Birthday and Mother’s Day

My birthday was last week. :) It was nice and relaxing. Tiffany did my chores and cooked for me. She made delicious sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits for our breakfast,

Sausage egg and cheese biscuit ~ Lifeofjoy.meand then a yummy steak and cheese bunless sub, which means we ate what would have been put on a Philly Steak and Cheese Sub, with mushrooms added.

Then for dinner she fixed my choice of Bacon Wrapped Chicken and roasted cauliflower.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken ~ Lifeofjoy.meand then we had the delicious copycat candy bar cake. :)

I really like this picture; I wish it hadn’t been shaded oddly.Birthday Cake ~ Lifeofjoy.meCandy Bar Cake ~

I got a lot of paper in my gift bag on my birthday morning.

Gifts ~ Lifeofjoy.meThe sheet music printout represented the digital sheet music package I requested from David Nevue. I just need to print it out now.  I’m looking forward to dusting off my music reading skills and playing some lovely music. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to improving this skill.

The studio classics piece of paper represents the DVD I wanted that has both Desk Set starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. It is a movie we enjoy but our video cartridge squeals now and is unwatchable. It also has I was a Male War Bride starring Cary Grant. We’ve seen this one before but have a hard time finding it to watch it again.

This DVD also has two other movies on it: Hollywood Cavalcade and How to Steal A Million. I’ve not seen these but it’s like they are free, so even if we don’t like them and never watch them again.

The lovely colorful paper represents some gray copic shading markers that wouldn’t arrive for a few days. This doesn’t bother me, it just means my birthday is extended. :)

Now the final piece of paper is the cutest one. I like chef dude items for my kitchen. I saw a few of them last fall but they were gone by the time Christmas came around. So I added it to my birthday list, in case anyone saw any.  Clearly he couldn’t find any, so he compiled this cute collage and taped the remaining money to it.

Chef Dudes ~ Lifeofjoy.meSo it will remain on my list for another gift giving occasion and I already spent the money on a new e-book by Eni Oken. :)

And on a final note, we made this very delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Dirt Cake the other day! Oh My Gracious! It is soooo good! Okay, keep your expectations low so that you have a good experience because if you put them up too high, nothing will ever be that good. ;)

Cakes ~

It’s always tough on my family when my birthday rolls around because Mother’s Day is not far behind. At least this year they have a little more space between the two, than other years. I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meMother's Day ~ lifeofjoy.meSpeaking of which, I’m so very thankful for my mother. She held a young family together while daddy drove truck and was gone a lot when we were young. She ensured that we were in church nearly every service. She was always there for me no matter what I was going through, not only during my growing up years, but also after marriage and the birth of my children. She was a great example to me of love and devotion to God and family. Thanks Mom for all you do!

Mother's Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meMother's Day ~ Lifeofjoy.meI Love You ~ Lifeofjoy.meUntil next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº



2 thoughts on “Birthday and Mother’s Day

  1. Thank u , dear, for the nice words. I treasure them and keep them in my heart.

    I am so glad that u r going to try to go onward with ur music. U always did so well, reading the music and playing the complicated (at times) intros. Unfortunately u lost interest when it came time to play the song. lol. Music is so rewarding , when u learn a song and can play it through. I hope u succeed in this area. I know u can do anything u put ur mind and determination into.

    Thanks for the Mothers day card and gifts. I love u very much and was so blessed the day I became your mother.

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