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Because Friday is finally here and I need one day to talk about whatever comes to mind.

Summer Birthday Weekend Continued

On birthday celebrations here, the birthday person gets to pick what we do for the evening. Since we were celebrating  Brian’s birthday he got to pick what we did. He chose board games . . . well, card games . . . well . . . Carcassonne and Citadels. These games are suited for large groups as well. I played along with the kids. (It was hot and my hair was in a hair band . . . not very flattering. ;) )

That one is Citadels. Tiffany got Sean the definitive anniversary edition, which means it has several different character sets you can play with. Brian is really good at this kind of strategy game. I think he won both games we played. ;) We don’t play it often enough for me to get used to it and figure it out, so I’m always fumbling through the game with barely any points. :D But it is fun together time.

Sunday morning Grandpa got the morning Liam cuddles. :)

Don’t know what Michael is looking at so seriously, but maybe it is just his morning face . . . he and Liam have a very similar look here. :D

We had breakfast and played another game of Citadel. We only played one game of Carcassonne. It’s kind of like playing dominoes, only with land and tiles instead of numbers.

We had a Dory toy that he found end was playing with. He was having a good time. :)

Sunday afternoon we went to my parents’ home with my little sister and her family to celebrate some more.

He was so excited! He kept saying “OH” and “WOW”. :) It’s so fun to see little ones and their expressions. He is  bundle of energy!!!

After the opening of gifts, he loved playing with them! He went and kissed my dad’s knee and hugged my mom, thanking them for his gift–PJ Masks something or other. ;)

The bigger kids were playing some pac man like game that Sean had on the Switch and Tiffany let Liam try for a bit.

Nana helped him get his Toy Story Duplos out of the box.

It was a good weekend! Very glad to have spent it with family!

I hope you have a great weekend. It’s Labor Day weekend and I have no idea what we are going to do. :D (Don’t forget to check out our Youtube video tomorrow.)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Summer Birthday Celebration Weekend Fun

I got my grandson the Duplos, that Lauren put on his birthday list, when I ran errands a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, they were $7 more than what the price was on his list from the Walmart website. Ugh! But I got them anyway. When I talked to Lauren, I mentioned it and she said that it was a different price on site than in store, which made no sense to me. On the way home (Tiff was driving) I looked and it was even $2 less than that. So I ordered it from the site, had it delivered to the store, determined to return it the next week.

I have to tell you, my experience was NOT good. ;) Tiffany went on to begin gathering the items on our grocery list while I checked in and awaited the package the next week on errand day. I waited about 15 minutes or more and still hadn’t seen anyone.

Finally, I’d had it and asked the next employee walking by how long it should take and she started to look into it when another associate came over and said that they’ve been trying to get them on the phone, that something was wrong with it that day. Well, of course it was, because it was me! :D I’m the challenge wherever I go. :)

Within about a minute a heavyset guy came up to the area, went inside the door nearby and brought out my package. Well, unfortunately my tale does not stop there! I got home and a couple days later opened the box. Inside I found a box with a big crush on one side, completely crimped. I took pictures because I couldn’t believe that I’d returned a perfectly good box and got this one in return. Ugh!





Since I didn’t want another trip into town, I just went with it anyway. I never kept boxes so I don’t  think they will either, opting to put them in a bin for storage.

I then went online and found where to send feedback to the company. Of course I couldn’t tell the whole story because they limit you to a certain number of characters. :p Well, Monday morning I got a call from my store’s manager. 8) He wanted to make it right but couldn’t because I’d already given the gift.

He did tell me though that if the situation ever arises again where the price is cheaper on their site (from them, not a third party) that they will comp ad it at the register but of course, they’ll have to get a manager to approve it. So that is nice to know because it happens more often than you’d think.

While I was on the phone I decided to voice my frustration with the lack of cart return thingy on the end parking aisle and was told that although they’ve ordered two new ones to replace the two that got taken out by a storm a few months ago, they won’t be receiving them until the remodel next April. So! Our Walmart will be getting remodeled next spring. Huh. Interesting. :)

Well, on to the cute part of the weekend. :) Liam was here!!!

He was opening presents from Michael, Tiffany, Sean, and I. Such a cutie! And has a bundle of energy!!!!!

