Brown Rice Pasta and such

Following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, I know that I should not over use any particular food. But I tend to overdo things. I get on one thing and if I love it, I keep using it. Several days a week, if not every day. I try really hard not to use it more than once in a day but depending on the item, I’m not always successful. ;)

My latest favorite is brown rice pasta. The cool thing is that it has only one ingredient: brown rice. The bad thing that a serving is about 45 carbs. So, that is the max carbs I should have in a meal but I’m better off if I have half that amount.

I’m in love with this brown rice macaroni. :) They are nice big macaroni elbows. It makes a wonderful E meal. :) Of course, I cannot have any regular cheese with this, so that means I have to be a bit more creative. A wedge of laughing cow cheese works good though and  adding a little bit of chicken broth to it loosens it up a bit.

I like to add sauteed vegetables and lean meat. I put boneless skinless chicken breast in my food processor and blend it with the ‘s’ blade. It cooks really fast this way.

Cheese is another problem I have. I love cheese. I eat way too much of it to lose much weight. (I also struggle with eating too many Lily’s chocolate chips, skinny chocolate, and peanut junky butter.) But that’s a different topic.

This spaghetti is great too! It is thinner than the one I’ve been getting at Sprouts, which I really like. It is so nice to have spaghetti that isn’t dreamfields, as I think they do not do what they say they do and I really should not eat them. So I brown up some ground turkey and rinse it with boiling hot water and then proceed with my regular spaghetti recipe. :) Yum!

What I need to eat more of though is green veggies; you know, like salad. :o That is not my favorite thing to eat. I’ve tried from time to time but it just isn’t my favorite–it’s not like cheese or chocolate. :D

I need to add a bit more variety in my E meals: sweet potatoes, beans, lentils, and fruit. I get enough oats, brown rice,  and sourdough. ;) I also need more fuel pull foods–spinach, lettuce, and okra. Of course, according to a recent podcast I should increase my fish consumption too. :)

Well, I’m going to run for now. I hope this helps you in your effort to eat healthy.

Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

PS. I just checked the THM E foods guide and found that brown rice flour needs to be sprouted! Ugh!!!

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