 3-6 stores each week but am blessed that four of them are in a one mile area with another only about a mile further.)

I had already planned to look into money saving apps, so the small portion of the course addressing this was not really very enlightening. I’d heard about couponing and sales cycles and coupon stacking already so none of that was news either. The information shared about how to do CVS or Target is already available free and was not even a part of the paid content. So, it was good because it gave me some good hard numbers to work with and aim for but I pack a lot into my budgeted money. I include animal food, vitamins, clothing, birthday gifts, household updates (like new rugs or curtains) and such in my budget. These ladies did not include any of those things, nor did they include their dining out budget to get the whole picture. So, I could do better, but I’m not doing as badly as I once thought I was.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

February Wrap-Up; Planning for a Good March

As things turned out last week, Michael’s van decided to be finicky and not start on my errand day. So, he had to take the car, which was okay by Tiffany and I since we didn’t feel like running errands anyway. ;) Michael stopped at the store and picked up some essentials, so that we could make it through the weekend.

But I decided that we could actually make it until Wednesday, which was the last day that Sprouts had their roasts on sale for $2.88 a pound. That is a great deal here and I usually like to get one each week of that sale, so I got a couple this week. :) The last one we had was really good.

I cannot believe it is already March! Tiffany and I had our monthly check-in with each other. I like this because it gives us each someone to talk to about how things are going and set goals for the month. Some of those goals are based on the challenges of the previous month. :o

We could not justify spending any money to eat out this week since we chose not to do this on errand day (and my gift cards were depleted) so I decided to make something special for us. Ham and Cheese Scones! Only problem is that we really needed to have our meeting early in the day rather than around lunch time, so we chatted after breakfast.

February Check-In ~ Lifeofjoy.meI fixed us eggs and zucchini hash and Tiffany fixed the tea. I got down some nice cups that I either got from my mom or one of my ancestors. :) I love them; they are so pretty and dainty. I did douse those eggs with nutritional yeast after taking this picture. :D

Tiffany and I both took notes in our bullet journals(bujo) as we went. We paused to draw some rectangles to fill in the beginning. Then later I made some notes on some sticky notes on how I want to design my next month bujo pages.

BuJo Feb Check-In ~ Lifeofjoy.meI’ll pretty it up later but I like how it turned out and I don’t have a bunch of meeting sticky notes to make pretty. Those sticky notes are my brainstorming schedules, routines, and bujo pages. :(

One of the things on those sticky notes is about habit trackers. Mine did not work very well last month. See.

Failed BuJo Trackers ~ Lifeofjoy.meNotice all the squares without x’s? Well, there should be very few of those. The only reason there are x’s on the Weekly Must Do tracker is because that is all about the blog daily posts and I have to do those or not blog. :o

I’ve got a plan though, so I’m encouraged. That is one thing I like about a bullet journal, when something doesn’t work, change it. If this were a planner, I’d be stuck for the whole year. ;)

Unfortunately I did not implement a lot of the things I wanted to last month. I’m referring to those things that I planned to do at the first of February. I have learned some things about myself through this. A tracker or list does not encourage me to accomplish a task. But a reminder and attaching a new task to an existing task works quite well.

With that in mind, I’ve revamped my morning routine, to accomplish some of the goals I set with Tiffany yesterday. I’m looking forward to implementing some of these changes.

I still made the Ham and Cheese Scones from and they were quite yummy. I may play around with the flours a bit to lighten the calorie load so that we can have two without feeling like we overindulged. ;)

Ham and Cheese Scones ~ Lifeofjoy.meThey were delicious! We had them with a small side salad and a “after work-out” shake. They tasted sooo good we both still wanted another one. ;) I’ve sent out a question to the THM groups to see what they think about how many can be eaten in a sitting. :D

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough for today. I’m excited and hopeful for accomplishing many things this month. I hope you are too.

Until next time, God bless,

 Michele ºÜº