To say he liked his gifts is an understatement. Although I’m sure some of them will be appreciated a bit more at a later time–sorry glow in the dark insect stickers. :) He used to love stickers and I thought this was a cute twist on it.

PJMasks and Toy Story are his big favorites right now. He got two or 3 PJ Masks toys and they are already well loved. I didn’t get pictures of him playing with them but he did, right out of the box. :)

We got a small wading pool for him because it was crazy hot and our air conditioners struggle a bit in the near 100º heat. He loves the outside and water, so this was a huge hit.

We were going to do a water balloon toss but struggled with getting them filled and with patience. As soon as a balloon was filled, it got thrown. Funny thing was that they wouldn’t burst when they hit people but did when hitting the ground. :D

It wasn’t too bad when you got wet. I think we’ll get some water guns for next summer. ;) And maybe a bigger pool.

It was a fun weekend. I’ll share more next Friday. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


Library Trip, Books, and Preparing for the Weekend

Last Saturday’s video got loaded a later than I’d have liked but at least we got it up on Saturday. ;) Last Friday was a bit of a bummer around here. Several months ago we found that Tiffany had a parasite and she took some pills that were supposed to kill it. We thought it had but alas, it has made it clear that it is definitely alive and well in her gut. Consequently, she was feeling quite horrible and they guys were home and inside because we had rain most of the day. (Hallelujah for the rain because it made it much cooler, only in the 80’s which is much more tolerable for me. ;) )

Anyway, the video editing just totally slipped my mind and I didn’t get it edited until Saturday morning. We talked a little about the importance of reading, keeping your expectations low, and books by Dee Henderson.

On reading day this week, I’ll be honest, I didn’t get much reading done but I did finish Rematch by Erynn Mangum. It’s a nice, clean, new adult, contemporary romance. It is the second book in the Lauren Holbrook series that Tiffany LOVES and so I’m reading it. I enjoy having books we’ve both read. I like it when that happens with any family member. :) So I now have the third book in that series, MatchPoint, on my TBR (to be read) shelf.

But this week was library week. That week when we have renewed the books the allowable number of times and we have either finished reading them all or finished reading all of the ones we are actually going to read at this time. We allow ourselves to simply return books that we are just not up to reading right now. I add the ones that I think I may want to read still but just not right now, to a page in my bullet journal to reference later. Although I must admit that my reading style is more of the type that just wanders the stacks and read book cover summaries to find books that I will bring home. We’ve gotten quite a few good ones that way. :)

This library trip I checked out the ten maximum books. I hadn’t planned on that but I’m interested in the ones I picked up. :) (I got two 3-book series, so that takes up six of the ten books.) When we got home and had some lunch, we decided we’d film our video that will be posted tomorrow on Joyous Jabbers.

Library books start on the left.

I didn’t feel much like doing any tangling this week. We are preparing for Brian, Lauren, and Liam to come this weekend!!! :) We’ll be celebrating both boys birthdays. I’m told Liam now loves chocolate chip cookies, so I made regular chocolate chip cookies for him. I made a full batch and froze them, eight to a freezer baggie. These are NOT THM compliant at all, however Tiffany found a recipe that she is going to whip up for us that is THM compliant. :)

For my grandson

This morning I’ll be baking the crust of that Strawberry Pretzel Salad for the base of the Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake (which I will make sugar-free) for dessert tomorrow night (Brian’s choice dessert), as well as whipping up the rest of that dessert. ;)

I’ve got lots to do today, including cleaning up the spare room that we call the library, because we put bookshelves on nearly every wall in there after Brian moved out. We recently got rid of the dilapidated sofa-bed and Brian and Lauren left their inflatable mattress here last time, so we’ll get it all ready for them. But all that needs to be done today, as well as making some THM brownies for those of us not eating sugar and such to have at Sunday’s birthday gathering at my parents’ home. It’s nice that we get together as a big family to celebrate birthdays still. We don’t get together as often as we used to but I’m seeing my parents more now that they’ve moved. :)

Well, that’s all for today. I just feel like I’ve rambled but that’s how my week has gone. I started reading one of the library books I got this week and am eager to pick it back up. Tiffany finished it in ONE day! I have not had the time to allot to reading yet but stayed up a bit too late the other night reading because it was just soooo good. :) (Curious? It is Taken by Dee Henderson and really best read after Full Disclosure and Unspoken.)

