Being a Helpmeet, Prayer, and Right Choices

Options ~ LifeofJoy.meSome times it is my job as Mike’s helpmeet to urge him to do something. It can be a lot of different things, from speaking to someone that I know he should talk with to encouraging him to follow through doing something he is hesitant to do but is really what he needs to do. Other times it is my job to back off and let him be. (To be clear, urging does NOT mean nagging.)

It can get sticky to try and figure out which way is best for me to help my sweetie. Many times I want to push him to do something when what I really need to do is pray for him. In order to be the best helper to my husband, I have to keep my relationship with God on the right track. You see, if I am not praying and trying to keep myself in the right place, it is way too easy to try and manipulate things rather than only doing what is best for Mike. It is not my job to manipulate him but it is my job to help him where he might be weak, as he helps me where I am weak.

Make the best choice ~ LifeOfJoy.meAny time you are dealing with people, it is important to ensure that you are doing things out of the right motive. My motives must be pure and not selfish at all. Keeping in right relationship with God helps me keep my motives right and stay in right relationship with others. Of course, this does not mean that I am perfect. It merely means that I know the right thing to do. Part of being human means that we always have choices to make but the question is whether we make the right choices or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I strive to make the right choices all the time.

Here’s to making selfless choices that are to the betterment of all. Until next time, God bless,

Michele ºÜº

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