Hope you have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to mine. I just hope I remember to take some pictures to share with you all next week. ;)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Heat Relief and Other Happenings This Week

It has been a hot week! I hate triple digit temperatures. I’d much rather single digits than triple digits. Thankfully yesterday’s cloudiness and rain, gave us a slight reprieve from those horrible temperatures! It would be really nice if it would stay in the double digits, although to be honest, I don’t like 90º temps either. ;)

So on another subject, sadly, I have not made any progress on the patreon thing, so I guess I’ll give myself until the first part of September to get it all figured out. ;)

This little cutie had a birthday this week! It is hard to believe he is already 3 years old!

I wish they lived closer. They are a couple hours away from us but I have realized that I have it better than so many people whose grandchildren live much further away.

Brings such smiles to my face. :) I know Lauren works hard to make sure he knows us, in spite of the distance between us. I’m so thankful for video chats and such; it makes things so much easier than if we’d lived in bygone years and had to rely on postal mail and pictures (let alone back in days before even that).

I’m looking forward to next weekend when they’ll be coming up to celebrate birthdays. :)

Tiffany and I have been more productive this week than we have in past weeks this year. We got some much needed cleaning done that we just haven’t pushed ourselves to do. Things like cleaning out the refrigerator and the utility room–the later so that the hamper can be moved into it and out of the master bedroom. We even found time to go visit my parents, thanks to them living so close.

We launched our youtube channel last Saturday and filmed this week’s chat yesterday. It’ll go up tomorrow. (You can find the link to the channel at the bottom of every post along with the facebook and instagram links.)

Well, I guess that’s all I have for today, so I’ll run.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº



5th Blogiversary!!!

It is hard to believe that I started this blog 5 years ago! I have posted new content five days a week for five years minus a dozen or less repeat posts. I had no idea that I’d find enough to say or share. Then I look at Lori Byerly of The Generous Wife and see that she’s had her site for about ten years and she puts up content every day! I’m in awe. :)

My immediate goal is to go over the posts here on the site giving each one appropriate tags. This will probably take me a couple of months but I think it will be helpful to visitors of the site to find what they are looking for.

I dislike ads! I really dislike loading a webpage and having an advertisement video load automatically–wait, I dislike any video loading automatically; if I want to see it, I’ll click on the play button. I dislike pop-ups trying to get me to sign-up for emails or notifications and the like. Consequently, I won’t do it to you!

My oldest son has been after me for a long time to monetize this blog, to at least recoup the yearly costs. I’ve been thinking about some kind of pdfs that people could buy to help with that and make a little bit of money too. My daughter told me that some of my zentangles would be nice coloring pages.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’ve been considering Patreon as well. It allows you to have tiers as low as $1 a month and allows you to provide digital goods too. There’s so much to it, my head is spinning. :o I intend to make a decision about this over the weekend and will announce something next Friday.

Also, Tiffany and I have started a Youtube channel, Joyous Jabbers. The plan is to post a new video every Saturday beginning tomorrow. :o We hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

Well, that’s all I got today. As you can tell, I’ve got lots to do and I better get busy. ;)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº


Shopping Scavenger Hunt ;)

Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ For the rest of this month, in honor of Christmas in July, Tiffany is putting her book on sale! If you’d like to read a fun cozy murder mystery (that reads like a romantic comedy at Christmas time), go check out my daughter’s first book, Murder Mystery and the Gingerbread Cookies available on Amazon (and a few other places I can’t recall right now ;) ). She started writing it when she was 12 years old. We published a few years ago in ebook and finally jumped through all the hoops to get it into paperback this past February. If you like ebooks, grab that as it is a better deal for both you and her. ;)

Last Friday I dropped Tiffany off at Gardner’s used books store with a box of books my parents were getting rid of and headed out on my shopping scavenger hunt. :) I talked about the things I was shopping for last week.

Hobby Lobby was my first stop and I scored the lead I was looking for. Very affordable AND I used a 40% off coupon on one. :)

I rushed on out, not getting lured in by all the wonderfulness that is Hobby Lobby or I’d have been there the whole time Tiffany was visiting with a friend at the book store and would have had to go out another day. For a hermit, that is not an appealing thought. So I pushed myself right on out of there and headed over to Shoe Carnival a couple miles up the road.

I went in and found about two rows of Sketchers shoes but most of them have that crazy memory foam insole of which I am not a fan. There were about a half dozen or so of the ones with the go-ga mat insole. Trouble was that the one I really wanted was out of my size and the one I could have settled on was ten dollars cheaper on Amazon than the sale price there. Unfortunately the one I really want is fifteen dollars more than the sale price on Amazon. :( I left there empty handed. (Below is the runner up–not a fan of the pink shoe laces as I would wear them a lot and it just would be too flashy.)

I headed over to Dollar Tree and bonded with another lady in the card section. Four rows of cards and we were both looking for the same occasion card. We chatted about the joys of being a grandparent and shared pictures . . . yep, we’re that grandma. ;)

I almost bought some other things but wasn’t sure Tiffany would like my choices and since they were items for her, I opted to wait until we can go together. Sure hope it’s there next week because she didn’t feel up to going this week.

I then headed to Burlington Coat Factory. By the time I arrived there I had to use the facilities, which was perfect because I needed to check the brand and size of the shorts I was wearing. :) I wasn’t sure if I’d purchased them here or at Ross but I figured if I found the brand I’d be good.

Turns out, I found the exact brand that I have and love! I was glad to be in the right place. I found several pairs of short to try on and ended up with a different brand that feels the same and are a little bit longer, which is nice. The sad part though is that this pair doesn’t have any real pockets whereas the other pair that was so similar to the ones I was wearing actually had working pockets. I was so tempted to get them.

I decided to browse through the tops to see if I could find a nice sleeveless top to go with them. I don’t generally wear sleeveless tops but it’s just so crazy hot that I decided to add that to my scavenger hunt.

I was stunned to find a really nice shirt that matched the shorts so well. And it looked decent on me! That is amazing. Oh! And it is a size smaller than I have been getting!!! Whoo hoo!

Yeah, don’t worry. I’m not delusional. I realize it is just cut bigger but it sure did make me feel better. :) While I was trying on the clothes Tiffany texted that she was ready. Her friend brought her to the store and they arrived by the time I came out of the fitting room. Tiff helped me pick the shorts and was impressed with the top. :) They really go well together. I’m very pleased with my purchases.

By the time we got home, we were both tired and very glad I’d thought ahead and planned an easy dinner. Oh! Turns out for our thirty-five books, we got around $40 of in-store credit. Not too shabby considering I salvaged them from the trash. :)

Well, that’s enough of my blathering today. I did work on my bullet journal this week and am pleased with some of the pages. Maybe I’ll share them sometime soon.

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Shopping, Red, Giveaways, and Blogiversary

Wow! It’s Friday again! Where do the days and weeks go? I’m going to do some shopping today . . . looking for some new walking shoes. Four years ago I got some Sketchers with go-ga mat insoles that I have loved but sadly I have worn them down to where they now hurt my feet. :( So it is my goal to purchase a replacement for them with some of my birthday money.

Tiffany and I went in together on some mechanical pencils from Amazon. They are pretty but the lead is scratchy! Yuck. She also bought a .3 mm lead mechanical pencil from Hobby Lobby with some really nice lead. So, I’m also off to see if I can find that Pacific Ark lead in .5 and .7mm sizes today also.

I have a favorite pair of shorts, like most people, I guess. Any way, I get a bit frustrated when I want to wear them and they are in the laundry to be cleaned (a.k.a. the dirty clothes hamper). So I want to get another pair that are similar (so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same pair all the time :D ) but I’m not sure about buying another pair because it’s nearly the end of July and thus the summer is nearing its end. :)) Right! I know. Summer lasts until October around here. But then there is the fact that I intend to have lost weight by next summer so that I would not be able to wear them any more than what use I get out of them this year. Of course, I won’t pay much for them anyway, so I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth . . . so I should just buy me a pair. =)) Wow! Sorry you had to be a part of all that crazy thinking. :D But at least I’ve talked myself into shopping for a couple pairs of shorts. Oh yeah, I only mentioned the one pair, huh. Well, I have another favorite pair that I wear only at home but they are so comfortable that I’d love to have another pair like them as well. ;)

I finished the second book in the Circle series by Ted Dekker, this week. I struggled a bit with this one as there seemed to be some slow bits for me. It was still good and I will continue on with the series because I do want to see how it turns out.

It was a story of redemption and I did find it interesting. There was one part that was difficult to read but then I have a hard time reading in the Bible about how Jesus was beaten too.

In other news, it is July and Tiffany has been celebrating Christmas in July with giveaways, mood boards, quotes, and character interviews on her Instagram account this month. I’ll be reading her book again Thanksgiving and Big Stuff ~ Lifeofjoy.mesoon (Murder Mystery and the Ginderbread Cookies), definitely before the end of next week. ;) She has a darling bookmark she is giving away each week and she also includes a print of the character of the week. My favorite so far has been Alison. :) I’m so proud of her, as she not only wrote the book but is also doing all the artwork. She amazes me.

This August I will have had this blog for five years! That just amazes me. (It appears I’m very amazed today but that is just the word to describe both situations for me right now. ;) ) Anyway, I will be having some new things starting this year. It’s a bit ‘scary’ for me but I feel these are going to be some good things. My oldest son, Brian, has been after me for a while to do some of this and I’m excited to see how it is going to come together. So look for those changes/announcements in the next week or so. ;)

Well, I’m off for now. I hope you have a good weekend and stay cool. :)

Michele ºÜº


Bread, Flowers, and a Cute Grill

It’s been another of  those mixed up days kind of weeks. Tiffany and I ran errands early in the week because they have a young adult conference to attend at our church all the later part of the week.

I had my sourdough starter out last weekend to make bread and didn’t have enough for the five loaves. It took me some time, but I finally decided that I didn’t have enough starter to make the bread and made a double batch of Lemon Poppy Bars instead. We all love them. :) I gave us all one bar and froze the rest. :D The family wasn’t too happy that they weren’t readily available but this way they won’t disappear so quickly. :D

I figured I’d feed the starter for a few days and then bake bread later in the week. So I was sitting down trying to figure it all out and realized that I had the exact amount I needed right then but I’d have to get busy right away because it the prep work takes 30 minutes or more and then it has to rise for 5-6 hours and then another 1-2 hours after being put into the loaf pans.

I’m not very good at shaping the loaves yet but I got them made. :) If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you’ve seen them.

I tried to be careful not to over proof them this time but it doesn’t seem to have worked. :\

I ended up having some volunteer sunflowers after all. :)

I love the red/orange one!

I’ve had some roses. I’m really not a good gardener, so these babies really have to want to bloom. :D

Here’s a pink one.

Isn’t it beautiful? Here’s another from the yellow bush.

The peach trees are not looking good. I’m going to have to do some research on how to care for them. All the peaches on the one we planted have dots all over them and the volunteer peach tree peaches are all nasty. Sean said they were slimy. We shall see.

My brown mums are starting to blossom. I think I lost the white ones though.

Here’s one of our adorable kitties. :)

When Michael and I were out for our anniversary, we saw the cutest grill at TJ Maxx. (I think that’s where we saw it.)

Inside the grill.

So stinkin’ cute! Of course, I think the price was something ridiculous though.

Well, I’m going to run for now. I hope you have a great weekend. Michael and I are getting a small taste of empty nest with Sean and Tiff at the conference. :)

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Review: Black, New Bedding, and Days Mixed Up

I’ve been messed up all week. I looked at the calendar a week or so ago and noted that my oldest son’s birthday was on Wednesday and thought about celebrating Independence Day and how it was right in the middle of the week. Do you see my faulty thought process? Independence Day was Thursday NOT Wednesday! But this set me up to have my days mixed up most of the week.

I planned to run errands on Thursday and then realized that was the fourth and I needed to do them Wednesday. Then, since we’ve run errands on Fridays for several weeks, I thought Wednesday was Friday. :o Then I re-realized that Thursday was the fourth. Then yesterday, the fourth, I thought it was Friday for part of it and then Saturday for another part! Boy did I get messed up! :D

I finished reading Black by Ted Dekker. I liked it and am ready to read the next one, Red, but I wanted to write my thoughts about Black before I moved on. I rolled right on through the Stromlight Archive at the beginning of the year and still get confused about which things happened in which book. :D

So Black is kind of a Genesis story; yes, I mean the book of Genesis from the Bible. But really it is just about Eden and the fall of man, not the whole book of Genesis.

I really love some of the way Ted Dekker relates the love of God and the splendor of Eden. I enjoyed the concept of The Great Romance.

I guess I should tell you a little about this story . . . Thomas is our main character and he finds himself in a very dangerous situation. When he falls asleep he wakes up in “Eden”, which is a completely different place, where he believes he was just dreaming about the danger he’d been in. So every time he falls asleep in one place, he wakes up in the other (as he sleeps in the first) and then when he sleeps in the other place, he wakes back up in the first fully remembering all that he experienced.

It may sound a bit wacky but I do recommend it. For the Christian, it can give a picture of how things were in the beginning, which I believe is beautiful and fun.

It is interesting to see how one dream world affects the other and how Thomas works through the confusion.

Meanwhile there are some similarities to what happens in each place. Is there a cause and effect going on? Which one is real or are they both? How did Thomas get thrown into this whole thing anyway?

I think that this is an interesting read, even if you are not a Christian, I think it is an interesting read. Alternate realities. Pretty interesting stuff. Of course there is the threat of a world virus decimating a large part of the population. Seriously, this is not overtly Christian . . . give it a try.

Oh! Michael helped me remove the old dust ruffle and put on the new bed set we bought last weekend. I really like it.

Sean had two pillows, that came with his set a couple years ago, that he doesn’t use any more. So I added them to the bed since they were a good match. I like it.

The spread is reversible.

And it came with two sets of sheets. A grey set and this set. It’s different. I like it so far.

We’re going to paint the furniture a terracotta color. Of course, when I say we, I mean Michael. ;) I don’t paint big things; I only do art painting. At any rate, who knew there were so many different shades of terracotta? I am looking through his color deck and have it narrowed down from over a dozen colors to about eight.

Well, that is enough rambling from me today. I hope you have a great weekend. I already feel like I have had one, so this one is a bonus. :D

Until next time,

Michele ºÜº

Utilities Challenge

What a challenging few days. You don’t really realize how much you take running water for granted until you have to go without it for a day. Then when it goes into day three, it wears on you a bit.

Then it stormed and knocked out our electricity. Thankfully, after the storm it was cooler and more bearable outside. After a couple of hours and the evening wearing on, they guys decided to get out the generator and realized that there is something wrong with it, so they need to fix it.

So thankful that the electricity came back on before bed . . . I don’t do heat well. ;) And the next morning we woke up and had running water again!

Michael had brought home a five-gallon bucket with tap water Thursday evening. It sat outside. The next afternoon Tiffany needed to wash her hair, so Sean assisted her outside. The water was nice and warm! That was nice.

Michael was extremely happy to wash up with that warm water when he got home from work. :) He ended up heating some water for me to bathe with. Great guy, I tell ya’. :)

Saturday was a men’s breakfast at the church. I went to help serve. I also took some low carb/keto pancakes because I know my guys aren’t the only ones that appreciate the option. I took Bring on the Buttah pancakes from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook and the Baked Pecan Pancakes from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook. We like both these pancakes, so even if nobody else ate any it would have been no problem to bring them home. :) Can you say pre-made Sunday morning breakfast? There ended up being enough leftover for us to have a pancake with our eggs for breakfast the next morning. :)

On the way home, they guys stopped and picked up some paper products because we were running out of dishes. Yes, I know you can hand wash dishes but that takes water and we conserved the water we brought home for flushing toilets (extremely high priority) and bathing. We already buy distilled water for drinking. :)

Yep, this is enough to last us forever because the next morning the water came on. We ran the dishwasher twice and washed a load or two of laundry. And then I ran the dishwasher again at bedtime, as usual. So yeah, pretty much buying this much paper products ensured the water would be on shortly. :D

While the electricity was out, we tried opening the windows but it was too hot inside and not enough coolness coming in. So, we went outside where it was both cooler and brighter, so we could read.

We had a nice breeze most of the time and I was able to read a bit. Not sure I’m loving this book although I am loving certain parts of it, if that makes any sense. ;)

Well, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get those two clipped photos above on from a video a shot at the time and now my time has run out. So, I’ll run for now. I hope you have a great weekend. I know we will have a better cleaner and cooler one that last weekend. :D

Michele ºÜº